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The New Age of Dharma ~ Rebuilding New Earth Hand In Hand A Message from Lord Metatron through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 12, 2013

louise-gallant-metatron-cubeGreetings, this is Lord Metatron.

Exciting times we are in on Earth. All of our family have come back to join the party. There will be landings. When? It is always the question as excitement builds. Similar to when little children scan the sky for eight tiny reindeer. You should be excited. The Ships are there, they are often cloaked, they are there watching over you.

Everything is set for the changes coming. I am here to tell you that you are what is holding everything up. You are balanced and mature enough to hear that now. There is more work to do.

There are some prerequisites for every Soul on Earth to Ascend or become Enlightened. There are no short cuts. You may read this and brush it off and go back to monitoring youtube for new videos of UFOs or political news, but that is not going to get you there. When you scan the papers for news each day there are only about 25 players on the stage and they play out their roles and you watch and wait. That is not going to bring you Enlightenment. You scan the blog rolls of self proclaimed know-it-alls who are most of the time making things up to fulfill your need to escape into the add tab, read, read, mode. That will not bring your Ascension. Why have you diminished your life to one activity? Why do you allow your seeming perceived loneliness, because no one you know believes in the things you do, as a reason to narrow your life so much? Have you been lately researching the Ascended Masters to see who you are the reincarnated form of? What is that obsession? These are immortal Beings who take on a form at Will and I assure you they are not living Earth lives at this critical moment living an UnEnlightened life scanning the web. These Ones are very busy with the Master Plan and they are on the Ships and off the Ships and doing their part 24 hours a day. They are not on the radio or blogging or facebooking who they are the reincarnation of.

If you cannot break away from these very small and limiting pursuits then you will be left behind when the landings come. When we have landings then there will be an upliftment of love on the Planet with an upliftment of Consciousness. Therefore, these nuns and grannies and grampas who are deeply religious but have nothing to do with being a Lightworker, will have awakenings and some will have instant Enlightenment. It will happen in an afternoon because for the last 40, 50, 60 years they have been doing the Inner work and these Universal Truths are taught in all religions. The Universal Truths have been laid out for the Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Confucius’s Shinto’s and on and on. The Universal Truth is out there and One must not be a “Lightworker” to have Enlightenment right away after the Ships land. It will be shocking for some Lightworkers to experience this. There are a lot of haughty Lightworkers out there who constantly turn away from their dharma. If you have some knowledge then you are responsible by your karma and your practice to follow your sworn duty. Are you not a part of the Ground Crew?

What does ‘will be left behind’ mean? After the Event there will be many meaningful job openings as we work together to build a New Earth. The Light Cities will become uncloaked and will be open for business. There will be healings, pollution clean-up, new seed technologies, free energy and flying cars. Anything you can dream we can and will do. These will be exciting jobs doing what you have always dreamed you wanted to do on Earth. Those invited to fill the new jobs will have done the Inner work necessary to Serve Humankind this way. No insecure, unable to handle challenges, self-involved individuals need apply. These Ones still playing with their phones while pretending to talk to others, self-centered and scanning for news will be perceived as less mature, as a teenager of sorts. They will be offered jobs in food service or delivering papers. You get the idea. What you are dreaming of for your life on New Earth will not be immediately handed to you if you do not do the Inner work first. There is time. That is why I came to share this message today.

Where to begin. Meditation. Meditation is not a religion or science. It simply means quieting the mind. Being in Silence. Cutting off the ego’s chatter. Silence. Connecting with nature and the cosmos. Remembering you are but a part of the Whole. In the web which makes up All That is, you are only a small part and everything you do effects the Whole. Your lack of fulfilling your Duty effects the Whole. Your refusal to acknowledge your Highest Self by finding the Silence at least once a day is the reason we have not had landings yet. You as a Group are not ready. Will it happen before year end? That is entirely up to you – and you and you and you working together on this.

Why do you think Ashtar, the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation says: ‘No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes’. He does not wish to discourage your valiant efforts by saying, the date is all up to you and the effort you put in to waking yourself up! His next in Command is Lord Sananda who has incarnated seven times on Earth teaching the Universal Truths!

Following daily meditation the most important thing anyone can do is live their Dharma.

Living a life of duty will give the strength from any confusion, from any doubt. When you devote your life to the Service of others then you no longer seek seek seek outside of yourself for signs of the Event. You are too busy helping others. You are too busy being Happy in Your Heart to care about that stuff. You go about your day happy and fulfilled helping the Planet Ascend and having such deep Inner Peace that you know it will be wonderful, but you do not contemplate it. You just fall into bed at the end of the day with a smile on your face at how wonderful the precious Day on Earth was.

You have to be very truthful. Self-assessment and honesty are very important.

At the end of the day, reflect upon how well you have done. Ask yourself: What is my True Light? True Self? What can I do better? This is part of growing up. If you are facing challenges and you are not daily Self-Assessing what needs changing then it is time to grow up. Wake Up. How do you expect to reach Mastery with a selfish attitude? If a crisis shows up in your life, you have not done your homework. It means you have not gathered the knowledge you need to handle life crisis. Masters do not have Crisis. They do not see anything as being a Crisis.

Daily meditation. Live Your Dharma. Little mind has to die. Little mind has to dissolve. That is number three on this short important Immediate To Do List. The Ego must once and for all be completely dissolved. You may think you are following the Path of Truth, but maybe you are not. Your little mind may be taking you down the Path, but you are not. So One has to be careful. I predestined You Before The World Began to DO My Service. Come HIGHER!

Take in theses Truths. Those grannies who love their God in whatever religion, Serve everyday right in their homes Being Love. They cook. They offer advice. They do the simple things simply. They meditate daily – it matters not if they have religion or what they believe in but those grannies go into the Silence daily. They unfailingly Self-Assess and Self-Correct and have made a commitment to be their Best every single day of the Earth walk. They do not think of themselves as Lightworkers and do not contemplate UFOs. They have done the Inner work. They will Ascend. Will YOU? This is Metatron through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 12, 2013. © All rights reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org

http://youtu.be/nvsYcuO6B4w An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visithttp://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara Thank you for your ongoing support of my work. Donate. Please share this message and if you would like to be added to my list, or have any questions, feel free to email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com Namaste!


The Stage Has Been Set For Disclosure, NESARA and Announcements A Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 6, 2013

1233955_10151803814094235_1691026408_nGreetings! This is Lord Sananda reporting to you from 10 Forward on the New Jerusalem.

There has been underway a Great Consciousness Raising on Earth. Watching the dialogue unfold is a delight because it shows up on our displays as the opposite readings to 911 as we soon approach the 12th Anniversary of this mass psychological attack. On this day when so many were devastated by what they saw, the days which followed war cries were heard from ordinary people the world over to battle the perceived attackers. It has taken a very long time to heal from that Earth day.

Much has transpired in the last 12 years and the most significant development in humankind’s awakening is the ability to see past the veils and perceive the truth with all your senses. Humankind no longer takes the double speak from politicians and media at surface value. Truth is Truth.

After a full day of preparation in the Higher Realms from Earth, on August 25, 2013 the Stage was Set for the Announcement of NESARA Law which will come from my consort Lady Master Nada. With her there will be 19 others on stage sharing the news about Disclosure, Announcements and NESARA Law. Some of the presenters will be Galactic Humans and others will be Extraterrestrials. The nineteen presenters are: Lady Master Nada, Lord Sananda, Lady Master Athena, Lord Ashtar, Lady Master Diuja, Lord Lincor, Mother Sekhmet, Lord Alcyone, St. Germain, President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, President Clinton, Stephen Bassett, Lord Haaton, Lord Korton, Lord Mon Ka, Lord Rama Arjuna.

A Group assembled for a series of meditations over three days. The New Jerusalem changed course leaving its usual station over Santa Fe, New Mexico to energetically support the efforts of this Group. The first day was a cleansing and a letting go of everything Old. A Blessing was given for each One on Earth to heal Mind, Body and Spirit. It is possible now, with purification and right intension, to ask for anything which needs healing, especially old wounds, in the Body, Mind, and Spirit to be completely healed now. Ask and it is Given.

The second day was a direct link up with the New Jerusalem. In the morning an energy grid was set up in the room where the Group meditated. Magnetic and Electric energy forces were embedded inside the room. Magnetic Energy is the Energy of Mother. From it flows Father’s Electric Energy. Magnetic Energy is the sound vibration and Electric Energy is the light vibration which form New Creation in the Dark Matter Universe. Together they can create anything. All things are created first from Mother as sound and joined in unity with love, Father’s energy of light added come into Form. In John 1:1 it says In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God(dess), and the Word was God (Form).This word was the word Om and it is the Formless becoming Form. As sound merges with light it comes into the manifest realm of Earth. Each One of You are a Creator God and have the ability to do this. You may have noticed lately you seem to be more receptive on all levels.

During the two Grand Sextile’s this season, the first on July 29 and the second August 25 massive High Energies not seen on Earth before flooded our cells right down to the DNA and sub atomic levels. With this activation of your DNA your gifts are returning. You may have also noticed body aches or health issues flaring up because these same High energies bring in so much light the Physical Form can become overwhelmed and it translates as pain or maladies. This is a healing and as time went on you more than likely integrated healings in these areas and noticed positive changes in your Form?

The Golden Age on Earth began right after December 21, 2013 when Galactic Center aligned to carry away the darkest energies still holding on to the old programs on Earth. As 5D anchored in over the next nine months Earth has had many growing pains. Now the Shift is over. New Earth has birthed since the second Grand Sextile.

On August 25, 2013 this energy was embedded and nurtured by the technology from the New Jerusalem for some hours. In the afternoon the Group returned and held a very important meditation. An energy grid of a spiral was anchored into the Core of Center Earth and it was extended out to the sky to where a tractor beam from the New Jerusalem connected with it and pulled the spiral energy right up to the base of the New Jerusalem. With this energy link it was possible to beam an elevator of sorts right into the room where the Group was mediating. As this continued then an elevator descended from the New Jerusalem. In the Causal Realm the Stage for NESARA Announcements was set. Each of the 19 Members who will be on stage that day stepped off the New Jerusalem with Lady Master Nada leading the Group. Each followed in the same order as noted above. Lady Master Nada took her place in front of the Podium and the others lined the Stage and had their comments ready as they follow her and all will share a portion of the Whole Story.

This will be a joint effort between the Extraterrestrials and Galactic Humans who are Members of both the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds and the Galactic Federation. Now that the scene has been set into the Casual Realm of Creation nothing, nothing can stop it from coming into the Physical Realm of Form. Each One of You Reading This were represented and present as your Higher Self was fully aware of this event as it occurred. You are the Solution, dear Light Soldier. All of your lifetimes spent preparing for this moment where we end time, whether you remember it now or not, are acknowledged by the Highest Forces of Light. The decision has been made that Awakened Humanity is at the moment where they receive the assistance from those Sisters and Brothers in the Goodly Company of Heaven. The Celestial Singers, also known as the Kumaras, the magnetic light energy merges now with the electric light energy bringing the changeover to New Earth.

On August 25, 2013 the stage was set in the Casual Realm. This is the first step necessary and a very big thrust forward. Humanity are Starseeds living a multidimensional life on Earth. Earth is the lowest vibration of all the realms. The Realms of Cause are where we create from. As we create on the Casual Realm then this reality will quickly descend down into the lower density of the Physical Realm of Earth and become manifest here. It is only the matter of a blink of an eye. All of what occurred had been planned a very long time and All Is In Divine Order. The Group of Souls physically present joined their consciousness with the Highest Beings of Light, also present in Form and the Formless and created an energy with the Highest Form of all Souls awakened and working for the light on Earth. That includes You. You have anchored in the long sought after changes for Humanity and Earth. What is next?

One prerequisite as we enter into mid September when the Atlantis energies are healed is to decide as a Collective Consciousness that We Want Peace on Earth. As the scales are tipped in favor of Peace the changes are ushered in. We have heard about the Earth Grid which is a magnetic electric crystalline grid connecting the Inner Earth crystals with the magnetic energy called Love. This is the energy of Attraction. The more you Be Love – the More you are Love In Action, the more you not allow fear into your Being, the faster we will as a Group, integrate in from the Causal Realm to the Physical Realm those changes that have been set. President Obama has been posing a question to the democracy of the United States representatives and other Countries representatives: Do You Want To Wage War? He never said he would strike. He said there will be accountability for the chemical attacks. The Black Ops did the chemical attacks and they will be arrested. He is simply posing a hypothetical question to the Citizens of Earth. Are you ready to change how we respond as a Collective Consciousness? Are you ready for PEACE? The majority of Souls, awakened or not, aware or not, are saying: We Will Not Bomb Humanity Anymore. President Obama is playing out his role perfectly bringing the few who wish to control the many into public attention to raise consciousness of all the 7.5 billion Souls on Earth. This is how we change things. Syria is where we crashed landed to Earth, long, long ago. All is healed now.

In mid September the energies of the Full Harvest Moon activate long sought after changes and we will celebrate as we renew the energies of the New Moon and on into the end of 2013 as New Earth integrates fully on the Physical Realm. You may feel the most important thing to do is to monitor for changes. That is not so.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is to go into Service. Service to Yourself. Purify your Body so you may be a Beacon of Light. Be honest and make the changes your Body requires now. Your diet is very, very important. Service to Your Family. If there is even one person in your family who you have not made Peace with – you are accountable to Do So Now. What does it cost you? Would you rather Be right or Be Love? It costs you much more than you understand to continue to chose Being right. You Do Not Understand What You Do Not Understand. Only through vigorous and bluntly honest self-introspection will you stumble upon these Truths as you reveal them to

Yourself. Service to your Community. Volunteer! Put your spare time not into Netflix, but into those in Need! Go find them, be they animal companions, the hungry or the disenfranchised. Do All Your Conscious Will Allow to be responsible for the Karma of Your Community. Service to Your Country. Be a good citizen. Vote. Post. Raise Awareness. Support those in the Trenches through donations or through giving your time. The Citizens Hearing and the Disclosure Project are two very worthy causes utilizing Action Politics to bring the changes you seek. Service to Your Planet. Go Green on every level. Change how you are living and reduce your carbon footprint for the sake of Earth. Every time you put forth Love in Action, you tip the scales in the right direction. You are Your Brother’s Keeper and everything you do helps the Many. Call on Me for Guidance. I am always by your side. I am always with you. Walk in Harmony with Me. Take My Hand. This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 6, 2013.© All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org  An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara Thank you for your ongoing support of my work. Donate. Please share this message and if you would like to be added to my list, or have any questions, feel free to email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com Namaste!

Sekhmet2Mother Sekhmet Speaks with the Great Council at Shambhalla regarding Changeover on Earth ~ A Message through Elizabeth Trutwin, July 14, 2013
Mother Sekhmet Speaks with the Great Council at Shambhalla regarding Changeover on Earth ~ A Message through Elizabeth Trutwin, July 14, 2013

When we originally began the Grand Experiment of Duality, MotherFather Gods first born named Jehovah and Lilith were sparks. They were souls that were complete and whole unto each other. TwinFlames in one ball of light. They flowed along side each other in the light matter Universe. We all were Created together as TwinFlames complete and Whole at this same time.

As they developed and grew from plasma sparks of light into Spheres then they gained Wisdom and grew more. Jehovah (Yahweh) was then part of the light. He began to have miscreated thoughts that maybe when he was created he was not the same as his Father and Mother. Maybe something had been held back. This anguish he felt made him want to Dual his Father. He wanted to see if his strength matched his Father’s strength. He threw his wife aside and decided to fight the war on his own. He left his Twin Flame. He began the war between the sexes where the Divine Feminine was ignored. He gathered and Army of those who held his miscreated thoughts to begin the Great War.

Jehovah first went to the Constellation Lyra and ravaged it. From there he destroyed all the Suns in the Aurora Sun System of 23 Suns. His goal was to create a matter Universe where he could rule over everything. He had to tear a hole in the space-time continuum from the anti-matter Universe to the matter Universe in order to have an entry way, a landing place. This very brutal process had Jehovah commandeer Niburu, Mother Sekhmet’s Home Planet. It is a 300 mile wide MotherShip. This was the Ship with the 144,000 Holy Kumaras from Venus. Jehovah was driving Niburu right into Nebadon. When this occurred then there were two choices: Join Jehovah and crash land in Nebadon in the Fallen Universe or die. There was a lot of chaos and fear. The inhabitants of the Ship were wailing like babies crying to their Mother Father God: How Could You Let This Happen? Before that there was no death. Everyone was immortal. The information units called DNA were never programmed for death.

As Jehovah continued his wars and conquered places in this Solar System, including Earth – he called himself God and he forced the humans to call Jehovah (Yahweh) the God. This was a false teaching. This information made it into the Bible, yet over the years the stories were changed by men in control of the Church and the Commerce to control the masses. Countries were formed to show the boundaries of the rule of land. Control of the matter was the game. Armies were formed to enforce the power propagated by these warring Ones. Sananda was on Niburu when it entered the the Universe Nebadon. All of the 144,000 Kumaras are incarnate on Earth now. The time has come to reutrn Earth on its long journey back through the Central Sun Alcyone, back to the light matter Universe. This can happen in your lifetime.

God has spoken at the Council at Shambhalla. God told the Council that there is one unbreakable requisite regarding the Changeover. When it happens then not One Soul will experience Fear. Until that goal may be accomplished then we remain in a holding pattern on Earth. There will be no Ascension of Earth until it can be accomplished without fear. The only remedy for fear is love. Disclosure brings love. This is a conundrum. Disclosure cannot bring the needed love for the Planet because it does not meet the requirement of no fear. God has decreed this. This is why so many feel frustrated right now. They can feel the changes upon us and wonder: How Long?!

On July 13, 2013 Mother Sekhmet was escorted from her life on Earth and taken to speak before the Council at Shambhalla. She was invited by Sanat Kumara to do so. As she has spent this life incarnate on Earth she speaks a a representative of humanity, all the creatures, magical beings, plants and minerals – All Life On Earth – and Gaia Herself. Mother Sekhmet stood before the large ominous esteemed Members of the Council at Shambhalla to State the Case for Disclosure, Announcements and the enactment of NESARA Law now.

Master Serapis Bey had explained before the meeting, in a counceling session to prepare for the Presentation that the Conundrum of no fear was coming from Source Energy. As things stood there was an impasse because Source energy Itself, in all its Perfection, in All That Is, held the memory of the Fall into the Matter Universe and was pulsing out this through its magnificent impulses down through the Central Sun and down to Earth. As it sustained life here it sustained fear in a sense.

A Plan was hatched then. Mother Sekhmet requested a meeting with her Twin Flame Alcyone to visit the Ra Temple of Creation on the Planet Saturn. Ra, Alcyone and Sekhmet form the Holy Trinity at the Godhead. Together under certain conditions they can change Source Itself and thus change All That Is.

When Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone left their 3D bodies that they work from on Earth and travelled to Saturn then they landed before the great Ra Temple of Creation. Around the Temple are Paschat people in their Cat Form pacing in front of the Temple as Sentries. Mother Sekhmet in her female human form sat on the back of one of the Lion Sentries and entered the Temple with her Twin Flame Alcyone right by her side. They entered and joined Ra there. This was a grand reunion that has been scheduled since the beginning of the Fall. It was a Divine Decree. It was the next step for Earth Ascension.

In the Temple of Ra is Ra’s Staff. On top is a very special crystal. Gandolf the White carried a Staff that is similar in look to Ra’s Staff. In the inner parts of the Temple there is a large expanse of space and here there are very large rings of energy. The rings are visually similar to Saturn’s rings. These are the rings of Creation and they are patterned off the Rings of Alcyone at the Central Sun. When One enters the rings of energy in a State of Pure Love with Ra carrying his Staff, then they are able to Create ANYTHING.

Together Ra, Alcyone, and Sekhmet entered the Rings of Creation after entering a State of Pure Love and stating their intensions together. After entering this Holy Place of Creation they reset Source Energy at a Higher Pulse and superseded the lower vibration which had been going out sustaining the fear element which began the Grand Experiment. This caused Gods requisite that Changeover on Earth happen with not one bit of fear to be fulfilled. Because had this not been fulfilled, it would have been a crime to bring Changeover. Every last Soul on Earth will experience Changeover in a State of Pure Love or not at all. Otherwise, we repeat what happened when we first burst through to Nebadon into the denser parts of Creation. This Could Not Be Done! This is the true answer to: What Is Taking So Long? The correction has been made in ripe timing. Source Energy has been reset.

Lord Sananda has put everything into Place as he promised in the first moment when he witnessed the destruction from Niburu when Jehovah commandeered his Ship. Lord Ashtar has put everything into Place under the orders of Lord Sananda. Each having their own important part of the Mission. St. Germain has put everything into Place. St. Germain is using the gold to quickly bring resolve to the people and help them to spiritually grasp that this Mission is about Love and only Love.

Now with Source Energy reset and everything in place Sanat Kumara accompanied Mother Sekhmet into the Council on Shambhalla. She stood before the Highest Beings of Light to plead the Case for Changeover on Earth. She demonstrated how she had been earlier that day to Saturn with Alcyone joining with Ra. She explained they had been able to fulfill their Mission of reseting Source Energy to Higher Vibrations then had ever been achieved and this was the final step in resetting the Timelines. The old programs, the old Vibrations are no longer pulsing out. Without that transmission, everything will shut off. It will no longer go. It is like a car with a dead battery. There is no transmission of energy to make the car go. The old Timelines, without that transmission from Source essentially no longer exist. The memory of ‘Not Being Enough’ is erased from All Time in the Cosmos and All Beings return to their Perfect State of Being. Earth is no longer a Planet of Duality. Earth no longer exists within a Realm of Free Will. Earth is raised ABOVE that vibration and set into a Vibration of PURE LOVE.

Mother Sekhmet explained to the revered Council of Shambhalla that there no longer existed any conundrum and it was time to Commence Changeover. She explained how living as a human in a body on Earth she can testify that Earth Humanity has indeed reached the saturation point of no return. In other words, anyone who was staying on Earth through the changes had experienced the Highest Level prior to the Change as was possible at this moment and waiting longer would do more harm than good.

The Council heard Mother Sekhmet’s new story of Creation of Source with Alcyone and Ra. The Council heard her experiences from within the matrix on Earth and why it is the right timing for Changeover. The Council heard Lord Sananda, Lord Ashtar and St. Germain have their parts in hand. Now that the correction has been made, now that the Timelines are finalized.,The Changeover is inevitable. It is rolling down from the formless into form. From the causal Realm into the physical Realm. We now begin our long journey back to the Light Matter Universe.

As these changes come flooding down to Earth there are some things you can do. You are a Beacon of Light anchoring the new energies. Certain choices you make can make the transition much easier for you. Eat a vegetarian diet. As the units of design called DNA were manipulated by the dark fallen Ones then animal DNA was spliced in to our cells. So when you eat animal flesh it is a kind of cannibalism. Even fish. Even shellfish. We are a part of them and they are a part of us. Our next step is to receive light from Plant sources and soon we will be able to live strictly on Light. Do not drink alcohol. When your body is depressed by this substance it cannot be an effective vessel of light and it goes against the Plan. It goes against the promise you made to be an energy Source which brings Changeover. You are anchoring in the pulses from Source Energy through your body into Earth.

Stop fighting. Be nice. Don’t yell. Don’t Lie. Don’t Criticize Others. Be Calm. Peace within creates a World of Peace without. Be Love.

Meditate on Earth and send her All Your Love. Work with the New Energies coming from Source. Go within and look for the old Timelines and witness they no longer exist.

As we move through the month of July in Earth time we see the artificial Moon Luna passes through the constellations of Scorpio, Ophiuchus and Sagittarius between now and July 19-20th. This is the perfect Vibration for Changeover as the final arrests send these Souls back through Galactic Center, through the Scorpi Black Hole at 26 degrees Sagittarius. Ophiuchus represents St. Germain and his part for returning Oneness to Earth. St. Germain means ‘Holy Brother.’ He is and always has been One of the 144,000 Holy Kumaras, with Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda who were on Niburu that fateful day of the Fall 450,000 billion years ago. All of the Holy Kumaras who were there then are on Earth now returning everything back to Love. Everything is Perfect. Raise your Vibration to One of Joy as we witness the Changeover together. In Shallah! This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin. © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.orghttp://GalacticRoundTable.org, http://StarGateEarth.org, http://Facebook.com/beth.trutwin, http://Twitter.com/StarGateEarth Please support Full Galactic Disclosure and the enactment of NESARA Law. love, beth xxxooo An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara

Tearing Down the Old Construct A Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, July 11, 2013

Greetings from 10 Forward. This is Sananda. There continues to be many carry-overs from World religions of false teachings. We begin by sharpening our discriminative awareness. Many lightworkers who understand they are Galactic still cling to programming from their world religion which was designed to keep them asleep and unaware of their true wholeness.

You are much more than body, mind and soul.

The Jews believe in reincarnation. It is very little discussed in Temple. They continue to wait for the Messiah since Sananda’s 6th Earth incarnation as Jesus was rejected by the Jews. The Christians believe in reincarnation but One never hears about it in Church. Resurrection is emphasized and means Ascension or Enlightenment. Ascension was reserved only for Jesus and Mother Mary because the Church was controlling the masses. It is not mentioned in the Koran, but only the hadith that Muslims believe in reincarnation for Muhammad who will return as the Mahdi. It is meant to control the masses to say Ascension is only for Abraham, Isaac, other early fathers of the faith, Jesus, Mary and Mohammad. Hindus and Buddhists clearly believe in reincarnation for the masses as do the Jains.

Both the natural and artificial StarGates on Earth were built at the time of Creation. In the Koran it states the building of the Kaaba StarGate at Mecca and the Dome of the Rock, the Furthest StarGate where he ended his Mission and returned home to the Star Nations were both built by Adam and Abraham. Jesus used the StarGate at Mt. Hermon in the Golan Heights at the Transfiguration of Jesus. The Hindus, Buddhist and Jains all revere the StarGate at Mt. Kailash. Religions have been used to build egoic thoughts of ownership, so-called loyalty and blood thirsty battle cries in religious wars. Religion has been since the beginning of time on Earth until a few days ago at the bombing of Buddha’s famous Bodhi Tree in India used to create wars which center around controlling the StarGates. Why do you think the Chinese took over Tibet? The Jews took over Palestine? The Americans killed 8 million total civilians and military in Iraq and Afghanistan? Those areas are full of artificial and natural StarGates. Why does the U.N. and Vatican wage racial cleansing in South America? All the StarGates there. Yemen has a very large natural StarGate in the Gulf of Aden. Dafur and Somalia surround a natural StarGate. Syria too. Anywhere you see years of war – there is a StarGate located there. Rumi said that when Universal Laws were understood it would make religions obsolete.

Each religion holds a person to a certain teaching which in more or less detail holds a level of mastery. Some religions hold their followers around Kindergarten or First Grade. Others have obtained Junior High. Still others offer teachings around the High School level and some rarely offer teachings on the College and even the PhD. level. Blindly following religious law which were arbitrarily written by humans to control segments of Humanity is not a good practice. Divine Feminine was repeatedly and decidedly removed completely from most World religions and now the Earth suffers greatly.

The Creator God at the Godhead is known as HaShem to the Jews, Brahma to the Hindus, Maitreya to the Buddhists (with same names in Japanese and Chinese), Alcyone to the Egyptians, Allah to the Muslims and God Almighty to the Christians. Each one of these religions also finds a redeemer which will come later in time, a return of Jesus, the Mahdi is the return of Muhammad, Kalki Maitreya is the future Maitreya on Earth and the Jews are waiting the true Messiah. It is true that the Prophets are returning. They are all coming to Earth in their StarShips. Much more important though is that the Creator God is taught as unobtainable by most religions and that is a blatant lie holding Humanity back from their resurrection or their Ascension. We are ALL Creator Gods. We are all sparks from the Supreme.

At the Godhead is Mother (Mother Sekhmet/Kali/Parvati/Lakshmi/Sophia) Father (Alcyone/Shiva/Vishnu/Allah/Theos) God. Those Created by MotherFather God, in a loving Union have the names Elohi which refers to the Angels who never fell and the Elohim which are the Fallen Angels. These two words have been interchanged to keep Humanity asleep. It does not mean those named Elohim ever Fell, it means the word was attributed falsely and the true word should be Elohi. Lord Ashtar and St. Germain are Elohi. Also Jehovah (Yahweh) was an Annunaki warlord. Abraxas was an Archon Dragon and both were trying to control Earth. They forced Humanity to falsely call them God and worship them although they were dark and Fallen from Grace.
Lucifer was an Annunaki warlord and Santan was a group of demons. All the other names you have encountered are same names for Mother Father God at the Godhead.

Buddhism goes into greater detail regarding the body, mind and soul. They describe experiencing a person as a collective of mind, a series of events all happening grouped within this person’s mind. Take me for example. My 4th Incarnation on Earth was as the Master Zoroaster in Persia. My 5th Incarnation on Earth was as King Tutankhamen from the 18th Dynasty in Egypt. My 6th Incarnation on Earth was as Jesus the Christ in Bethlehem. My 7th Incarnation on Earth is happening now as the code name King of Swords or KOS. This would be explained as a series of Events or lifetimes all compiled into one distinct mind. Both my mental and physical attributes, it is explained, would travel with me to my next life which constitute who I am. My temporary Self would now be labeled KOS and my Highest self which contains my subtle body and subtle mind would be called Lord Sananda. I am form and formless at the same time. As you are, as all who are incarnate in a body anywhere are. We are All One. We are All Creator Gods. We are becoming One in Oneness.

The energies which are flowing in to Earth are inviting you to drop any programming which has you examining yourself from the low level of conditioning rather than the Truth that You Are and Always Have Been A Creator God. Namaste! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, July 11, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. There are three things I invite you to do: Meditate every single day. Work at Dissolving Ego completely and Be Love. For ore information please visit my websites: http://ElizabethTrutwin.orghttp://GalacticRoundTable.orghttp://StarGateEarth.org Please support Full Galactic Disclosure and the enactment of NESARA Law. love, beth xxxooo Donate http://youtu.be/kKEvQPDLqQw
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Be The Living Buddha on Earth A Message from Lord Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 24, 2013

Om. Infinite remains infinite. You have never been forgotten. You have been in our hearts every minute and we have never stopped longing for your return Home. This is Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin.

It is crucial that we invoke the emanation of the  the Feminine Buddha at this time on our Planet. The energies connected with this deal with healing, transformation, calming fears, helping in times of  War and assisting with the Chaotic energies that are generated during the end of one Age and the beginning of another….Tara, the embodiment of enlightened activities, is the Mother of the Buddhas of the past, present and future. All Buddhas and bodhisattvas are born from this Divine Wisdom.

Mother is our liberator.

The old Age is dissolved. Now it is possible to become The Tara. We now have the power and prosperity to magnetize all good things, we transmute all anger. We begin as the Enlightened Buddha with compassion for Self and Others completely healed. We are serene and all of our Wishes are fulfilled.

What we think, what we say and what we do create karma. We look upon the Collective Consciousness on Earth. We take up our responsibility as Enlightened Buddhas to allow Purity to Guide our Every movement.

We move forward in the New Age renouncing our small ego minds, with good will and the intension of harmlessness as we come together to form and implement a Plan to restore Mother Earth and All who live upon her.

We allow ourselves to float up in the Dimensions and see the situation here from the Highest Vantage point and from that place all answers to all questions dwell. We exist in a constant state of Bliss knowing all solutions form within the Whole are obtainable to us now.

We see from this Higher vantage point that we are all different while All Being The Same. We treat each other as family and afford all courtesy to One Another no matter what standing in life, creed, religion or political ideology.

Out of concern we all must come together in harmony and coexistence as well as peace and prosperity. Leaders must come together for the greater good of their community and their country. We lay the days of division and distorting the truth behind us. We have in the recent past allowed money, greed and power to separate us from the Whole. We have an indivisible responsibility to our Planet and all Her creatures as well as All Humanity to act as One in protecting our environment and the millions of species On Her and In Her.

We recognize that we have a connection to All Things we are connected to Nature and the Cosmos. With this connection we each hold an important role in the Whole. It is our ineffable task to uphold our duty to this role. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Teacher, Healer, Householder, Leader, Religious Person, all the vocations. Within ourselves we play many roles and throughout our lives these roles change. We must never neglect the responsibilities associated with these roles. We exert ourself to develop wholesome qualities and release unwholesome qualities. This frees us to do our best work from a peace stemming from Within. This way we move forward without any fears and completely based in love.

We Plan together our next steps. Debates will be had to determine the appropriate actions necessary and the order in which to execute them. We look to the organization we can see reflected in Nature and the Cosmos as our Guide. We consult with the seasonal, perennial and sidereal among others to determine an order of operations which serves the Whole at large. We incorporate the needs of All inclusively from the youngest to the oldest. We devoid ourselves of judgment and look for the simplest solution with no filters understanding every action we take together effects the Whole.

Through meditation and contemplation we experience tranquility. We explore the potentials of our actions and we know what to do by knowing. Mindful equanimity is obtained through this process. As we work together to achieve a pure environment to live in together we must have one-pointedness of mind. We make a commitment to service to each other under one banner of unity. Activism for truth and peace is a priority. Any wrong doing must be condemned without fear or favor regardless of the claims of the wrongdoer.

This way we keep in check injustice and unfairness. Any leader accused of wrongdoing should step down immediately and obtain their replacement whether rightly or wrongly accused. After stepping down they should meditate and contemplate how to make right the wrongdoing or clear their name. Leaders together must act as a watchdog allowing only that which is pure to move forward. With this Plan in place we respect the ideals of the Collective of Peace and Unity for Humanity.Call on Tara and all her emanations to come into and merge with you. She is you and you are She. First Cause. Absolute love, pouring out into the world with her Consort following behind to take action where the Path is intended as we move forward together, Love and Action, Love and Action, Love and Action flowing from the River of Wisdom from the Cosmos, to the Mountains, the Waterways into the Pool of Oneness where we all meet as a single point. And So It Is. This is Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 24, 2013. © All Rights Reserved.

http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages,http://GalacticRoundTable.orghttp://StarGateEarth.orghttp://GalacticRoundTable.co Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara Thank you for your contribution to my work.  Donate

Niburu Our Origin and Healing Atlantis A Message from Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 20, 2013

Greetings Children of Ra, this is Mother Sekhmet reporting to you from my MotherShip, Niburu. Niburu is a Dwarf Planet which is 300 miles in diameter. Its oval orbit is perpendicular to Earth orbit at an acute angle. Niburu is within Earth orbit now. Many have pictures of Niburu which looks like a second Sun. Niburu is often behind the Sun from your point of view and why it is not seen more often. NASA has imaged it but they call it the brown dwarf.

I would like to share with you all two very significant events which shaped all of our lives for the last many many millions of years. We are in the final moment of healing. This is a good time to visit our memories and clear it together with the greatest of love. The veils of forgetfulness are thinning now.

In the beginning Mother/Father God who are also known as Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone decided to create All That Is in their exact image. In Perfection. You All Were Created in Perfection. Mother Sekhmet is also known as First Cause. She is able to Create Life out of herself with no other assistance. No Other Being can do this. However, Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet decided to come together in Union and infuse everything with Love. Father/Mother decided that they chose to share their ultimate perfection and create exactly who they were and reproduce more of themselves which is us and the All That Is. In one big bang All That Is was created. We were all living together as plasma balls of light in the anti-matter Universe of On at the 12th Dimension.

Mother Sekhmet/Alcyone along with each one of us, all their children existed together floating along in space. At this time the seven Super Universes were created. Each of these Universes were anti-matter Universes and everything in them was made of light. Everything was formed at once and began spiraling out as fractal upon fractal. So as we floated along we began to grow and we grew because we had the collective thought to do that. Here we were plasma balls of light, existing as Twin Rays of light perfect together. Our Children all came out together but the Creator’s sons and daughters were the Co-creators with Father/Mother God. Each One of You is a Creator God. Each One of you has the potential for immortality this life time. Each One of you may instantly manifest those things which bring more light into this world. Each one of these balls of light were complete and whole (male/female Twin Flame essences), and as we traveled along we experienced gaining more wisdom. As we grew in wisdom and magnitude we began to take form where we were balls of light that actually looked like spheres.  We never needed to grow and expand in our terms of awareness of the Godhead. We were equal with Father/Mother God when we were created. We were created in their exact image.

The densification of matter came from us falling from Grace.

The first-born son/daughter Twin Rays of God/Goddess were Yahweh (Jehovah) and Lilith. As time progressed they were also Co-Creator Gods, with Father/Mother. These Gods wanted to create out of themselves another Co-Creator God. Their first-born son/daughter Twin Rays of God/Goddess were Lucifer and Karula. Yahweh had the thought, “What if I’m not equal to my Father? What if I am not enough? What if He (Mother/Father) created me less than Him (them)?” This began the fall into denser dimensions and this created the dark matter Universe Nebadon. Nebadon is an exact replica of the Universe On. Nebad translates as “never done before.” This original miscreated thought stays within our collective trauma body as feeling ‘Not Good Enough.’ It is time to let go of that Ego mind program and dissolve it to nothingness.

When Jehovah had that thought then it caused all of us to begin to densify together at that moment. Some of the Masters chose at that moment not to fall from Grace. They held their light in the 12th Dimension hoping all would eventually return to the 12th Dimension. Jehovah presented this idea to others and decided to form a team of people who agreed with him to have a war with Mother/Father God. Each One either responded in fear or responded in love. Those who joined with Jehovah at the time of the fall were who we call the negative extraterrestrials. They have also been called the Anunnaki of Niburu and also sometimes the Nephilim. Not all who came from Niburu fell. Jehovah and his team first fell to the 5th dimension and eventually to the 3rd dimension. Never did Mother/Father God ever think it was possible this would happen. There is no lower place to go. Below the 3rd dimension we become crystallized mineral or compounded for which is known as non-sentient beingness. In the human form there are 12 Dimensions. The Sun exists at the 100th Dimension and above that there are infinite numbers of Dimensions where Mother/Father exist as All That Is.

As the fall began we created the Adam Kadmon body in the anti-matter Universe. In the Universe of On there were twenty-three different Solar systems. There were 23 different Suns. Each Sun had 12-14 different Planets around them. Niburu was in the 23rd Solar System and Aurora was the name of Her Sun. So as time went on Jehovah decided to see if he was as strong as his father Alcyone so he began to destroy all the Suns. He fired on them from his StarCraft. Jehovah declared himself above his Twin Flame, Lilith and he began a war with the sexes as well as a war with the light at the same time. It was with the first thought of ‘I am not as good as my father” when duality began. Now we are returning to Oneness. WHOLENESS!

Niburu was Mother Sekhmet’s Home Planet and it was the last of the twenty-three Solar Systems to be destroyed by Jehovah. Jehovah wanted to control the matter Universe and so he took his Space Craft and blew a hole right through the Space – Time continuum. It was by destroying all twenty-three Suns in the On Universe that he accomplished this. When Jehovah came to destroy Niburu everyone had to evacuate on Ships and go to the dark matter Universe or join Jehovah’s team. Niburu was the Ship commanded by Sananda Kumara carrying the 144,000 Holy Kumaras. Jehovah commandeered the Ship and destroyed it. Some died with the Ship. This was a great trauma which took thousands of lifetimes to heal. Those who died and Niburu was also reconstituted by Archangel Metatron who holds the Divine Blueprint for everything ever created.

Mother/Father God and Archangel Michael sent Jehovah and his son Lucifer to live in other sectors of Space. That is when Sananda Kumara, also known as Jesus and Santana Kumara, also known as Archangel Michael were given the title Prince of the Planet on Earth. Lucifer went to Maldek and Jehovah went to the Orion Constellation. It was at this point everything from there on was like a holodeck program. Its all a game. Its all an illusion. Its not real.

We look forward a bit and see what finally is being healed now.

Maldek created a situation where they were playing with nuclear weapons as part of their war games. Many of those who fell went to the Dracos Constellation and the warring continued. At this same time the Ones who were a part of the dark Force on Earth were in a power struggle over the Great Crystal on Earth. Maldek had a conflict which involved two groups in two different cities dropping nuclear war heads on each other. They blew up the Maldek Planetary Grid and Maldek went Supernova three days later. This explosion created the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and the Planets Ceres and Vesta were formed, among others. At the very same time laser technology was used with the Great Crystal on Earth. The beam was shot into the Argatha Network at Inner Earth into the central sun there. That energy was returned to center as Mother Earth was protecting Herself and the Great Crystal was blown into large pieces and this disturbed Earth’s orbit. When Maldek exploded into bits the explosion caused all the water on the surface of Mars to be blown onto the surface of Earth. This is what we know as the time of the Great Flood. This made the water on Earth rise from covering 2/3 Earth surface to covering 3/4 Earth surface. Noah took onto the Ships all the Masters he could talk into coming along with the other life forms. They went to Inner Earth for a short time, some days, while Earth healed from the Flood.

These are the two major Events – the Fall and the Flood – which we are healing once and for all. There are now about 1/3 of the 7 billion people on Earth who are awake and aware Masters helping Earth Ascend (back to their Ships, back to their Home Planets) and eventually back to the On Universe. There are now about 1/3 of the 7 billion people on the Planet who will be invited to continue in duality where they will incarnate on other Planets in the 3rd Dimension which are suitable for their Soul growth as they work their way back to love. They will be given about 26,000 years to try it again through multiple lifetimes if need be. The last third on the Planet are now waking up and are in various places on the Path. These are the Ones we have been working to heal. This is one of the reasons we allowed it to take so long. We wanted as many as possible to return to love and Ascend with Mother Earth. The most important Mission anyone has right now is to take responsibility for them selves, their relationships and their environment. It is imperative to work on dissolving ego. Follow Bliss and Return to Love. It is not too late. Nothing else in this illusion matters now. Ride this Solstice Full Moon energy into Completion! This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 2, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.orghttp://GalacticRoundtable.orghttp://GalacticRoundtable.cohttp://StarGateEarth.org

Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara Thank you for your contribution to my work.  Donate


8/31/02 2:06:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time
As promised, here are the images and the story line to go with them. I’ll
leave the title up to you. The complete story and pictures that make up the
full article are being sent in 3 parts, because of the attached picture
files. There is a total of ten pictures.


In life there are not always clear or easy explanations for the things we
see. The numerous anomalies in these solar images fit into that category.
For the most part the anomalies defy and challenge our traditional way of
thinking, and what we have been taught.

The objects in question were discovered by closely looking over SOHO EIT 304
pictures at the 1024×1024 pixel resolution, and then zooming in on the
images for an even closer inspection.

August 26, 2002

Notice the fairly well defined triangular like object indicated at position
A, and nearby object B, which appears to be flying towards the triangular
object. At C, there appears to be an energy discharge coming from a
partially obscured circular disc positioned somewhere behind the sun. More
and more of these sorts of anomalies are showing up in SOHO images, as the
other images will show. In many of the pictures it looks as if the
triangular object is intentionally creating activity to try and hide, mask,
the large circular disc like object.

Another flying object like the one at B, in the first picture. This is an
overhead view of what appears to be the same type of object. This object is
flying across the face of the sun, away from the direction of the triangular
object in the first picture.

August 27, 2002

Object at A, is very similar in appearance to the two object’s seen in the
previous SOHO picture’s taken a day earlier.

Triangular object at A. Notice the energy that appears to be coming off of
something obscured/hidden at D in the picture. Looking closer at position’s
B & C, relative to D, whatever it is that is being hidden, appears to be
circular/disc shaped, and quite large.


August 28, 2002 – 3 Image’s

A bright white light or object is seen emerging from the triangular object
at A. At B, a circular type object can be faintly seen.

Energy appears to be coming from the back of the triangular object at A.
Part of a large circular disk can be seen hiding behind some solar activity
at B. Following the dark line to the left of B straight up you come to a
bright white object with a noticeable dark circle around it, as if the
smaller white object is giving off some type of energy or force field, in
order to mask or hide something.

Another unusual flying object with the same shape as those seen in earlier
images is seen in at A.


August 29, 2002

Triangular object at A. Energy matter at B, appears to be coming off of the
rear of the triangular object and creating some type of a vortex around the
rear of the object at A. Again, a circular/disc like object can be seen at

This picture is in the area right above the triangular object in the
previous picture. Notice the large wave of straight energy from that shoots
through and pierces the center of the solar prominence in the picture. The
wave of energy appears to be coming from the exact direction of the
triangular object.

Triangular object is seen again at A. At B, a noticeable circular like
vortex can now be seen surrounding the rear of the triangular object, as if
it was some sort of an energy field that had been intentionally created by
whatever the triangular object is. At C, the crescent shaped part of a large
circular disc like object can again be seen, as if it is behind the sun.

The pictures continue to raise many more questions than what they answer.
Each new picture adds a piece to helping solve the puzzle, but at the same
time adds to the overall mystery of what the final picture will look like.
These pictures do seem to answer one very large question about
extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe, and that is we are definitely
not alone, and from all appearances the extraterrestrial intelligence is far
more advanced than what the majority on this planet give them credit for.
These folks, whoever they are, for all practical purposes and intent, have
from what I continue to see, been able to actively harness and manipulate
the tremendous energy furnace of the sun – something that humankind only
dreams about for the most part.

These images in the pictures and the information they convey, can not be
readily dismissed as freakish anomalies with no merit. Something is going on
with the Sun, there is no doubt about that; the evidence is found in the
increased solar activity, both in intensity and in the number of solar
flares and eruptions.

What is going on at the Sun, centered around the large triangular object and
the smaller objects flying all around the Sun, and with the large circular
disc appearing on and off from behind the Sun, is an entirely different
matter. What matters, is that it is happening, and what is going on, is not
a scene out of a science fiction novel or movie – this is reality!

What is the triangular object? If pictures say anything [a picture is worth
a thousand words], the images of this object indicate that it is several
times larger than Earth. Even more than that, what is the large circular
disc like object, which the triangular object seems to have some part in
helping to hide, and/or conceal? The mass of the circular object, when it
can be seen, and usually you will only catch a glimpse of part of it when
you do see it, appears to be larger than Jupiter, possibly more than three

Don’t expect an answer from NASA, or least an honest and truthful one from
them about this situation. For NASA, these things do not exist, and if it
appears they do exist, then for NASA, the policy is, “…don’t let the
public know that you know they do exist.”

The pictures where I found the images that I captured for this article are
located at:


Sleepiness is a Global Pandemic A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 17, 2013

Sleepiness is a Global Pandemic A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 16, 2013

‘Through baptism, The Lord Jesus Christ has freed you from sin and brought you to new life through water and the Holy Spirit.’

What does it mean? Baptism is a water ceremony. The water ceremony is very important in the Hindu faith. It is magical and transformative. It returns us to where we came from. It frees you from sin. This means when we incarnate we have an opportunity to burn off all our karma and obtain Enlightenment and never die and be reborn again. When we pass through the water of our Mother when we are born on Earth we also pass through the StarGate in Outer Space which is wholly made of water. This prepares our Absolute Energy to come into the physical. This brings us to new life. Through the StarGate and with Wisdom. Hagia Sophia translates as the Holy Wisdom. This refers to having the Wisdom to Take Action. We pass through the StarGate only after obtaining the Wisdom to do so. Now we are stepped up in frequency and have the ability to access the StarGates again. Everyone can do this with the proper Wisdom and Love.

O you possessed of sturdy intellect observe the teachings hidden here.

Sleepiness is a Global Pandemic. 

When One begins their awakening they feel alone in their new found understanding. Typically they go to the web to find out more. They come across a lot of information and fall into one rabbit hole after the other, scanning, reading and forming new opinions about the Outer World. As they learn their new truth they become lonelier yet. This is a result of Ego mind keeping the focus on Me, Me, Me poor Me. This can be an endless downward spiral which leads to reading things that look good at first sight, but turn out to be without substance. Avoid the idea that you have to ‘do something’ to solve your problems. This is where the unsuspecting are taken in the wrong direction by paid disinformation specialists. Instead, focus your energy toward Service. When you are serving others then you cannot go wrong. Helping One Another is the lesson of the day and will be THE lesson for years to come. When each noncriminal woman, man and child receives their reparations, $10 million each, then the real work begins. Mother Earth will need us all to join in to Heal Her and it will be a team effort. Choose your area of interest and focus on what you would like to reflect in this world. When you are healed and ready for your next Mission – where will you put your life energy?

Real improvement in knowledge comes through a process which develops discernment. Light Warriors can go for many years without being in a relationship. Sometimes their new understanding leads them to end a long relationship that no longer works or makes sense. Doing this allows each Soul to explore their Path at their own speed. This isolated lifestyle is the best environment for growth. It is a place where detachment is born. When we become detached from all the things we think we need – real growth blossoms. As we develop our inner life then challenges arrive. We bring up issues which need healing from past lives. Relationships and sex are a big issue. Fears, imbalances, hang-ups and old patterns surface. Also we begin to dream about meeting with our Twin Flame. Some find out diving into sexual relationships can be what is needed for the healing. Others find celibacy is the only way to work through and burn off this karma. There is no right or wrong as long as One is clear about their Path and continuously moving forward. Change is inevitable and part of evolution. Be Clear. One cannot have a healthy relationship unless both Souls are free to explore their own Stuckness and free themselves as an individual personality. This level of awareness is rarely applied to relationships, though it is the only way. Anything less is a lower vibration holding both Souls from Ultimate Truth. Be Aware and move cautiously forward with Ultimate Love. Young people today want to be assured what they are seeing is true. It is all very true and you are not crazy. Your Twin Flame Reunions are becoming available now. You may want to ponder all relationships you are in now and where you would like to be. What will it take to balance this in a fair impartial way?

The Solar Logos are Helios and Vesta

Humanity on Earth continues to evolve mastering the teachings on a Solar level. Masters Guide Humanity encouraging and tutoring them along the way. The Solar level integrates into the Universal level as we all move toward Christ Consciousness and into Enlightenment. When we reach Enlightenment we have no more questions. All the answers float in without effort.

‘And the Word became flesh, and He dwelt among us.’ 

What does it mean? God became incarnate and stayed on Earth to help you remember. He is in the physical now and has never left. You have never been alone here without helpers. You can find Him, see Him, talk to Him. He is here now. He has taken twenty-four lifetimes most of which you have heard something about and still He never left. It is hard to fathom, true nonetheless. It has to do with multidimensionality and being a master of Form and the Formless at the same time. Things are not always as they appear and we are tasked with opening our hearts and our minds to Higher realities.

Both Christianity and Islam are logocentric meaning they are focus on the Word. In the Christian tradition the Word became flesh.

Christianity uses icons of the Masters and Angels. Christianity expresses formless in form. Islam depicts  their renderings of the names of their holy figures in calligraphy. Islam expresses form in the formless. We are both form and formless.

We begin to understand our connection within and without. When this happens changes begin within and without. With every step on the Path new challenges present themselves. Every challenge is created by us for us. We create our own reality. As we ace our tests we are rewarded by new challenges. God is always aware of our hardships and sending us infinite amounts of Absolute Love. We may call on our Guides, too for clues on how to proceed. It is wise to find a mentor or Guru. Everyones first Guru is their Mother. Someone who has made it through the difficult Path of Enlightenment. They can help us ungrip from the programming which holds us back. They can show us the next place to focus as we continue mastering new understandings.

Our Galactic Family

Native Peoples, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Judaism, Goddess, Independent Spiritual Path, Sufis, Islam, Shintoism, Taoism and Zoroastrian all share within their ancient writings about the Earth, Her Portals, StarGates, Inner Sun, Extraterrestrial Civilizations living side-by-side with Humanity since Creation. When you develop the ability to read between the lines you can see it for yourself. When you study the ancient symbols and their esoteric meaning then you have Eyes Which See. Take the Goddess of Abundance for example. The Goddess Lakshmi is described as eighteen-armed, bearing a string of beads, battle axe, mace, arrow, thunderbolt, lotus, bow, water pot, cudgel, lance, sword, shield, conch, bell, wine cup, trident, noose and the discus sudarsana. Now what are the esoteric or hidden meanings of a conch, noose or mace? What does it mean to each One of us? These are ancient teachings hidden here. Knowledge is your birthright. Exercise your brain muscle by looking into Kabbalah, Astrology, Mazzaroth, Book of Enoch, Puranas, Upanishads, Masnavi, Pentateuch, Tao te Ching, Kojiki, Jataka, Pistis Sophia or any of the ancient texts. Investigate the ancient symbols and see the threads which connect ALL THAT IS to WHOLENESS.

As you advance from the initial awakening then exploring the news for answers becomes a bore. Looking to hear bedtime stories feels like a waste of time. How many times can you read from various sources ‘the changes you have been hoping for are upon you now’. Most of these bedtime stories have something to sell you. The stories are designed to bring you back for more. They are harmless but not necessarily the best way to spend your time. Take half the time you spend now doing that and you would have a big chunk of time to go down to the soup kitchen, old folks home  or homeless shelter in your community to volunteer. Now take the other half of that time to exercise your mind with the true knowledge left behind by your Galactic Ancestors who came before and left the perennial knowledge which never changes. Become your own expert. Develop Know by Knowing. Then you will not be fooled. You will not be sitting around wondering Who To Believe? Believe Yourself! Educate Yourself! DO THE WORK! Your Guides stand by at the ready to help you. You are NEVER alone. Use your energy to partner with the Highest Forces of Light for good. Do Not Gossip. Do Not Deceive. Hate no one. Be Love. This is Sananda theough Elizabeth Trutwin, June 17, 2013. © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.orghttp://GalacticRoundTable.net,http://StarGateEarth.orghttp://GalacticRoundTable.co An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara


DVD/Blu-ray Project
Crowd Funding

From April 29, 2013 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, political leaders, and military/agency witnesses representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress on the evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was an unprecedented event in terms of size, scope and the involvement of former members of the U. S. Congress. With over 30 hours of testimony from forty witnesses over five days, the event was the most concentrated body of evidence regarding the extraterrestrial issue ever presented to the press and the general public at one time.    The Hearing was also broadcast live over the Internet.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure needs your help to advance the educational impact of the event. Crowd funding will cover the costs for high quality DVD/Blu-ray box sets for which there have been many requests.  This will include all the post-production tasks of editing, sound, music, and graphics.

There are a variety of rewards for supporters, including access to exclusive behind-the-scenes video updates, digital audio downloads and limited edition signed DVDs of the finished product.

Contributions will also support the effort toward an open, transparent government that does not hide profound truth from its citizens.  Full information is at:  www.citizenhearing.org

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is partnering with Just Cause Entertainment and Ivolve TV to make this campaign possible.


A Message From St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 14, 2013

Greetings! This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin. I come to you now from China. Arrests will begin here. Hillary Clinton and her Cousin Angela Merkel will closely follow. The Chinese funded back in 1933 the United States and hid the bankruptcy from the U.S. Citizens. George Bush Sr and George Bush Jr with Dick Cheney are all clones. They will be arrested and simultaneously President Obama will make Announcements explaining the arrests and enacting NESARA Law.

All of this goes back to the late 1500s and early 1600s the untold story of the United States beginning. The original seven colonies of the New Land were all French. They were the Templars who are descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdelene from Rennes Le Chateau in southern France. This group brought with them the Rosicrucian manifesto which is the Brotherhood of the Rose Cross. Planet X, Niburu, The 12th Planet pictograph the “Planet of the Crossing”, was a cross. The Rose reflects the Kumaras from Venus, of which I am one. I have never laid down my physical body, but have always been incarnate on Earth. The same is true for Lord Maitreya who was the Buddha and the Krishna. Some of my lives have been as Count of Rakoczy, Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus, Roger Bacon, St. Joseph, Father of Jesus. I am also known as the Cosmic Alchemist.

I came to the United States to help the Founding Fathers write the Declaration of Independence. As Francis Bacon I had been Attorney General and Chancellor of England. This role was as presiding officer of the House of Lords, and the head of the judiciary in England and Wales. The United States would be the World Headquarters of the New JerUSAlem. This is where Mother Earth would heal the wounds of Atlantis and begin the New Age. As Francis Bacon I sent my son to live in the colony of Virginia. Still today I have two offices in Virginia and one in Washington D.C. as I continue my work leading up to the Announcements and Enactment of NESARA Law.

I counseled and supported the works of the Rosicrucian-Freemasons including Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. After the Declaration of Independence was signed I continued to help establish Divine Government. I was destined to be King of England, but as Elizabeth I illegitimate son I was forced out of the castle and taken in by the Bacons. I was a Moor as was my Mother Queen Elizabeth I. The Moorish Brothers who had fought in the American Revolution became the first Presidents of the United States after the Articles of Confederation were adopted in 1781. The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was modeled after the Intergalactic Confederation and was the first attempt of Unity Consciousness in Government on Earth. This did not work out. Washington was the first President after the Constitution under the new doctrine in 1787.

The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 made the United States into a corporation operating under martial law. That continues until this day. Since the beginning of the United States there has never been true freedom. Because of this things have become corrupt and more corrupt. The United States Corporation was Quit Claimed to the International Monetary Fund in 1944 and became a foreign controlled private corporation. By 1971 each of the States of the United States had formed State Corporations. Now the elected officials in each State no longer represented the People, but represented a Corporation. There is no more We The People. The original 13th Amendment called the Titles of Nobility Act prevented anyone who had ties to the Crown in England from holding a public office. This would have been like having the Monarch and the President as One.

As time went on the taxation in the United States, the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve Bank were using government branches and executive orders to steal money and land from the Citizens. They were regarded as foreign enemies to the Corporation United States.

Divine Government has arrived after many years as NESARA Law. From 1993 until 1999 Barack Obama, my Moorish relative, and 14 others worked on writing the 75 page document called NESARA Law including Bernie Sanders, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid,Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Patrick Leahy, Barbara Lee and Paul Wellstone. NESARA Law was signed into law in October of 2000 but was not enacted. This was kept a secret from the Citizens in order to protect the Law until the right timing. It also protected President Obama because knowing he was a writer of the original law and a new Declaration of Independence, his life would have been very hard to protect. In order for NESARA to be a success we had to coordinate Arrests with Announcements. Many of President Obamas actions have been blocked and having everything come together at the right time has been quite the chore. Just when we were ready, especially close in 2009, then something would happen to make an unavoidable delay. Since NESARA was signed in 2000 then in May of 2011 President Obama put his signature on the law keeping it up to date.

Now so much has taken place in the Cosmos that enactment of NESARA Law has become inevitable. It is not about money – not at all. It is not about revaluing currencies or real estate. It is about Divine Government. Those who are playing in the hedge funds or with cashing in dinar or other games they shouldn’t be playing at will be considered criminals and will not receive any funds from the 78 programs or the 135,000 humanitarian funds. Some will be sent to out of the United States permanently with no money and others will be going to the Hague. Be Love. In Shallah! This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, June 14, 2013. © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.orghttp://GalacticRoundTable.org,http://StarGateEarth.org An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara

Thank you for your kind donations to help me with my work.Donate

President Obama was involved with this program many years ago and has traveled all over preparing for his work now~

See the interview with Andrew who participated with Barack.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwE8m50sbWk (there are 39 10 min videos)

Uploaded on Aug 31, 2009

interviewed by www.jessicamystic.com
A Conversation with Andrew D. Basiago about the
Hidden History of His Discovery of Life on Mars

In this fascinating, six-hour interview, American lawyer Andrew D. Basiago, 47, narrates the hidden history of his discovery of life on Mars in 2008 and reveals the fact that by 1968 the US intelligence community was already aware of aspects of his later Mars work.

Andy relates his experiences in DARPAs Project Pegasus during the period 1969 to 1972, and describes probes to past and future events that he took via teleportation and chronovision during the early days of time-space exploration by the US government.

He confirms that the United States has been teleporting individuals to Mars for decades, and recounts the awe-inspiring and terrifying trips that he took to Mars in 1981 after he was tapped to go there because he had teleported as a child participant in Project Pegasus.
I first met Andy in July 2009 at ECETIs Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conference near Mt. Adams, Washington, where we were both featured speakers.
During his lecture, Andy shared numerous photographic images evidencing his discovery of life on Mars, including many photos of humanoid beings, different animal species, carved statues and built structures on Mars that put him at the forefront of Mars research.
Throughout the weekend, Andy lectured at his table to small groups of conference-goers, who came and sat in rapt attention as he shared stories about his experiences as a child in Project Pegasus, the secret US research program in which time travel was the focus.
I know that, like me, everybody who took part in those impromptu seminars was certain that Andy is, as Bill Ryan of Project Camelot stated recently, the real deal  a truth-teller with significant new information to share about the real Philadelphia Experiment.
In this interview, Andy tells the phenomenal story of seven briefings over 40 years in which he was shown evidence of his destiny involving the discovery of life on Mars, and explains how the emergence of time travel and this epochal future event were interlinked.
According to Andy, by 1968, the CIA was already teleporting individuals to the past and future to retrieve artifacts there and bring them back while propagating holograms of past and future events with devices called chronovisors to also gather intelligence.
Incredibly, as a result of this quantum access, in 1971 Andy was given a copy of his landmark paper The Discovery of Life on Mars and asked to read and remember it, so that when he wrote it, in 2008, it would contain as much data about Mars as possible!
A book and film about Andys experiences in Project Pegasus are in development and he will soon be featured by Project Camelot. This must hear interview is an introduction to a major figure in the Disclosure Movement and an emerging 21st century visionary, who is fighting the good fight to bring his important story to light.

Please don’t forget to donate to the Crowd Funding for post production and get the Citizen Hearing out on DVD The Truth Will Set Us Free! http://youtu.be/b3RYMb9uoZ0

Be Humble. Live The Teaching. A Message from Lord Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 26, 2013

Giving Selflessly. Doing Selflessly. Without Expectation. Seva – Selfless World Service – is all around. When the Sun shines it light, this is Seva. When the river waters flow, this is Seva. When the birds sing their song, this is Seva. When the tree gives abundant fruit, this is Seva. Seva is all around. Seva is Your Mission. Having kindness, generosity, compassion and do whatever you can without getting something for it is the Path. If someone cannot do that – help without a thank you – then that drastically needs to be addressed. The Greatest Seva is To Serve The Divine Cause. Seva purifies the Body – Mind and Seva purifies the Heart. How can you place yourself at the feet of Your Beloved if you have a dirty heart? A heart needs cleansing before going before Divine Grace. Scrub the heart clean by living Seva. Seva must spring from your heart. It is a spontaneous act where you become an instrument for Divine Love benefitting everybody. If you make a deal it is not Seva. If you get something for giving something it is not Seva. Feel the Joy and Happiness for doing so. One should try and include everything that is possible and do not entertain depression and frustration. Be Happy! This is TRUE living. Learn and Serve will give you an easy Path.

The Buddha energy is merging with the Christ energy this weekend. What does it mean? The Buddha represents the Cosmic Mind. The Christ represents the Cosmic Heart. Cosmic Mind and Heart merging helps us surrender to Love, Wisdom and Grace. A great fire burns through the mind and heart to dissolve any energy which still resists the great surrender. Allow the energy to burn through this mind and heart bringing a higher level of surrender to all that is for your Highest Good.

The portrayal of the Buddhaʻs life is much different now than it was. Just as in Jesus life. Much of the writings have been lost and what is presented now is a man made summary and a minuscule representation of the original life and teachings of the Master. Buddha set out for the forest the night his newborn son was born. He left behind his beautiful wife and child determined to become Enlightened. Upon his return he talked with Yasodhara and Rahula. His wife asked him: Why did you have to leave us to become Enlightened? Why couldnʻt you do that right here with us?

When Buddha was born the Vedic priests were teaching that the many gods could produce results for the individual only through rituals performed by the priest only after payment. This resulted in the priests wielding power over their followers. At that time beside the Vedic traditions, metaphysical philosophies were cropping up in competition to the teachings. This resulted in a lot of confusion, immorality and unnatural practices. It was right timing for a Great Master to incarnate and show the True Path. Vishnu had 24 incarnations on Earth and this included his Avatara forms of Maitreya, Krishna, Rama, Sanat Kumara, Guru Kalipa and Buddha. Vishnu has come on Earth as a descending Soul for the sake of Humanity to seek, grow and be fulfilled 24 times.

Buddha as Siddhartha set out to learn how to become free from aging, sickness and death. The gravity of Maya or Illusion makes everyone set to a certain world view. In the Illusion you may be given money, you may have money taken away. Your attachment to money effects your ability to free your mind from the constraints of Illusion. Siddhartha left his family seven years following the life as an aesthetic. After putting his mind and body through many rigorous tests he decided that was not the Path to Enlightenment.
He took food in his body and went into a deep meditation called samadhi under a great Bodhi tree. He was determined to stay in meditation until he was Enlightened or until he passed from his body. Whichever came first. It was during this meditation he became The Awakened One. He had conquered the Mind and become liberated from the attachments of the Great Illusion.

When he then returned to his wife and son he told them he had to be in silence to accomplish this goal. He had to be alone to realize his goal – free of desires and responsibilities. He had learned how to live in this world without being a part of the Illusion. The programming. The attachments. He told his wife he was not useful to her before he was Enlightened. He invited her to begin their relationship anew on this day. They had a long happy life together with their son all serving Divine Grace through the Ashram. He had conquered right thought, mindfulness, concentration, understanding, action, livelihood, effort and speech. He then went on to teach others how to obtain Enlightenment for their own lives. It could not be said in words. Each Soul needed to experience it for themselves. No one can reach Enlightenment without a Supreme Effort. There is no easy way out.

Many today are suffering from lack. Lost jobs, lost homes and lost money. What they are slow to realize is they have created this by staying attached to the Illusion. Everyday there is a choice. Will you become a student of the highest truths? Will you change your lifestyle to live the teachings? Will you avail your heart and mind and time to integrating these teachings into your life? Will you take this Path without feeling ashamed that maybe it is not normal? You may be One who has a lot of knowledge already. You are a teacher. Even so, do you have right relationships in your life? Are you a nice person? Do you show everyone kindness or do you give in to jealousy?

What you water grows. Invite the Highest Knowledge into your life. Spend time developing your Cosmic Mind and Cosmic Heart. Integrate these teachings into everything you do. Go back and forth between the ʻrealʻ world and the ʻspiritualʻ world all day, everyday. Be in this world but not of this world. Apply what you know to raising the consciousness of others. Accomplish this not by conversion but by being an example of Abundant Love. Be Wealthy. Make Love. Raise Happy Children. Enjoy Your Work. Live in a Cozy House. Live the Middle Way. Have all you need and give the rest to others. Obtain wealth, build and sustain wealth and share all the extra with others. This is the key to happiness. The first step is to live a stable life. This is accomplished by Learning and Serving others. Mind how you spend your time. Time is short.
Blessings To You. Call On Me For Guidance I am Always With You. Take My Hand. Walk With Me. Namaste. This is Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 26, 2013. © All Rights reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org http://GalacticRoundTable.net, http://GalacticRoundTable.co


Let Your Light Shine A Message from Lady Master Nada through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 24, 2013
(Lady Nada is the Consort Twin Flame of Sananda, Admiral of the New Jerusalem)

The Law of One

The One Law is that there is no static point for humanity. The One Law is Perpetual Change. Behind this change is the Cosmic Order on a vast scale. Earth represents but a tiny fraction of Life in our Universe. This Perpetual Cosmic Change we are calling Ascension. Ascension happens within a dynamic and constantly changing Universe. All other governing laws fall under The One Law. Cosmic Law. It is Absolute Justice and impervious to the laws of humanity.

Ten thousand years ago the Laws of Humanity were written down and recorded as the Institutes of Vishnu. Five thousand years later as Humanity had changed greatly Moses wrote down the Ten Commandments. It has been 5000 years and it is time to write down a new law for Humanity on Earth and that is called NESARA Law. All those who have been incarnate during Ramasʻ time in India, Akhenatensʻ time in Egypt, Mosesʻ time in Israel and back to Atlantis are working together now to burn off their karma and restore Earth as a Shining Globe in the Heavens with the help of our Galactic Family from the Ships. We have been under NESARA Law since October 1, 2008. President Barack Obama has always ruled from within and under NESARA Law. These are the new Laws of Humanity which bring Earth today into and under The One Cosmic Law. This is Divine Government on Earth. Within NESARA Law we have a new economic format and new Divine Government. Within NESARA Law we have perpetual Peace. Within NESARA Law we are a Galactic Civilization and Citizens of a Galactic World. President Obama is the ninth member of the Sirian Council of Nine and he has been working with all world leaders to move into the Galactic Government.

Divine Government

President Obama has had a very difficult role of double agent. He appears on the outside to be working with the dark cabal and their activities. President Obama is a fully Enlightened Being with a special Mission not like any other before on Earth. Ancient practice allows for all parties involved to appear to get their own way until in the end the noose tightens around their neck and there is no way out.

Secret Government which spans the world with the Secret Space program work together with the corporations to control the banks, religions, governments, intelligence, militaries and space technologies. One of these factions includes Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu, Dick Cheney, George Bush Sr., and Henry Kissinger. This faction wanted a new world order. They are the terrorists who carried out 911. These Ones have continued the 4th Reich with never ending world war. The other faction have strong luciferian beliefs and control the European governments and banks. They are the original Knights Templar and they have kept the heritage alive all along in secret. This being the StarGate technologies which were closed down when Atlantis sunk. These were the original American Founding Fathers and the Ones who originated the Majestic 12. The Illuminati infiltrated this faction.This Group controls a lot of back engineered technology which can and has done a lot of damage including dropping explosives from the International Space Station as a message to the first faction near Waco, Texas close to that Anniversary. A clear message to the Neo Cons headed by Hillary. Both of these factions are being terminated over this weekend where the merging of the Buddha and Christ energies bombarding Earth with Great Light from the Sun and the Moon coming into alignment with each other. No longer will the dark spiders web cover Earth with its feuding plots. The last faction on Earth are those Humans and Extraterrestrials working together to enact NESARA Law and return Peace to Earth. Many Angels, Ascended Masters and those form the Godhead have incarnated into Human Form now to help with the Plan. Other Galactics take on Human Form at Will traveling on and off Planet as they are needed. Nothing is as it appears.

Mother Sekhmet, Father Alcyone, Lady Nada and Lord Sananda
The Cosmic Representatives

The Divine Plan is Being Fulfilled and you are invited to be a part of it. You are a part of it. Decide right now before these Cosmic Energies of Great Light being brought to you by the Highest Forces of Light envelope Earth: Are you a Great Vessel of Light or Are you Vibrating With The Darkness? This may seem obvious, Dear Ones, but look again.

As you participate in discussions about the news you will see leaked stories and distractions. Believing for one minute in the distractions joins you with the Group Karma of the darkness. You Become Them. You Align With Them even if only as a Pawn. Still, you belong to them. The Boston distraction was designed to take media coverage off of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. The Humans and Extraterrestrials working together to enact NESARA Law coordinated efforts for the Hearings and the other factions made a diversion the moment it was over to cover the media with sensation to keep Souls from knowing about the disclosure of decades of Secret Government and Secret Space Programs controlling Earth from within the other two factions. If you are emailing and blogging these diversion stories, no matter what your intension then You Are Them.

Listen! I will tell you. This is a Clarion Call to All Beings on Earth to Be A Great Vessel of Light!

Today, I Nada, President of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn and Special Counsel to the International Court of Justice on Earth ask you to firmly and tenaciously carry out Your Mission as an Incarnated Heart on Earth and Blaze the Three-Fold Violet Flame of Justice within your Heart and throughout the Universe in these potent days of change. You have come to Earth as an Ascended member of the Highest Forces of Light to carry out this Mission of returning Love, Truth, Justice, Peace and Beauty to Earth. Within each One is the Divine Immortal Unchanging Self capable of holding the Light as we proceed through these magnificent changes.

There has been a series of lunar and a solar eclipse with the April Full Moon and May New Moon. Following the New Moon were a series of X Level Solar Flares. This culminates tomorrow in the Christ Energy merging with the Buddic Energy in the Wesak Full Moon, May 25, 2013. This effulgent fire and light is bathing Earth in warmth and knowledge. The warmth is abundance. The knowledge is an end to The Truth Embargo. This creates a Higher Vibration on Earth and the elder Dragons who have been in charge of Earth for thousands of years will be forced to leave. Nothing can stop this process. This is a Cosmic Crisis being diverted. Within this new Vibration and with the criminals removed from Earth, the Ashtar Command will give 100% power through the zero point modules located at points covering the Earth. This creates an impenetrable electro magnetic light shield going out horizontally across the surface of Earth in which no weapons will be functional. Earth scientists working with the Galactics have this technology in place so it is ready for the Declarations of Peace which are enacted with NESARA Law.

St. Germain and Lady Master Nada Combine Forces

The Economic and National Security laws of Earth must be dissolved and started a new in order to correct the misuse of power that has been functioning for thousands of years. Lady Master Nada is working on the legal aspects and St Germain is working on the economic aspects. Together working with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth special powers have been enacted to assist Humanity on Earth. In this new energy we create together in the Wesak Full Moon you will be able to instantly manifest any desire you wish to create. This is your Mission. I invite you to desire Peace on Earth, Justice and Abundance for All. Ask that all Energy be Requalified with Love and it Will be Done. We never ever judge those who have been part of the warring factions. As they are requalified with love it requires them to leave Earth, to leave these Timelines and become Uncreated. Removing the Energies this way exponentially raises Earths Vibrations so that all these other requirements are fulfilled now. St. Germain has collected all the gold on Earth and it will be immediately funded into Foundation bank accounts for projects which serve to raise Humanity into Wholeness. There are many activities coming forward now for your Freedom, for Freedom in America and Freedom in the World. We are creating a Sanctuary for Peace on Earth where world leaders will be invited to come together with the Highest Teachings and return the Planetary Citizens to the Law of One. Relief in the form of War Reparations will go out to every Earth Citizen. Free Energy will be had by all. Food, Water and Shelter will be made available to all immediately. In this moment all the past is forgiven and New Earth is formed from Universal Love which conquers all.

In These Final Moments

Your Heart is the Key. Your Mind is the Key. Pay Attention! Focus your attention away from the diversions and on to Love. If you criticize the President then you split your attention and keep yourself from moving forward from the highest level. Where you focus your attention now is where you will begin in New Earth. You may receive a little or you may receive a lot. Those who surrender their Vessel of Light fully to Divine Grace to be used for the Highest achievement for Earth now will be given the Highest responsibilities in New Earth. The greatest asset you can give to Mother Sekhmet, Father Alcyone, Lady Nada and Lord Sananda now is your focus. Focus on Love and nothing but Love.

What you will see next is a parade of members of the one percent from these warring factions going before the International Criminal Court at the Hague. Each One has a database collected and added to over the last five years and longer. As indictments are read into the record and video records played from the Ship computers judgments will be had very quickly from the juries there. Those found guilty of High Treason will be heard as Intergalactic War Criminals by the Solar Tribunal. This same process happened when Atlantis sunk and after every great crime committed anywhere within this Solar System which effected all life there. Representatives from around the Solar System sit to hear these cases which effect Universal Law within our Cosmos. Each Solar System has this same balance system within the Law of One. This process will not be dragged out but will be efficiently processed and made complete. Everything which happens in this process will be broadcast to you from the Ships to your computers and television screens. You will witness all as Planetary Citizens.

Remember Who You Are

Beautiful Beings of Light remember you are the Creator Gods who came to Earth Eons ago. You are the Angelic Galactic Warriors of Light fighting to return Justice to Earth. You agreed long ago to World Service on Earth no matter how hard it would be. Many have given up their lives for the cause. Merge with Oneness in this Divine Dispensation of Light coming over Earth this moment. Merge with your Galactic Family facilitating changes from the Ships. Know that you are surrendering to become the Christ Buddha returning Earth to Divine Governance under the Law of One restoring Peace and Abundance to All. Namaste. This is Lady Master Nada through Elizabeth Trutwin. © All Rights Reserved. http://GalacticRoundTable.org, http://ElizabethTrutwin.org, http://GalacticRoundTable.co, http://StarGateEarth.org

Thank You Everybody ~ This Full Moon Eclipse is HUGE ~Love Them More! You may feel empathetic sadness as these Souls leave ~go gently this weekend with pleanty of time to clear and rest. We will Do This Together and We Will Do It With Love ~beth


Full Galactic Disclosure A Message from Ashtar from the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 12, 2013

Greetings! This is Ashtar reporting from The Rainbow Bridge.  Recently in Washington DC there was an disclosure Event called The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure. This Event was carefully orchestrated by Members of the Ground Crew working with the Ashtar Command. Mother Sekhmet, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Maitreya and St Germain were there amongst others unseen. This Event was in response to other times in the past few years when Disclosure was set to happen and something got in the way. This has happened multiple times in the last decade. This is why you always felt Disclosure was ʻA Moment Awayʻ and then somehow it didnʻt happen. No explanations were forthcoming and it caused a lot of depression for many.


Some of you confused December 21, 2012 as a Disclosure Event. Instead, understand – this was a Celestial Event where Galactic Center and Cosmic Center aligned creating a passageway for energy to pulse into The Milky Way Galaxy. This energy had characteristics only produced under very rare circumstances. These pulses activated the 12 Strands of DNA in all who had not yet completed that part of their evolution. It also ignited Key Codes and Fire Letters in the next level of Consciousness Raising. March 28, 2013 was the next influx of High Magnitude Energy. This was followed by more very powerful and rare Cosmic Events – April 25, 2013 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, May 10, 2013 New Moon Solar Eclipse, and coming a May 25, 2013 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. These alignments bring in the Light of Antimatter first from our Parallel Universe of On, through the Great Central Sun Alcyone, through Sun Sol and to Earth. These Light Energies effect the Collective Consciousness on Earth, raising all to A Higher State of Consciousness. It is in this environment where the Planetary Community can assimilate new concepts that heretofor were too hard to integrate due to a lower vibrational field.

The next Disclosure Event will be President Obama in cooperation with his United States Military Commanders and Intelligence Agents saying together that for National Security reasons before now they hid their activities with Extraterrestrials but it was time now to share the information with the World. Millions of documents and hundreds of thousands of videos will be released for public scrutiny. Also, prepared education pieces  will be televised all over the world. In turn, other Countries will release their ET files and films and share these with their Citizens and the World.

The greatest question displayed even among the witnesses at The Citizen Hearing was: Who Are these Extraterrestrials? What Do They Want? and Are We Safe? I would like to expand on these questions in reply.

Going back 65 million years we see the five root races of Extraterrestrials who have inhabited Earth in successive Epochs of Time. These ET races are described in the oldest texts on Earth one being the Vishnu Purana. Earth has never not been inhabited with Extraterrestrials and it remains so today. Earth has never not been visited by and closely monitored by Extraterrestrials since Creation. One should avoid the fearful notion that ET Visitors have their own agenda. This is a misnomer which I will explain.

Beginning in Earths first creation the ET Visitors to Earth were etheric in nature and not physical. This means they were composed solely of brilliant light. They came here from the Light Matter Universe On into this Dark Matter Universe called Nebadon. Dark Matter is the primary energy of 3D matter and within that is a Parallel Universe where the indestructible nature of The Soul Exists simultaneous to its Earth Avatar on this timeline.  These Life Forms travelled to Earth through Integrated Consciousness. These conditions are explained in quantum mechanics. It was during this period when Mount Meru emerged from the Sea. We communicate all the time with our real existence in the Light Realms. It is from there we receive our Mission and our responsibilities to carry it out. One must avoid thinking they are The Body or The Personality. These etheric Anti-Gravity Life Forms are on Earth today, are imperceptible and not detectable by current scientific detectors. Many are capable of taking on a human physical form At Will for a day and return back to light to travel throughout the Etheric Realm.

In Earths second creation were Bio Plasma Forms made of liquid golden light. These are composed of complex plasma of non-standard particles. These thermochromic Extraterrestrials change color in different temperatures in the seen and unseen ranges of light (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). They can therefore appear to materialize and dematerialize as they become translucent or transparent. Zero Point Energy propulsion is their mode of transportation as they suck in energy from the atmosphere and this causes drift. There have been Sightings of these Life Forms as well as video evidence when captured in their translucent form. These Ones were known as the Hyperboreans and it has been said that Sananda carries this DNA.

In Earths third creation were human Extraterrestrials known as Lemurians and they evolved into Human Forms with sexual reproduction as today. In Earths fourth creation were human Extraterrestrials known as Atlantians. During the time of Atlantis many experiments with DNA were performed including mixing animal DNA with human DNA. Also during these periods Angelic DNA was mixed with human DNA as well as Extraterrestrial DNA being mixed with human DNA. In Earths fifth creation saw the beginnings of the Aryan root race of Extraterrestrial on Earth. The Aryans included the Holy Kumaras ~ Sanat Kumara, also known as the Ancient of Days as mentioned in the Ahora Mazda and the Book of Daniel. Sananda Kumara, also known as Zoroaster and Jesus and incarnate now as The King of Swords or KOS – his code name. Sanaka and Sanatana. These are the Ascended Masters and Archangels who have incarnated as Extraterrestrial humans and Angelic humans. These Ones are alive today incarnate on Earth and others take on Human Form At Will. All of the above mentioned Extraterrestrial races – both etheric and physical continue to inhabit Earth today in Avatar forms.

Since the Great Wars which are outlined in the Vedanta, specifically the Mahabharata,
there have been invaders who had conquest on their mind. They have been known to manipulate DNA of Earth Humans as well as steal vast natural resources for their own selfish uses putting Earth on the edge of destruction more than once.

Earth has man-made and Extraterrestrial-made tunnels to Inner Earth. Some are up to five miles deep and others go 800 miles deep into Inner Earth. In addition there are Bases that have been established in recent years by the Earth invaders.

The races on Earth now are often described as Black, Red, Yellow, White and Brown. This is only skin color and not a race at all. Likewise the Invaders have the same race attributes as some of the Galactic Federation Extraterrestrials. Often they have been mistakenly stereotyped all as negative Extraterrestrials. The fear mongers wishing to keep Earth in darkness maliciously spread this misinformation to keep Humans in the dark. From Planet Niburu originated the negative Annunaki. This was only a small part of a much larger Group spanning many Planets of Annunaki origin who are positive and here to help Humans.The same can be said for the Zeta Reticulans from the vast Orion constellation. There have also been negative Extraterrestrials from Dracos constellation. A small handful created mass havoc on Earth in the past 60 years and there are many others who remained positive and were not represented by this rogue element.

The Orion Wars are laid out in the Mahabharata. Those immigrants of war came from Lyra, Sirius, Pleiades, and Vega. A few of the other major players that have been involved from the beginning include Arcturians, Antares, Andromedeans, Procyon, Virgo, Ursa Major (Bear) Ursa Minor, Leo, Sag, inner planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter; outer planets, Uranus, Mercury, Pluto, Neptune, and 100 million/billion galaxies, and Alcyone, Great Central Sun. This is a Planetary Ascension that involves all these and many more for which One may not remember or know the names.

There are over 200,000 species in The Milky Way Galaxy. Many are humanoid and look much like us. They do live on the streets of Earth now. Many are humanoid and look not much like us. There are those who are Avatar forms of animals mixed with humans like the Cat People, the Bird People and the Reptilian people.  Artificial Intelligence Beings as well as Androids also play a role on Earth. The Earth StarGates are made of artificial intelligence which is sentient. There are about 16 million Adept White Knights who are Extraterrestrial which work with and are telepathic in real time with KOS. Their technologies are from 1 million to 100 million years more advanced than anything on Earth. They are working as Intelligence Officers, with the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) and assist Lord Maitreya, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael and Mother Sekhmet with St Germain in operations around Earth designed to bring Disclosure and end the Truth Embargo.

It was during The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure where some of the facts of negative Extraterrestrials looking very much like us came to light. The Galactic Federation gifted Earth scientists with nuclear fission for propulsion and for free energy and it was weaponized. We have to help Earth come back to Zero Point energy where no weapons will function. Hitler is One of these. He was a time traveling Extraterrestrial from the 24th Century returned to Earth to use Her resources for his own Plan. He came here through rifts in the Space Time Continuum created by science gone wrong as the Montauk experiment and altered the Timelines. These Timelines in 2013 have all been repaired. In 2013 the negative Extraterrestrials have all been removed from Earth and have not been here since November of 2009. The cabal humans who had been working with the negative ETs have also been removed from Earth. What you are seeing where they still appear in place are clones or solid holograms. This ET technology has been used by the dark and the light since a long time on Earth. When changeover comes they will be turned off by remote control. This is controlled by Sananda/KOS. He is the Admiral of The New Jerusalem of the Galactic Federation.

When President Obama makes his Announcements at the Disclosure Event then there will be an explanation of Extraterrestrials on Earth as well as the knowledge that none who wish humans harm are longer living on Earth or in Earth. The Galactic Federation has cleaned out all the tunnels, portals and StarGates and are in full command of such. Duality on Earth is over. We are in the 5th Dimension now. There no longer needs to be any fear of Extraterrestrials on Earth. Those who worked with negative ETs will be held accountable at the International Criminal Court and if found guilty of Intergalactic crimes of high treason, also at the Solar Tribunal. Following close on the heels of Disclosure will be the reformations of Earth.

With Disclosure comes the facts of ET Crash retrievals, the knowledge that some of these were forced to crash with beam weapons or shot down. Also the knowledge that ETs were kept in captivity as animals for 50 plus years. The truth about the Secret Space Program, the tunnels which connect countries under Earth and the Terra Drive shuttles. With Disclosure more about the negative ET abductions and animal mutilations come to light. We will learn the truth of how far our technology has gone into deep space without consent or knowledge and that present day Scientists and Astronauts  work with Off Planet Scientists from the multiple International Space Stations.

It is time the Truth is Told. You are ready to handle the Truth. Salut! This is Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 12, 2013. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org. http://GalacticRoundTable.org, http://GalacticRoundTable.co

Full Galactic Disclosure Births Oneness a Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 25, 2013

Greetings! This is Sananda reporting to you from 10 Forward on the New Jerusalem.

I would like to comment more about the unfoldment of Full Galactic Disclosure and its importance to Human and Planetary Ascension.

You are being led to believe that it is simply time for the truth to be told. Do you know why? In order for Earth Ascension to continue its course now that we have reached critical mass, the Souls of all on Earth are deciding their fate. As long as One is incarnate on Earth they must now face the Karmic Board whose co-titular heads are Lord Maitreya and Archangel Michael. Earth cannot continue with a few renegades working from a break-away society where they benefit from Black Ops projects with a Black Budget and making large profits within a web of lies kept secret from you. Their Karma must be decided now so Earth may move on in Consciousness.

During this very special week for Disclosure we have seen the LA Premiere of the Sirius Movie. This great work showed how the Highest Government Officials in the United States could not Disclose in the past because they were not privy to the information. The President and CIA head both had been kept in the dark about the deepest truths. The Truth Embargo was a policy to protect those who tampered with radar and crashed three Extraterrestrial crafts and captured live survivors and imprisoned them. They said it was a case of national security.

Since that time other crafts were shot down in some cases and in other cases crashed. This happened in many countries.

What you do not yet want to believe is that there are Extraterrestrials living and working right beside you. The Extraterrestrials crafts are in your skies everyday. They shield themselves from your sight. They take on many forms. Some are cloud craft and constantly visible to your naked eye. There are Extraterrestrial societies made up of millions of non-human benevolent ETs living under the lakes and seas of Surface Earth and those living in Middle Earth. They have built structures within the Marina Trenches, under Lake Titicaca, under the Aegean Sea, under the Pacific at Santa Monica and many other places.  One need only use Google Earth to see the structures below the surface of the water. Your celebrities have pioneered crafts to visit the ET civilizations on Earth in the Marina Trenches and beyond.

Your Earth engineers have taken apart the Extraterrestrial crafts which crashed and produced Earth advanced technology. With these ET propulsion technologies of Zero Point energy members of your society have flown payloads on one of the many International Space Stations carrying Earth Natural Resources such as Boron which has special properties to far flung worlds. In exchange, they return with payloads of Xenon Gas and other things which are used in the Extraterrestrial technologies they are building. Also the International Space Stations are weaponized and used against us on Earth. The most recent explosion device wrapped in ceramic casings to be dropped on a target was in West, Texas on a fertilizer plant. They were sending a message. Initial reports said the explosion seemed like a nuclear bomb. That is a pretty close description. This followed with a week of diversion news stories about two deaths in Boston designed to take your mind off the fact that a segment of your society is dropping bombs on you from Space.

Disclosure means finding out about these things and many more. Will you allow the truth to come out? The break-away society feels you cannot handle the truth and will allow their profits and attacks to go unnoticed for decades to come.

Disclosure means acknowledging the Extraterrestrial prisoners from crashed crafts who have been kept for 50 years or more in underground buildings linked by an elaborate tunnel system under the Nevada dessert. These ETs have a normal life span of 800-900 years and had entered Earth from in the future by thousands of years. They remain stable and alive and are not allowed to leave their prison cells. They are tortured by their captors to teach what they know about weaponizing space.  One such captive did make it home through a StarGate in Abydos, Egypt when the military took him there in 2003 when a StarGate opened up. With Disclosure these Ones will be allowed to return home.

Eisenhower, Nixon and Kennedy knew of these things. Subsequent Presidents did not. The military and intelligence communities have members who know and others who know nothing. It was as early as 1958 when the German Nazi Extraterrestrial Technology Ships were making trips from Inner Earth to Bases on Surface Earth and in time to come these crafts were duplicated by the United States who imported hundreds of German scientists trained in the technologies and are still in use today. There are still eyewitnesses alive today who can share their knowledge of these things. Some of these technologies had been brought here through time space rifts from the future by Hitler and his men.

What is Full Galactic Disclosure? This is an acknowledgement by a Head of State of any country who have engaged with the Extraterrestrials and not shared that with their fellow countrymen. President Obama is the Disclosure President. If he does not Disclose then a Head of State from another Country will. It is very important that the United States be the first Country to announce Disclosure. It is because the collective karma of the United States Government is responsible for the bulk of interactions with Extraterrestrials including harboring them, torturing them, making contracts allowing for abductions of humans and weaponizing Space with their help. Due to this The United States holds the biggest responsibility to make it right. Which ever Country begins Full Galactic Disclosure, other Countries will be pressured to follow closely behind. Time will no longer wait for the Truth to be told. It is inevitable as a spiritual step toward freedom as a Planetary Society.

The next time you are on the beach playing in Santa Monica look out to the vast Sea. Connect with the Under Sea Extraterrestrial Bases there. See the many Ships which cover the skies rising up from there. Realize that every single day you are sharing your Planet with millions of Extraterrestrials who have lived here a very long time.

Detach yourself from your current World View. It is too narrow to carry you to Ascension and holding you back. It is the reason you seek when you wonder why your life is a misery filled lack of abundance. You cannot ignore and make invisible an entire segment of society on Earth without suffering the consequences.

I, Sananda have joined Maitreya now as the Cosmic Christ. We have just had the Easter Celebration after the Solstice. I did not die then. I did not Ascend. I have always been immortal and ascended. My incarnation on Earth was an embodiment of the Christ Consciousness. Maitreya incarnated as Buddha representing Buddhic Consciousness. I studied under Maitreya in my training to become a Cosmic Christ. Today is the Wesak Buddha Celebration. Here the two Cosmic Christs merge their energy in a Lunar Eclipse. When I laid down my life as Jesus to return my body to the New Jerusalem it was seen as an Ascension to the Sky. As the Germans say Himmelfahrt. Literally meaning Driving Back To Heaven. Jesus Drives a UFO. Jesus is an Extraterrestrial. Disclosure means acknowledging our Galactic Family who live here by our sides now. This is an act of love to allow humans access to Higher Knowledge which is their Birthright. Empowerment to Enlightenment is the only purpose of Full Galactic Disclosure. Meditate on these full moons – a series of three with two lunar eclipses. Use these words to call the Light to you and your situation for cleansing Sarva Mangala Mangalye Mangelaya Tano Harih The Cosmic Light Parade is transmitting higher and higher frequencies of light in your Being so you may join again Maitreya and Sananda on the Ships as Galactic Citizens on Earth. This is Lord Sananda. Namaste! Through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 25, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org http://GalacticRoundTable.org http://GalacticRoundTable.co http://Garuda.co http://StarGateEarth.org

A Note From Beth: Hi Everybody~ I have a special request, well two. ~In April I have to travel three times to bring the Light Codes in.  I will be attending a spiritual retreat with Sri Svami Purna to ground the energies before Disclosure. I have posted about it in Events at http://GalacticRoundTable.org That will take place April 12-15 Next I will be attending the Sirius Movie Premiere in LA on April 22 A week later I will fly to The Citizen Hearing April 29 and I will be there all week. In all cases my flights and registrations are paid for as donations from friends. I still have expenses for this pilgrimage. I really could use your help to see me through April. Please donate… Any small amount will help. It is my duty to carry my energy to these places to see Disclosure through. It is My Mission. I still need help with transfers once I land. Taxis. Trains. I need parking fees at the airport three times or transport there which is 2 hours one direction to get there. I will need an occasional meal. I do not at the moment have money for these things and all my monthly expenses. You may donate as you feel inspired to lift some of this burden from my shoulders HERE. If you would like to mail a check, please email me etrutwin@gmail.com With My Deepest Gratitude, ~beth I am doing all in my power to be a good example and help in every way possible. Thank you for all you do. When I return I will immediately begin a giant project furthering Disclosure. Namaste! http://GalacticRoundTable.org

Easter Greetings from Lord Ashtar through Elizabeth Trutwin, March 31, 2013

Greetings! This is Ashtar. As you merge your local mind with Divine Mind through the influx of Higher Light Codes upgrading your DNA strands I have come to share information about Earth History. You are now prepared to understand The Grand Experiment on Earth. Earth history goes back aeons of time. There have been 5 Earths before and we are entering the Golden Age under the 6th Sun. We will go back as far as pre-Atlantis for the sake of this discussion.

Niburu has returned to the Inner Orbit of your Solar System. Niburu is the Twin Sun to Your Sun Sol. Helios and Vesta are the Solar Logos in your Solar System and the spiritual parents of Sananda Kumara. They with Mother – Father God, also known as Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone make up the hierarchy at the Godhead. Alcyone is the Great Central Sun in your Solar System and is a StarGate to Source Energy. The Great Central Sun is an Etheric Sun which is an Etheric Force working with Source Energy and the Etheric/Magnetic Crystalline Pulse which holds all Spheres in their place in Space. Helios and Vesta are a reflection of this as the Sun Ascends along with Earth and all the Planets in your Solar System. These Beings as delusional emanations have descended to Earth to work as Extraterrestrial / Angelic Council for the Starseeds of Earth. This Grand Experiment on Earth is now ending and Every Soul is facing Mother – Father God as duality closes on Earth at the request of Gaia when nuclear weapons were deployed and the Truth Embargo began.

Earth was colonized in this Age by Lyraens and those from Dracos and those who had fallen from the Old Universe. Lyraens were Christed Extraterrestrials evolved past needing a physical body. They created the dolphins and whales in Earthsʻ Seas as their first venture into physical bodies as a mammalian race. Their first  colony on Earth was the beginning of the Atlantean Civilization on Earth. The Sirians on the Extraterrestrial / Angelic Council made a bridge race to prevent the Lyraens from being destroyed mixing the DNA of the Dracos and Lyraens (hybrid mammalian and reptilian to form new races of amphibians) These races have been spoken of in Hindu, Egyptian and Greek Pantheon of Gods as part human and part Divine – the gods.

More and More Lyraens were tempted at this time to descend into physical bodies and therefore caused their own DNA to downgrade becoming trapped and requiring Salvation. The first Colony on Earth of the Dracos was called Lemuria. It was because of this a certain segment of the Galactic Etheric Angels agreed to incarnate into descendant bodies to help them from within the lower consciousness without losing themselves in the process. Many have incarnated now to end the Grand Experiment. These new species descended into 12 root races. The 13th is made up of Galactic Extraterrestrial hybrids who have agreed in incarnate into all 12 races thereby making a new race which is a combination of them all. By doing this they have returned The Grand Experiment back to Oneness. Over time many colonized Earth leaving the Great War on other Stars. The Orion Confederation was made up of those from Rigel and the Zeti Reticulans. The Pleiadian Council on Earth was made up of original refugees from Lyra to the Pleiadian System of 7 Stars and 16 Planets. The Amphibian races on Earth fled and made bases under Earthsʻ Seas and live there today. Other races which had been brought to Earth as slaves were taken to Inner Earth by the Christed Extraterrestrials and parts of that Group were also taken to Inner Mars where they continue today.  Earth and Mars were both colonized by the Lion People and artificial landmarks of the Sphinx and Face on Mars when overlayed are the face of Divine Feminine in the form of Mother Sekhmet. The Great White Lions form On are working with Earth now as it Ascends opening new potentials for the Planet of Unity within Diversity.

As Atlantis continued on Earth the Dracos and Lyraens with the influence from the Sirians, Pleiadians and those from Orion, all vying for power became very dark and this was their demise. Slaves races were made which were part animal/ part insect and part human. The Lemurians too altered their DNA and became part dinosaur/dragon and part human. The alteration in DNA made the reptilian brain part of the human make-up. More colonized Earth including the Arcturians, Antares, Tau Ceti, Procyon,  and Sirius B. At this time to protect themselves from negative forces those in the Inner Galaxy formed the Galactic Federation.

Alpha Centauri was part of the original formation of the Federation and is home to Commander Soltec. Korton who is also known as K17 and his Father Monka both from Mars are now working to Terra Form the Surface of Mars. The Galactic Federation with the help of Soltecsʻ Ship The Phoenix link with the Governors of the Lord Most High Council. They have been monitoring Earthsʻ progress through the Etheric City of Shambhala. Each Soul is monitored and their Soul Record from the Book of Life is recorded on the Akasha and may be recalled for review at any time. As Each One passes in and out of the physical the Extraterrestrials and Angelics work with these Souls to prepare them for their next incarnation according to their Soul Record. Soltec relays through the technologies on his Ship between Shambhala and The Watchers or Lords Most High. This are all offices within The Office of the Christ and as we move up positions are held by different Souls throughout the Ages. It is through the input from Collective Consciousness on Earth the next steps of the Plan are put into place including the DNA upgrades. Korton and Monka  at Inner Mars work through the ACIO on Earth with KOS and Tom the Ring Tail Cat and others as a Cosmic Secret Service working with the Councils to keep negative influences away from Mars and Earth allowing them to continue with the Plan. They have other roles as well.

DNA is what imprisons One in a physical body and that is why the Soul requires Salvation. To be raised up into the Light Body or the Merkaba Body. DNA is programmed by the Language of Light and Light Codes which are based on the Law of One. The DNA is programmed to upgrade at time intervals and this Easter is very special because we enter the 9th Gateway of Completion of the Revelation of upgrades for the Genetic Codes returning All On Earth to their Activated Light Bodies. Freedom. Liberation. Nirvana. An end to duality on Earth. A Completion of The Grand Experiment.
You are returned to a Christ Being no matter what your origin. Those who refuse to return to love and the Law of One will leave Earth now. Some Beings simply have altered their DNA to a point which they are unable to remember love.

The Dracos reptilians desired controlling Earth and accomplished this by incarnating into the most influential Families on Earth. There are a Group of Scientist now on Earth working with this Group who have withheld the Scientific Advances given to Earth by the Ashtar Command such as nuclear fission – designed to upgrade intelligence on Earth further keeping the races of man enslaved. Christed Extraterrestrials work with nuclear fission in anti-gravity devices but the Dragons harnessed it as weapons of mass destruction. This has prevented Earthʻs Galactic Humans consciousness from growing  and violated Universal Law. It was this atrocity which allowed the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds to intervene on Earthʻs behalf. The jurisdiction to uphold the Law changed from the World Court to the Solar Tribunal. The Solar Tribunal is headed up by Lord Sanandaʻs consort Lady Master Nada.

Scientists at NASA continue to withhold information about their manned flights exploring the deep areas of space utilizing a kind of propulsion technologies given to them by the negative extraterrestrials making a mega ton payload weigh only a few pounds and able to travel long distances in short periods of time. Earth Astronauts in the NSA and other International Space Organizations including NASA explore deep space and now Civilian Private  Astronauts are joining them. This is a break – away society and it keeps everybody else enslaved in ignorance.

With the coming Disclosure and Announcements and enactment of NESARA Law Earth will be free. Accountability must be made between Earth Citizens and those in the private, military, academia, courts, governments and intelligence factions benefitting form the Secret Space Program. The Ashtar Command stands by working with the Ground Crew coordinating events to unfold this final Revelation. That combined with the upgrade to your Vehicles lift you into the 5th Dimension now.

Etheric Light Cities are being built and you will shuttle there above Earth and integrate into Etheric Living with the help of Mentors and Extraterrestrials returning to Earth to help in this its next stage of development. This is a most glorious Resurrection of Christed Souls on Earth. Salut! This is Ashtar. I will See You on the Rainbow Bridge. through Elizabeth Trutwin, Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013. © All Rights Reserved. http://GalacticRoundTable.org

Welcome to the 5th Dimension on Earth A Message From Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin March 24, 2013

Greetings Children of Ra this is Mother Sekhmet. Welcome to the Golden Age on Earth. We are now moving into the 6th Sun. On March 28th new Divine Energies will pour into You through Source and Alcyone through your Sun to Earth and with this we enter the 9th Gateway. This changes all the potentials on Earth as you are now in the 5th Dimension and in certain sacred places on Earth the 7th Dimension and above. As these new energies pour in over the next few months, building over time, Earth is prepared to Activate Her changes including a Zero Point force field around the Planet which is a vibration where weapons wonʻt work. We will have World Peace.

I come to you this day to ask you suspend all disbelief, all fear and all preconceived notions about your Plant and your Body.

Have you ever taken a microscope to look at a human nucleus cell? It looks much like the drawings for Inner Earth. An inner core Sun and structures within set around the sun encased in a sphere which has a busy surface world. This is a microcosm to the Human Body, the Planet, the Galaxy and the Cosmos. The Divine blueprint repeats itself again and again. Evolution continues in a sequence of events as it always has through the aeons of time. We enter the 6th Sun and the 9th Gateway of this evolution now. It is the fractals spinning and unfolding into the Higher Realms of light.

Now that Earth has Ascended there are varying levels of adjustment. One is that of the ignorant who feel they are in a situation which is intolerable of slavery and suffering. One is that of the foolhardy looking for wealth and some of these are successful at it. In time the One looking for wealth realizes that each One has good times and bad times and it occurs in cycles and no One has only good or only bad and then they decide life is more than money and decide to pursue knowledge. One in this phase looks for information without discernment, good information, bad information they are like a basset hound sniffing out all things they had never considered before. Finally there is the Wise. This One pursues inner activities connecting with Source energy throughout the day. By doing this they have abundance of wealth and spirit. They have good knowledge and literally spend their entire lives in meditation.

If you today are suffering in poverty or illness, obsessed with wealth building, or spending your every free second tracking nonsense I invite you today to skip over those phases and go right into Wisdom. There is no prerequisite only that you dissolve ego mind. These three first groups are joined at the hip by ego mind and the Wise Ones have no ego at all. They have only their connection to Oneness.

These are all normal phases to go through and almost everyone does. Now that Earth is in the 5th Dimension it is possible to Activate your Higher Intelligence. In a few days when the magnificent waves of energy pour down on you, those who have prepared will Activate all 12 Strands of DNA. This is a gift and if you are aware ahead of time and consciously focus on it you may then actively dissolve your ego mind and move swiftly into your Inner Wisdom. It is not only your Birthright, but Your Right Eternal. Your Right perennial. Everlasting. You may learn to levitate, have telepathy, teletransport, walk through walls, see into other dimensions. You may become immortal and then only leave your body when you decide. As you desire to move into a different Dimension, after you have realized Enlightenment then you will decide. You no longer suffer illness or aging because you will have acquired the skills to be in this body without those things.

When we enter Zero Point Energy after Disclosure and Announcements then Earth crosses the 9th Gateway. We are on target for this next month provided we stay the course. Being inside the 9th Gateway means that Earth is eligible to go back through the Eye of On. This is the middle star in Orionsʻ Belt, Al Nilam or On where when passed through Earth will first enter the Central Sun called Alcyone which is a series of three rings which look like Saturnsʻ rings and each One steps up the energy of Earth as she passes through making it possible for Her to pass to the Other Side of Alcyone. This brings Earth to the Light Matter Universe called On, our Twin Universe – we are in Nebadon the Dark Matter Universe. This return through the Eye of On is Earths next major move and with it are unlimited potentials you cannot at this moment begin to understand. This is what Earth is preparing for next. Understand Earth will not be prepared for this until some years, maybe more than two decades or more.

That is a view into our not too far future. But the first order of business is all must enter Wisdom and discontinue old baby games. Put your puzzles down and lets look into becoming mature Beings of Earth. Ask for the Guidance of Archangel Michael with Chamuel and Metatron to eradicate  the ” Ego” and the attattchment to ” the software of the Mind “completley , then  dear One, you will  raise your awareness and step up to the highest frequencies of pure
Light .. Invite your God Self to meet You and merge with it , embracing all the
aspects and expressions of Self that carry the Highest Light Codes and free yourself from those that no longer serve you and are holding you back to
a lower density… Free yourself form spirit and anchor your new Human Angel state on Earth .
All will fall into place then…
We must have Accountability from the Ones who kept Earth down. The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure asks the Media break their silence and ask the governments Self-Disclose to Earth Citizens their involvement with different Groups of extraterrestrials. The negative extraterrestrials left Earth permanently in 2010 preparing for Ascension. The positive extraterrestrials are the Galactic Federation who work with everyone on Earth to moving forward with Ascension. Francis Bacon, an Avatar of St Germain has said “The Truth is so hard to tell sometimes it needs fiction to make it plausible” I prefer not to sugar coat the truth for you at this moment. You absolutely MUST drop your egocentric rituals serving your lower bodies and come into your Higher Intelligence now. We are here to help you, you only must ask.

As the old continues to dissolve in front of your eyes the Good Olʻ Boys Club within NSA, DOD, DIA, CIA, the Supreme Court, Congress, the Federal Reserve and IRS are running for their lives. Those Ones involved in facilitating the change over within the system are likewise fearful. Everyone is walking on eggshells. Each One has only a piece of the puzzle and feels so committed to doing their little part, they do not even come up for a breath or to look around and see the changes which are already complete. Those in the media have not yet received the memo. They still report with trap door stories with one or two sentences of truth wrapped around rabbit holes of deception. I invite you to turn away from the news because it no longer serves you. It will dissolve whether you waste your time with it or not.

What can you do to maximize your Soul Growth at this time?
When you open your eyes in the morning and your head is still on the pillow ask God: What may I do to serve you this day? If you are Atheist or Agnostic it does not matter, for YOU ARE GOD. Ask your Self: What may I do to serve you this day? Take action steps each day to Serve Mother Earth. Do something in the 5th Dimension which will make a difference. Agree with God at first lights each day that you will stay focused on having a conversation throughout the day with God and will no longer engage your focus with your ego mind. Ego will call you like a little child calling for Momma. Ego will want your attention. You will continue to hold a conversation only with God and ignore ego as it dissolves the way of all things 3D. You will put away your matrix mind and as ego dissolves your life will change dramatically.

Talking with God throughout the day will bring you strength you never knew you had. As you hold your gaze on God you cause a chain reaction which has your prayers answered. Financial stability will come into the picture. It will be a new sensation and you will – like any addict – have an urge to speak with ego, but with the support of the massive new energies beginning March 28th as the second surge after 12.21.12 you will resist this urge. When you feel weak you will fall into the arms of God and find comfort there. Mother – Father God, we are there for you every step of the way. You may act like a child and come sit with us. We will give you a hug and a smile before you go back on your way. You are always under our care. We are looking out for you. The more you focus your gaze with us the more we have you within our protective sight. We will give you all you need to elevate your Wisdom on your New Earth. You shall find the Inner Peace, the return to Innocence and in that Sacred Space, Dear One, you will clean all your tears with the gold liquid dust of the alchemy and magic of Oneness.

Now take your new Wisdom, your feelings of Wholeness and your new found strength and develop new habits. Push yourself to do more because just like working out your brain muscle is now sharper, faster and stronger. You are no longer that victim. You are a Creator God living in the 5th Dimension. Congratulations! You did it! Your Pineal is fully activated with the Gold Dust floating in everyday from Niburu like Manna from Heaven floating into your Crown giving you everything you need to have what you have asked for. Nothing and No One can stop you. Only just walk through the steps which make it so.

This transmission of Solar Light Codes through the language of Light and the Celestial songs/music of the spheres so the dance that you are initiating is always done egoless, within the Divine Presence of your heart with love, ease, grace , balance and harmony. Each moment is a choice. The speed at which your Collective Consciousness moves forward is dependent on your very thought, word and deed each day. Do you see yourself in one of the lower groups? Groveling for money, Having ups and downs with wealth, Searching the ends of the Earth for useless research? Come Up! Come Up Dear Children. Invoke Me, Invite Me, Open to Me. I am here for you. I am right here walking with you. I also invite the Wise Ones to reach out more to this other Group and help the Collective Consciousness move forward quickly past Accountability, past Disclosure, past Announcements and right into the Cities of Light waiting for you to be prepared.

It is that simple. You have all you have asked for. Now go out there and take  small moves – get Disclosure complete together and invite your Galactic Family back to Earth to enjoy New Earth in the 5th Dimension together with you. We are waiting for you – not the other way around. We Join You as You Enter Zero Point with No Nukes and World Peace. Namaste! This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, March 24, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. http://GalacticRoundTable.org,

Sharing Unlimited Abundance of the Creators Love A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, March 17, 2013

Greetings! This is Sananda reporting to you from Ten Forward on The New Jerusalem.
Many of you have the feeling since 12.21.12 that you cannot see anything changing. I am bringing you an update and a taste of things to come.

On December 21st 2012 a Galactic Center alignment allowed a full open flow of energies to Earth. Allow me to explain it deeper. Albert Einstein had hypothesized about 13 Dimensions. The first 12 Dimensions are in the Physical Realm and Earth is at the 5th Dimension and then some. The 13th Dimension is accessed through Galactic Center in the light matter or Antimatter Realm of Light. Everything there is white light and formless. With the astronomical alignment a clear path was made available for merging with these High Energies.

On January 21st 2013 Earth Nuclear Engineer MT Keshe put out a call for all countries to sign a World Peace Treaty. To date approximately 19 Countries including the United States, Russia, China, Australia, Peru, Bolivia and Japan have signed. There are more than 190 Countries in the World and so we could see improvement. Dr. Keshe has set March 21st as the date to release the new technologies to those governments who have signed the World Peace Treaty.

On February 11th 2013 Pope Benedict resigned. He was forced to step down. We have always said that the arrest of the Pope for War Crimes was the sign to look for that we are ready to see a big shift. The new Pope Francis, named after Francis of Assisi is not the one wearing the outer clothing of Jorge Mario. This Soul is being overlighted by Master Kuthumi and he himself is now an Angelic Soul which took up residence here. This was part of the Master Plan. This will allow the necessary healing for millions of Catholics without destroying their entire faith in God. All is in Divine Order. Allowing this dispensation helps Catholics move forward with their Ascension.

On March 15th 2013 the largest ever coronal mass ejection released from the Sun flooded Earth on March 17th 2013 with necessary downloads of light codes and light language from the stars through the winged white Lions to be shared with Humanity by sequential repetitive sound harmonic vibrations and frequencies, data streams and language of Light communication that will be pulsing through the sacred space of the Divine Heart when the time is ready near Disclosure.

On March 27th and the days which follow a follow-up grander influx of Divine Energy larger than what happened on December 21st 2012 will flow to Earth opening the heart center of every child woman and man and it will activate all those who are prepared to receive upgrades on the 12 strands of DNA. This will enable everybody to access higher knowledge and it will continue the process of lighting the crystalline body in each One. You will recall and remember Who You Are, Where You Came From and Why You Are Here. As that is completed you will no longer need to experience dysfunction on any level of your expression. You are encouraged to ask your Inner Self for help from Higher Beings to restore any weakness in your physical vehicles. The Spirit Doctors will help if you ask and allow.

April 12th will be a Light Gathering of Galactics, Ascended Masters, Angels and those from other Realms of Light from many Dimensions will gather together on Earth for the purpose of anchoring this large influx of energy creating a magnetic anomaly bubble in which Disclosure will occur. The activities at the release of the Sirius Movie and the Citizens Hearing will be coordinated through the ACIO with the Highest Beings of Light as they assist Earth through this transition.

April 22nd The Release of the Sirius Documentary.

April 29th The one week long Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C.

Throughout April there will be on site activations of the Great Sun Disks deep inside Earth linking those on Earth with the Ships transmitting the light codes and harmonics for New Earth.

Can you See with Eyes That See? You are watching Disclosure and Announcements unfolding right in front of you as a sequential flow of events. Things are happening. These events are carefully timed out to prepare all of Humanity to receive these gifts in due course. Even those Ones working at the Highest Levels to accomplish Disclosure and Announcements are not always aware of the Forces working with them. Connect your heart lights with the intention of the Highest Good for All Involved as we march ever nearer to Change Over at Zero Point. Join your Consciousness together in Oneness.

As we move forward, utilizing the Light Cities as spoken about before by Archangel Michael through other sources, we will take some time to heal Mother Earth. Much needs to be done in every aspect of life.

In the Years which follow we can see Earth moving back through The Eye of On. The Eye of On is the Great Motherʻs through which closing and opening (of Her eye) creation, sustentation and retraction, suppression and promotion occur. We will learn to travel in our Mer Ka Bah bodies through the Star at Orionsʻ Belt called Al Nilam or On. This process will take us back through the three great rings of energy which is called the Central Sun or Alcyone. These appear as rings the same as the rings around Saturn. The Central Sun is an Etheric StarGate which is three rings which step up our energy in a progression of three in order to prepare the frequency of our Mer Ka Bah bodies to travel out to the Antimatter Universe called On. It is very very important to meditate so these skills may be acquired. Meditation is how One accesses their Mer Ka Bah Body for unrestricted travel to these other realms of Pure Light. On is the light matter Universe twin to our dark matter Universe of Nebadon. You are loved beyond belief. Call to me as you integrate new intelligence and have questions which require answers. I am always beside you, Guiding you ~ The Ground Crew on Earth. This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, March 17th 2013. © Elizabeth Trutwin All Rights Reserved. http://GalacticRoundTable.org

March 2, 2013

Greetings Everybody!

Back on December many expected to see more changes. We must take the responsibility as ensouled Beings on Earth to participate in Action Politics  Making The Change. December 21st “didnʻt happen” because Humanity WASNʻT READY! We can change that. Earth has ascended, though we need to work together to bring Disclosure and Announcements.
I have received today from The Highest Beings of Light an Urgent Plea that  WE JOIN OUR HEART LIGHTS together
tomorrow March 3, 2013 at 7am PT, 8am MT, 9am CT, 10am ET, 3pm GMT

for a  Planetary Invocation  (please share widely)

An Invitation to Join Us – Please work with the Invocation Recording included in this email

I thank you for all you do in your Mission to Serve Earth and All On Her

All My Love,

Elizabeth Trutwin

We Invite You, We Invoke You, We Open To this activation received that will instantly
awaken fully the 12 strand DNA and
reconnect the  genetic codings to uplift the veil of duality and
activate the full recalling and remembering of ancient sacred knowledge
in the fields of astrogenetics, genetic design and
sequency  bioengineering, geomancy, new archeology /astronomy ,
New energy transformation and technological /scientific information

The pulse/ transmitter will in presence and silence be able to be
transferred to those who are ready to receive . A conduit of the Third Heaven
gateway information so that those that are magnetized to receive
will be able to create and develop this new technology,
ways to assist the rescuing of this planet and ensure
simultaneously that this is done with love, ease and grace,
balance and harmony.

Please replay this Invocation Daily as MORE become Prepared It Activates them in That Time in That Space.


Supreme Creator, Sages, Seers, Highest Divine Beings and all the Divine Animals,

Sangachhadhhvam samvadadhvam samvo manansi jantam

Samano prana samano mantra samati samano manah

Samano mantravi samano acuti samano hridyani va
Sahridyam sah chitmesam

Together singing, pronouncing and invoking this perennial mantra, with all the creatures listening in silence – that perennial Unity of Soul prevailing in all the creatures.

The Pronouncement of Self The Declaration of Oneness – Bringing All The Unity of All Diversity of All Creation

My Mind – My Heart – My Senses – My Psyche – My Chite

Theyʻll Work in Harmony

They May Tune To Divine WHOLENESS!

Let My Loved One Work with Me in Harmony.

Walk With Me – Communicate With Me – Speak With Me

Let My Friends Feel My Love, Feel My Energy.

Let My Community See My Harmony and Oneness and Unity

and let my Community and Society See and Walk in Harmony in Peace

Let My Country Awake to Work Together In Harmony For The Betterment of My Country and The World.

Let The Humanity Coordinate, Exchange and Share Fairly and Justly.

Let No One Be Unhappy In This World
Let No One Suffer.
Let No One Be Ignorant.
Let No One Feel Small and Neglected.
Let No One Feel That She Is Not Whole.

Let There Be Peace Within My Heart, In My Family, In  My Community, In My Country and In The World.

Let There Be Light. Let there Be Harmony. Let There Be Prosperity. All Over. All Around.

Let No One Be Unhappy.

Let All Walk Towards That Wholeness.

Let All Have Strength To Walk on That Path. Path of Enlightenment and Path of Liberation and Path of Salvation and Path of Nirvana.

Let No One Feel Deprived of That Divine Right. Not Only Your Birthright, but Right Eternal. Right Perennial.

When My Mind – When My Heart – When My Soul Filled with Amrita – The Nectar of Bliss – When I Am Fulfilled – I Can Radiate The Fulfillment to Others.

When I Am At Peace I Can Share My Peace To Others. When I Am Happy I Can Share My Happiness To Others. When I am Enlightened I Can Share My Enlightenment To Others. When I Am  Joyful and Blissful I Can Share My Joy and Bliss To Others.

Let My Heart Be Filled With Divine Nectar. Divine Energy.

Let It Be. Purity. Let There Be Light.

Oh! All The Gods of the Universe – Those Who Have Achieved That State of Consciousness – I Invite You. I Pray To You. I Beg You. I Call You

To Come And Be With Me Today. Help Me. Walk With Me. Take Me There Where You Are. I Invoke That Power. That Energy.

Oh Dev – Oh Supreme Devi – Come To Me! Take Me To Your Realm – Let Me Walk With You. Let Me Hold Your Hand.

Deva Mahadev, Shiva and Shakti, Kali and Durga, Adi-shakti, Mahamaya

Sahridyam Sahridyam va

Somana Mantra Somana Prana Somana Atma Somana Paramatmana Somana Savidha Somana Mantra Somana Mona Somana Augasm Somana Janum Somana Vanum


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

With My Blessings,

Full Galactic Disclosure THE ISSUE which remedies ALL OTHER ISSUES
Citizen Hearing on Disclosure April 29- May 3, National Press Club, Washington D.C.
Paradigm Research Group, Stephen Bassett
PLEASE WATCH this Video Featuring Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Capt. USN, Ret. NASA, Apollo 14 Astronaut) the international spokesman for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure http://edmitchellapollo14.com

There has not been a Congressional Hearing On Extraterrestrials in 45 years. It is time to END the Truth Embargo!
“Its Not About Lights In The Skies ~ Its About Lies On The Ground” ~ Steve Bassett, Executive Director, Paradigm Research Group http://ParadigmResearchGroup.org

Merge With Oneness A Message from Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin,

February 27, 2013

Greetings! This is Buddha. We are in interesting times.

We now take full responsibility for the reflection of our thoughts, words and deeds made in this world. How we consciously express our energy in 5D reflects the Oneness of all life. There is a major shift in co-creating New Earth. Everything happens BECAUSE of you. You ARE the Creator. You think it. You become it. If you want something like Disclosure and Landings then you must make it more than a passing thought. Believe it. Bring It. No Sequester. Gun Control. World Peace. Enactment of NESARA. Become it.

As long as you are thinking WHEN? When can never come. Plan it into your day and there it is. Make it so. Pay Attention to Plans Laid for Disclosure. This is true for all the changes. They will not be brought forward until the Conscious Collective are awake and together changing their outer world. It is necessary for the Souls on Earth now to work together for change. There are a few things One may integrate into their lives on the Path to Awakening from the long sleep. Doing these things burns off old karma and frees one up to better understand and discern truth. Then One cannot be fooled by that which is false. When integrated they alleviate fear and suffering completely.

Self-Wisdom vs. Eternal Wisdom

Self-Wisdom. Know Thyself. One must take a personal inventory to flush out all the old habits and illusions still being perpetrated by your ego mind. This is a prison you have constructed for yourself. When you take a personal inventory it is important that you be courageous and honest about your downfalls. You MUST face up to who you really are. Not some mask or charade you put on for your lover or children, but the REAL you. If you are lacking in any area of your life, and if it is a chronic problem, then there is a part of you which requires correction. Course Correction. You are off the Path in that area. You must stop repeating the same mistakes again and again. Self-Wisdom is knowing that true happiness and fulfillment come from knowing Oneʻs purpose in life. This WILL come to you, but you must prepare. Each person expresses individually independently. Some travel the world visiting psychics, going to workshops and visiting healers. Your purpose will be revealed to YOU from YOU when you have done the inner preparation work in knowing Yourself. No one knows when the time will come and all One can do between now and then is prepare. Stop denying yourself this Divine Truth.

Eternal Wisdom. There is a Divine Spark of Source inside of you. You are God. You are Goddess. You are Mother-Father God. There is nothing you cannot create. Now that you are in the 5th Dimension it is very important to look at instant manifestation and begin experimenting with it. New doors have been open to you which were not available before. Eternal Wisdom is available to you from many sources. Following it takes you to higher and higher knowledge. A Kindergartener cannot be expected to handle College Coursework? Spirit will not reveal Higher Truths to you until you have presented mastery over the Coursework which precedes each step on the Path. Reading multiple website researching ʻwhatʻs newʻ is a big dead end. It will take you no where. You will be headed eventually for death without any progress made. Many have passed on this year. They chose not to go on at New Earth. This is a very individual choice. It would be in your best interest to match the steps you take in your own life to those needed to achieve Eternal Wisdom through Self-Discovery preparing yourself for the higher work.

The Light Shines Everywhere Lighting the Path to Atmic Wisdom

The Atma is the Highest Form of You. Imagine standing on Earth and a silver cord connects you from your crown chakra all the way back to Source Energy. As you stand in the descendant body you inhabit on Earth then you can look back up to Source and you will see all of your Avatara bodies living simultaneously in other Dimensions, layers and levels as this life now. Your Atma is the name of your Highest Self.

Atmic Wisdom is the knowledge which is held within your Eternal Wisdom. It is that which remembers who you are since the time of creation. It remembers its connection with the Angels and Galactics. It knows the answer to every question. It never forgot who it is. It never forgot what is what.

Everywhere you look you see the Path back to Atmic Wisdom. The sparkle in a childʻs eye when they laugh. The peace in the expression on a horsesʻ face. The burgundy and green on a leaf. The sparkle of sunshine on the sea. The Sun coming up over the horizon. Delight in these things, remain focused on these and you have a straight Path back home.

We Become A Receptacle of Bliss Due To Control of Mind

Many times in life you find you missed an opportunity which life offered you. Because you cannot see the potential of any new given opportunity, you do not quite understand – and you miss the chance. You have your mind occupied with fear in the news, the bills you do not have money for, rehashing what the neighbor said which was so wrong. You constantly fix your focus on the Illusion. You must first learn to discipline your thoughts and control your mind.

Until you become aware of your special purpose you should learn and follow the law of life which is to enjoy every minute, every day, every week and every year of your life. It is not to wait and do nothing until you figure out your special purpose. It will come to you when you have prepared yourself. It will be staring you right in the eyes.

When we give up duality nature of feeling happy or sad, hot or cold, angry or cheerful – when we have control of our senses – our body becomes filled with joy as it has merged with Oneness.

Correct Eating and Right Thinking

Everything in the Cosmos is a Vibration. The food you eat is a vibration. Eating meat which is cultivated in crowded conditions, killed and butchered for the masses carries that vibration. The Animal Kingdom is ascending with Humanity and Earth and they are asking Humanity change their ways. As your body becomes more crystalline it requires food filled with light. Green foods. Fruits. There is karma attached to everything you eat.
Physical disease is directly linked to what you eat. Toxins in the food cripple the organs and immune system and over time there is a breakdown leading to disease.

Mental disease is directly linked to what you allow in your mind. Correct Eating and Right Thinking allow Atmic Wisdom to flow through your body. Preparing yourself this way makes you a great vessel for wisdom. Ignoring these blocks any higher thoughts from coming through and it is a lonely journey of constant pain and constant searching for answers. Eventually, Death.

Our Forms Are Also Formless

We are wearing our Outer personality-self body. Our non-physical subtle bodies are formless. When we have prepared we are able to consciously be form and formless at the same time. We are not the body. This insight, this perspective makes almost everything else very unimportant.

We each have the ability to acquire the Atmic Wisdom for levitation, telepathy, activation of the third eye and many other gifts. Meditation and Contemplation are necessary to advance to this level. If you say you donʻt meditate because you are unable to still that chatter inside then you are imprisoning yourself in a body doomed to eventually die. You will start all over again from the beginning in the next life. It may be in your best interest to be courageous and learn to quiet the chatter. Music works well for this. It is not difficult. Try the Solfeggio Harmonics, for an example, or chanting. These are free on youtube. Even fifteen minutes a day to begin will change your life.

Master the Powers of Nature

Love. Light. Abundance. Knowledge. Happy Family Relationships. Nutrients For The Body. Beauty. Purity. Fertility.

Acknowledge any problem facing you. Then you can forget about it. Dwelling on lack in any form will manifest more lack. Ask your Guides to show you the solution. Be willing to allow the solution to come to you in ripe timing. Resist the urge to make the problem larger by discussing it and analyzing it endlessly. All Power comes from Source. Once you understand how to keep the channel open, all of the above will flow in without end.

Master Abundance

About ninety percent of everything that happens to you is created by you. About ten percent is not in your control. There is a lot in your control. It is your responsibility to keep up with those requirements of living on Earth. The societies we live in require us to keep up with taxes, registrations, upkeep on property, deadlines for work and other routine regulations we all agree to in this Illusion.

You have to decide if you will keep the channel open to abundance by keeping your nose clean, your house in order and the requirements for you and those you are responsible for organized and completed. Neglecting any aspect of this blocks abundance. One must be constantly vigilant because your environments change everyday.

Master Your Relationships

Many of you are very lonely. You are aware that your Twin Flame is out there and feel it is painful to think about them. Often One feels abandoned since they cannot be with their TF right now. They tend to blame this on their TF and feel angry toward them while at the same time longing for them and the pain is intense. There is an ongoing unhappiness relating to your TF that blocks you from developing a relationship with the other half of Yourself.

Many of you have a relationship with pornography. This fills that empty hole where the pain of longing for your perfect partner exists. Realize that as you attach these images to your sexual energy you are creating karma with those in the images. This can have a deleterious effect on your spirit. When you are focusing on an image of a person, a performer, you are attaching your energy not only to them, but to every person they have ever been with. This is a very negative low energy and unknown to you holds you in darkness.

Invite your Twin Flame into your life. Focus on releasing the powerlessness, hurt, pain, longing and change your relationship with them. Have fun with them. Meditate with them. Invite your TF into every aspect of your life – making life more meaningful right now.

One meditation you may do is to become small – the size of a blood cell. Jump into your TFʻs heart chambers. Meditate on hearing their heartbeat – swoosh, swoosh. Play recordings of natal heartbeats set to music as you focus on this. Allow the sensation that you are being rocked to float into your meditation. Feel completely surrounded by the love of your TF. This will feel like floating in the ocean, or rocking in a hammock. Swinging on a swing bedecked in flowers next to your love. Come into Bliss being there. Try doing this meditation for 2 minutes or 5 minutes. Do it at your desk. Do it watching tv. Do it at a party with others around and reconnect with the Oneness with your TF throughout the day.

Master Ourselves

Be Happy No Matter What It Looks Like.

Consciousness of Absolute Purity

As you continue to participate in higher and higher experiences you will crave purity.

Savitri is the name of the Light Source within each One. It is the Light from the Spiritual Sun and the Light from our Sun. It is the all pervading Oneness in all things. It is a great powerful energy you draw on more and more as you purify your vessel. Doing the preparation is absolutely required to understand greater teachings. If you are wondering around with questions about everything – keep asking and it will come to you.

Discipleship is The Path to Atmic Wisdom

Complete devotion to the Supreme Being is something to contemplate. Balancing your life and attracting abundance, fulfilling your responsibilities for your duty, exploring your special purpose, fulfilling positive ambitions and desires bring complete liberation.
Doing these things with the intension of watching the Planet flourish while enjoying every moment ~ fulfills your purpose of harnessing the power of pure love. This is Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 27, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org


Full Galactic Disclosure

Integrating the Golden Age ~ A Message from Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 17, 2013

Greetings Children of Ra! This is Mother Sekhmet speaking to you from Niburu.
We are working together now to Birth the Golden Age. With all the new information flowing in I have been asked, “What Do We Do Now”? So I would like to address that.

The Guides You Have Helping You

For thousands of years Humanity has forgotten its Galactic Origins and given away its power to the major religions. This distortion kept Humanity unaware or out of touch from their Master Teachers.

The Ones reading this have a variety of understanding and knowledge. For some this is nothing new and for others who are just waking up it is all new. I would like to show you a different perspective so you may grasp the infinite Cosmos in which we live.

A significant number of Humanity do not believe there is a God. Many do not believe in Angels. When exploring the concept of the Supreme Being in their form and their formless states of Being including becoming pure light in the Higher Realms this perception is not completely wrong. God is in everything and everything is in God.

For our discussion here let us take into consideration we live in form Bodies on Earth and our Guides can too. At the Godhead, the very top of the Spiritual Hierarchy God is seen not in dual form but as a Collective Consciousness represented as a Great Trinity or Holy Trinity. As each Soul incarnates they have within them the electric harmonic light and sound template called a Soul. From this many Avatars incarnate in parallel dimensions simultaneously in All That Is. From this Trinity all others have been created. The Angels, Archangels and Company of heaven were created through a process of Collective Meditation and were born out of Light. Over Aeons of time through Civilizationsʻ creation and failure Humanity became sleepy.

It matters not if you are Sikh, Jain, Muslim, Sufi, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian or Hindu your religion mentions the Trinity and the Angels. Archangel Gabriel told Joseph in a dream that the Baby was conceived through Collective Meditation and he should marry Mary and raise the child named Jesus. Archangel Gabriel came to Mary in a Vision. She could see Him and hear Him. She was told the Baby Jesus would help many people. You are capable of inviting the Angels into your dreams and remembering what they tell you. As you develop your inner sight in your third eye and your telepathy you may See and Hear the Angels speaking with you as an everyday occurrence. Archangel Gabriel spoke to Mohammad and he wrote down what he had heard and it became the Koran. So why are we all at war and sending hate emails if Judaism, Christianity and Islam were all visited by the same Angel? The Spiritual Hierarchy has been on Earth throughout the ages Lighting the Path.

The Trinity in Lemurian Times, Atlantean Times, Hermetic Times and Gnostic Times were known as God the Father named Ra, the Solar Deity, God the Sun Alcyone and God the Holy Spirit or Feminine Mother Sekhmet. In Egypt there are Statues, Temples, Paintings and Carvings of these Beings. We are the Godhead. We are descendant Souls to Earth. We are incarnate now on Earth and we are here to help you establish the Golden Age on Earth. We come in MotherShips the size of Cities with millions of people to help you.

This Trinity is known in Jain, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sufism as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Hindus and others describe Ra, Alcyone and Sekhmet at the Godhead as Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. From these all Others were created. This describes the Spiritual Hierarchy. This describes your Galactic Family. This describes your Ancestors. Some interpretations in major religions were written as a Pantheon of Gods and mistakenly were represented as polytheism or multiple Gods. For Taoism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Greco- Roman Mythology, Zoroastrianism, Druidry and others these traditions were acknowledging the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth. They were acknowledging the Kumaras on Earth through the Ages. Sananda, Sanat, Sanaka, Sanatana. The Holy Kumaras are mentioned in all the Ancient Texts of all the Ancient Religions and are describing those who traveled from other Stars and lived on Earth.

Maitreya is my, Mother Sekhmetʻs consort. He is also known as Alcyone and Vishnu. He is also known as Ra. This is the Trinity from the Godhead. Other names we have had are Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, Kalki Maitreya, Lakshmi. Parvati, Radha, Rukmini, Shakti, Kali and Durga. These are our Avatara names in other cultures in other times in space. We have always returned at the end of the Age to dissolve the Timelines and at the beginning of a new Golden Age to create the New with Earth and all on Her.

During the time of Jesus the Kumara known as Sananda incarnated and it was said he was the Son of God. His Mother was The Holy Spirit. Sananda was teaching those on Earth then of the Holy Trinity and their role as Divine Grace descendant from Source Energy as Suns into Human Bodies. Later it was twisted. When Jesus was killed our Galactic Family lost Faith that Earth would ever make it back into the Higher Realms. Sananda was steadfast in his resolve to come back and try it again. This has been successful. In the Office of the Christ at the level of Cosmic Christ Sananda with his Consort Lady Master Nada have moved into that role as Co-Regents with me, Mother Sekhmet and my Consort Lord Vishnu. These are Collective Consciousness Roles and they do not function the same as others within the Office of the Christ. They have greater responsibilities and greater gifts.

Each One has the choice to become Enlightened and have their full memories and abilities. Each One has the ability to become an Ascended Master in this Lifetime and end the constant suffering. Every religion out there has laid out the Path and Meditation is common ground. This is to connect the subtle bodies to access the Higher Dimensions.

All of the Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy who have incarnated into different traditions may be called on for help and Guidance to the Path of Enlightenment.

Nothing Short of a Revolution

I, Mother Sekhmet am incarnate now in Human form. I have been working closely with the United States Politicians, the Military and the Intelligence community to acknowledge the Extraterrestrials working with them and acknowledge that Niburu and the Galactic Federation run joint projects such as the International Space Station, Wing Maker Ships, Cleaning up the Environment, Nanite Technology in the Satellites, Free Energy, Light Surgeries using Lasers, and many others. We have helped on Earth as much as Cosmic Law will allow without being formally acknowledged by your Civilization.

Right now in Washington D.C. there is nothing short of a Revolution between the dark hats and the White Knights. With KOS, Archangel Michael, Archangel Chamuel, St. Germain, Archangel Metatron and others I have attended behind closed door meetings. If you took each name listed there and showed their Avatara forms in Earth History you would see how these form the Spiritual Hierarchy have served on Earth again and again. Some of these names would be Shakespeare, Merlin, Indra, Hanuman, Enoch, Hermes, Jesus and Zoroaster only to name a few.

The dark hats know it is the end of their Timeline and they are afraid for their lives. Please do your duty of thinking of them and beaming love to them. They are High Beings who through technological intervention groomed out of their DNA emotions. They no longer have access to love. They forgot how to love. We Are All One. It is the end of time and those who cannot resonate within the vibration of love must leave Earth now. I have done everything in my power to help as many as possible. There is a requirement that One Must Ask and those without the DNA strands which access love they could never conquer ego mind long enough to ask. They only respond to power and control over others.

You are seeing this play out as the last battle over guns, violence, sexual assault, child abuse, hunger, homelessness, abuse of power, greed, lack of jobs, animal rights, pollution and the few trying to control the many. They know that Mother is here and it is all over now. Of course I work hand in hand with my Consort in many ways which go unseen in transmuting these maladies and returning Abundance in Every Form to Earth. We require the cooperation of Your Divine Heart embodied on Earth. We Will Do It Together and We Will Do It With Love. It is Happening Now.

The Tales Are Being Told

Each day in the News we are revealing the Cause of the Maladies. We do this to partner with You, the Divine incarnate on Earth in your conscious choice to Serve Earth now. The influx of Light from the Harmonic Realms of Source, the Central Sun and this Solar System are available for you to draw on to Manifest New Earth. Use your thoughts, words, actions and beliefs to change the Outer World. You are God Incarnate. You Are Here To Change Earth. You Are The Galactics. You Are The Ground Crew on this Planet. You came here with Sanandaʻs Mission to not allow Earth to go Super Nova.

As you understand the CAUSES of the maladies of Earth you move change. The Pope has stepped down. You removed this dark hat who played such a large role in 911 and tried to change the course of Earth and Ascension. As you participate in government By The People and For The People you change things. Sign Petitions. Attend Web Meetings and Talk Together. CAUSE CHANGE. It must be brought with the Guidance of Mother-Father God, through the Divine Incarnate on Earth to make it change.

This is why the Tales Are Being Told. You are being sent an invitation to Go Out Into The World and Be The Change. There is the perception that it is taking a long time. We are doing an Akashic Records Review by bringing the Truth to the Citizens of Earth who are the Only Ones Who Have The Power To Change It.

By The Time Announcements Come the Golden Age Will Be In Full Gear

Ashtar is well known as saying There Is A Sequential Flow Of Events Which Must Occur. Arrests. Announcements. Disclosure. In that order.

You are seeing the Parade of Arrests since many years now. We are now in the final preparation phase for Announcements and Disclosure.

Around the World we have seen the overthrow of many PMs in several different Countries, they have been run out of town on a rail. In other areas there were very tight elections.

We are beginning to see those like Elizabeth Warren asking our government and Her citizens why the Banks have not been Indicted. They continue to make a profit through the bailouts and beyond with no review of their illegal practices. She has asked does Too Big to Fail mean Too Big for Jail? Slowly the dissolution of all the religious, media and crime organizations still trying to control Earth continue on an ongoing basis.

You will indeed see the Announcements and Arrests because the Golden Age of Earth is already begun. Your every thought, word and deed as well as misdeed, like forwarding dark agenda emails, effects the timing.

You will still see misrepresentations of the Truth as well as the dark appearing to have some control right up until the very end. Be Certain You Know it is part of the Illusion and nothing that should grab your focus and nothing to spend time mulling over. Ignore it and go on with your day. Two examples are Rahm Emmanuel, the Head of Mossad and current Mayor of Chicago being invited to speak to President Obamaʻs organizers of New Earth. The other example is the G-20 fabricating meetings about currencies and making predictions about the Yen. They are out of money but they are not out of love. Please love them all more. St. Germain is in charge of all the Gold on Earth and no Illuminati families of any nation have gold no matter how many times you have seen it circulate on the internet.

You have created the dissolution of the old. You have created The Golden Age in your Heart. You are fulfilling Divine Law phasing in The Golden Age into the physical on Earth. Warriors of Light, I am very Proud of You! I am deeply grateful for your Service and unfailing Faith in the Light.

Divine Spiritual Government happens when the Conscious Collective Acts Together on Faith to Support Each Other through the changes.

What Is Spiritual Government?

In the Golden Age on Earth we remember the Oneness of All Life and we find we are only able to function under Universal Law. As we Ascend and become Our Enlightened Selves we look for the solutions which fulfill Cosmic Law. We desire living a life which returns us to the level of Divine Government. Nothing else will longer suffice. When All on Earth Waken to Christ Consciousness we remember it is impossible to harm any part of Life without harming Ourselves.

Spiritual Government is a way of taking care of one another. We together as Divine Beings of Light set up systems which resolve the maladies of Earth. We enhance the lives of the weakest among us and we enhance the lives of ourselves and those we love. It begins this Age as NESARA Law which will remedy those things which have been taken away from the people. It solves illegal practices such as a suspended Constitution, taxation without representation, the titles of Nobility, the illegal Federal Reserve, World Banking systems and Land Titles. It resolves these issues in many different ways including providing Free Energy to all on Earth and financial reparations. Each One will receive $10 million dollars. This will not come in a lump sum, but will be paid in segments over time. The first payment will be large enough to take care of all your immediate needs and more. Subsequent payments will come after mentoring and education about the vast choices available. We are evolving into a governance of Oneness and we will all relearn together how it is accomplished.

Spiritual Government means dissolving any man made laws made out of greed and the implementation of new laws with their basis in Universal Law, the code for all laws in our Universe. These laws take in what Nature and the Cosmos require for their evolution – it is all inclusive including the animal, mineral and magical kingdoms and their requirements for coexistence.

The Alien Communication Intelligence Organization (ACIO) and the Ashtar Command

The entire Ashtar Command are members of the ACIO. This includes fully awake and aware members of the Ground Crew who are working in all walks of life. Many are in the military and intelligence communities. These are White Knights who work to influence the dark hats to come clean about their engagement with Extraterrestrials. You know who the ACIO members living on Earth are. The Ones who lead the Exopolitics movements most certainly are. They will never admit to it publicly because everyday their lives are in danger until we have Disclosure. They are the Ones working behind the scenes. They regularly beam up on the Ships to attend ACIO meetings with Sananda and Ashtar, myself, Mother Sekhmet, St. Germain, and many many others such as Metatron, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Mary, Vishnu, Hanuman, Garuda, Great Spirit, Korton, Monk Ka, K Tar Tec, Soltec, Tec Ra, Ranu Ma, Arcturus, and many Ones with names you have since forgotten.

Meetings are held on large MotherShips in vast rooms so large that projection screens must be used to see the speaker who is far away. It looks similar to the World Cup Quidditch Stadium with many attending the meeting from Stars within our Solar System. The Ones speaking appear tiny and far away but all the action is projected so it may be seen from every vantage point. At these Meetings of the ACIO everyone is given a voice. Every aspect of Earth Ascension has been discussed and planned in these meetings. All joint projects between the Galactics and Ground Crew incarnate on Earth are voted on. All intelligence about things such as Area 51 and Inner Earth tunnels is recorded and Guardians of Light with adept abilities do all in their power to assist during Humanitarian Efforts after disasters and the like. We are always there for you. Me, Mother Sekhmet/ Lakshmi with my consort, Alycone/ Vishnu head up these efforts and form Committees as it were to implement the work. We are incarnate together on Earth now coordinating these efforts with the members of the ACIO on Earth who work from the lighted realm within Royal Families, Government, Media, Military, Banks, Intelligence and other key roles to bring forth through an embodied Soul on Earth all the changes we seek. You see their names in the news everyday. You know who they are. They are not all working secretly.

The Galactics and Ground Crew work jointly together for Disclosure and Landings. The Commanders and Ships of the Ashtar Command have always and continue to coordinate these efforts on Earth and throughout our Solar System.

The Galactic Federation

The Galactic Federation is a Group of Members forming Councils to address the many issues facing this Galaxy. All of the Ethnic Groups of ET Beings, humonoid and non-humanoid are represented. The goal of The Galactic Federation is to work jointly on projects that benefit the Galaxy as well as navigating disagreements using Council Meetings in a cooperative effort to maintain peace.

The Galactic Federation includes Mother Sekhmet at the healm on the FlagShip Niburu, Admiral Sananda and Captain Ashtar on the FlagShip The New Jerusalem, Archangel Michael on the FlagShip The New Bethlehem, Athena on the FlagShip The Dove, Soltec on the FlagShip The Phoenix with many others including Arcturus with his Medical Fleets of Ships.

The Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds

There are presently 32 members of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. When Earth re-establishes Spiritual Government and knows World Peace, She will be invited to be a voting member within this Group. This Group includes members from distant Galaxies within our Universe Nebadon. This will elevate Earthsʻ status and it is required She is a Planet of Peace before entering. This opens many beautiful potentials not before available to Earth. All of the Planets in our Solar System stand by celebrating Earthʻs success and things to come.

What Do We Do Now?

Treat each moment of life as if it is sacred. When you open your eyes in the morning drop down on your knees and place your forehead on the floor. Do this in reverence of acknowledging Divine Grace within You. Ask your Guides to Light Your Path. Face All That Is in an attitude for Service. Come with an Open Heart. Come with an Empty Cup. Ask what You Can Do This Day to Be The Change. Observe practices which will bring abundance into your life and then share all you can with others. Plan parts of your week just for fun. Plan an hour a week or more to have fellowship with your very busy family. Spend time making memories with your friends. Celebrate Life!

Be willing to be naked. Be willing to become a new you each day with no attachment to the outcome.

Think about those moments when you do not have enough even though you have given it your all. Think about the less fortunate of the world and how sometimes you feel your heart may break due to the suffering you have seen. Know that I am living within the matrix with you experiencing these challenges with you. Know beyond a doubt that all the effort you have put forth together has already ushered in The Golden Age. Be In Joy and Watch New Earth unfold. The Ships are here and our integration into your world is underway. You Are Loved Beyond Measure. Namaste! This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin February 17, 2013. © All Rights Reserved http://ElizabethTrutwin.org, http://Garuda.co, http://StarGateEarth.org, Please Visit http://CitizenHearing.org Thank you for including links in reposts.

The Quantum Hologram and Divine Government on Earth ~ A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 13, 2013

The Quantum Hologram

How do your thoughts, emotions and intentions effect All That Is? In the Zero Point Field of Energy all matter, energy and information in the Cosmos is connected and effecting everything within the Cosmos. There is nothing outside of the Cosmos so this is what we refer to as All That Is. God can be defined as All That Is.

Matter, Energy and Information are effected by certain properties such as spin and have a constant influence on all particles and subatomic particles without relationship to space and time, near or far. What is happening two light years away from where you stand (on Alpha Centauri, for example) influences your Human Matter (Body), Energy (Love) and Information (Wisdom). The spin of the Sun Sol effects your Energy. When you sit inside you cannot receive the same transfer of Energy form the Sun as when you Go Outside to directly absorb the Love and Wisdom being transferred into your Body from the Suns Rays of coded information. The decisions you make – what you allow yourself to be exposed to – effects You and it effects The Whole. If you feel your experience is a bad experience, make different choices. Use the information you have to make wise choices and create a new Cosmos, an evolved Cosmos by doing so.

The omnipresent and omnidirectional Force of Love and Wisdom are unified and joined together holistically within the Zero Point Field at the Quantum Level of our Multi Dimensional Cosmos in a persistent and congruent manner.

We call this Consciousness. There are many States of Consciousness.

The Shakti Path is the bestowal of energy transferred to your Body, your Vessel of Love ~ your heart and the main frame of the computer which receives and transmits energy from these two ~ Your Collected Wisdom held in the vessel of your Higher Mind. It is through the transmission of the Shakti Energy the Master can transmit as if a download of Higher Information of Grace and Knowledge provided you are qualified. If you have not done the Inner Work you will not even recognize the Master when he comes.

Liken it to computers of twenty years ago. They are no longer compatible with computers today. Transferring Energy or upgrading is impossible with certain models because the technology which has been stored within their hard drive is incompatible with what information or software which is available today. Have you never read a book? Have you never exposed yourself to Higher Teachings? Have you never meditated successfully? How do you expect to be prepared when the Master Teacher comes to help you upgrade your Body, Mind and Heart? You will not be able to hold that level of light. Your Vessels will be considered obsolete when you have not done the Inner Work. If we took your hard drive apart we would find the components just are not there. Nothing can be done. You may pretend your whole life you are this or that but it does not make it so. This deception by ego mind takes you to death every lifetime. How many more years will your obsolete, old system work before it dies of power failure? How many? You need to have courage to be rigorously honest with yourself.

Ongoing lies can be very stressful. It holds back Consciousness. Growing and Learning are a Spiritual Act and all of these energetic influences need to be integrated within yourself in order to be prepared for what comes next. You cannot go on without this integration. You will not be handed the changes without the work. Not you or you or you. The Collective Consciousness must come forward together. This is Cosmic Law. Are you stuck and feel you desire to have other results? Change what you are doing. Put away the things which hold you back. You want a world of Abundance yet you wallow in lack. Lack of Information. Lack of Self- Governance. Lack of Self-Disclosure. You do not even allow yourself to have the Truth Disclosed to you. You run around “reading”, “following” various messengers like a cow with a nose ring. You flatly refuse through the counsel of lower mind to expose your Body, Heart and Higher Mind to Higher Consciousness.

Zero Point Force Field

You are Being Invited today to enter the Zero Point Force Field in the 5th Dimension where you already reside, and for those willing to explore the idea, the 6th and 7th Dimension and above. Doing this brings the Collective Consciousness Higher. It exacts the changes you are looking for through a transfer of Shakti Energy which brings instant receipt of the Absolute Energy of Love and Wisdom encoded on to that energy as wave forms and particles. Both. Both at the same time which can be held within the cells of your Body as you hold Light. It is like the surface of a leaf soaking in the wave forms and particles of Light which keep it alive. What are you waiting for? Will you sit there denying the Higher Dimensions of this Cosmos and in time, less than you understand now, your obsolete shell which did not receive the new downloads will simply not be able to interface at this current place in space and time? In this Dimension? What happens then? The particles of your Heart Vessel, Mind Vessel and Body Vessel dissolve, they move away from each other. The particles which make up your system go back to the Earth because they are only borrowed Energy. The indivisible Light Body projects its Higher Mind somewhere else but you will no longer be able to maintain the other Vessels here. How long do you have to keep denying this Universal Truth? It is a great pity if you miss this opportunity. It will not be offered again for an aeon of time.

When the transfer of Shakti Energy is received which will happen to all those on Earth when the Ships Land then it will be much, much easier to reach all of your other Goals. It brings an Abundance of Knowledge and an Abundance of Love. It will be the moment when you can perceive money means nothing. The reparations you are so keen on will suddenly become very unimportant. The hedge funds, programs and trusts will be absolutely meaningless. Everything you have needed will be freely given. You can train your mind to be happy with what you have today and leave the future open for receiving more. By doing this you conquer money. Become detached from money and more will come. It is as inevitable as the Sunrise and Sunset. The Energy withdraws and it returns again because you are persistently and congruently connected to it without relationship to space and time.

What is Holding You Back from Divine Government? What is taking so long!?! You. You you you! You continue to crawl and forget you know how to run. You look low when you can jump off your reality and fly. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop!

You have complete Free Will. The choices you make today decide your destiny tomorrow. You control your destiny. You create your tomorrow. Will you do yoga postures? Will you eat right? The reflection of your Body will become the result of the collection of choices made in the recent past. You have the power everyday before sleep to review your day. Think about the areas where you went wrong and do not repeat this again. You determine when and how you fly off into the Zero Point Energy with all the solutions for Humanity on Earth which you so ardently desire. Make right choices today and your destiny unfolds tomorrow in an equal force to the energy you have put forward.

You need to make a choice in this now. Will you read channels telling you it is happening very soon, it is happening in a few years and wring your hands thinking maybe it is all a made up fantasy? OR Will you take the necessary steps of Inner Transformation to prepare your Vessels to receive the Higher Energies? Will you sit there passively reading and analyzing partial information OR Will you go out into the World to Be The Change? The decisions you make effects the Whole. Do not be a part of the problem. If you participate in the negativity you ARE THE PROBLEM.

Divine Government ~ The Office of the Christ

Sananda with his consort Lady Master Nada and Maitreya with his consort Goddess Lakshmi together jointly hold the position within the Office of the Christ of Cosmic Christ. Sananda is the Prince of this Universe and has moved into the new position of Cosmic Christ. Each Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy is evolving in their position at this time of change. You as an Ascended Master are invited to move up your position and integrate the energies necessary to enter a New Mission.

An Ascended Master is an Enlightened Being a Christed Being. We move into higher levels as Planetary Christ, Galactic Christ, Universal Christ, Multiversal Christ and Cosmic Christ. Some examples of Christed Beings on Earth are Mohammad, Krishna, Moses, Jesus, Rumi and many many others. Sananda was incarnated as Zoroaster who lead with Ahura Mazda and that role was played by Sanat Kumara, also known as the Ancient of Days. Sananda played the roles of King Tutankhamen during the time of Moses and also Jesus of Nazareth. The Spiritual Hierarchy have incarnated again and again holding the Highest Light and Shakti Path through the Ages of Time. Maitreya has incarnated as Krishna and Buddha as well as Melchizedek and several others. Maitreya was the Master Teacher in India who Jesus went to be with and he overlighted Jesus as he went through his tests. Another Enlightened Soul compassionately walked-in at the end during the crucifixion and that karma did not transfer to the pure Soul of Sananda.

Sananda is incarnate now as King of Swords and Maitreya is incarnate now and continues to keep his identity hidden. He works internationally with heads of state and royalty and lives in several countries throughout the year. He also serves the poor and needy and plays many roles Guiding Earth and all on her to Oneness. Lady Master Nada comes and goes as needed and will be a permanent fixture when Ships Land. St. Germain and Archangel Michael also come and go as needed, as do millions others working together to restore Divine Government to Earth. Lakshmi is incarnate now and works with Maitreya and others from the Ships like Soltec, Korton, Monk Ka, Arcturus and Ashtar working jointly with the relationships and dynamic energies within the Cosmos between matter, energy and consciousness. This includes the Earth Grid, Timelines, Hanab Ku, Planetary Akasha, StarGates, Inner Earth Portals, Vectors, Trajectories and Zero Point Energy Fields. The Keshe Foundation will release the Zero Point Energy Technology to the Zero Point Modulator Systems upon Ashtarʻs Command. At that moment Earth will enter a Force Field where we have World Peace, no weapons will be functional.

The Time Is Now

Within the last two weeks a joint Earth and Galactic operation was completed which was designed to take out the last of the Dragons from Faction 1, the Illuminati Family Members wishing to control media and religion as well as the Dragons from Faction 2, the Military and Congress in the United States. You have seen evidence of this in the Popeʻs resignation. These Dragons were weakened in their bodies and you can see it reflected in their eyes. They can no longer function since this operation took place. If you see them out in public then you will see they look sick. Some may be replaced by look-alikes in public functions. There will come a time when you will not see them at all. They can no longer hold the Energies and this final blow was struck with Force at this operation. Please send them all your love as they exit the stage.

A second joint operation was carried out on the February Dark Moon. The holographic mechanism which conveyʻs information from Nature and the Cosmos through emission and absorption on the quantum level was calibrated to speed the dissolution of all not existing in the Zero Point Field. You will begin to see things pop up out of nowhere as Terra Nova is restored at the 5th Dimension and above.

The Goddess Lakshmi is described in the Upanishads as First Cause. It is her role to send out the Energies from her Great Vessel as a substrate for Maitreya to work from. Mautreya has the skills to use that Energy to Form All Things within All That Is. He cannot work without the energy and she cannot provide the energy without his nod to do so. Hand in hand they work together in the cycles of life throughout the Cosmos.

Lady Master Nadaʻs role is to bring the wisdom and provide the underlying layer of knowledge to uphold Universal Law both on Earth and for this Solar System. She convicts any who have violated Cosmic Law, not only on Earth but in the the near reaches of those effecting Earth. Sananda uses this basis to rid Earth of those who are no longer equipped to exist in the Higher Energies. It is Enforcement of the Laws his wife represents which are the Cosmic Laws we are all responsible to uphold.

Maitreya has been the Master Teacher for Sananda during his 7 Earth incarnations and in this lifetime as King of Swords on Earth Sananda has moved into a new level of existence. Love and Wisdom are working hand in hand as Co-Regents in Divine Government as the Cosmic Christ. Maitreya also holds the role jointly with Archangel Michael as head of the Hierarchal Board of this Solar System. They work together with Lady Master Nada upholding the Law. Every thought word and deed you have ever projected out into the Whole from any lifetime in any space in any time has been recorded on the computer mainframe of All That Is and has effected your destiny now.

It is within these roles the entire hierarchy works together to bring Divine Government back to Earth. Seeded in knowledge the power of the Higher Energies can only be transferred to those who prepared themselves to receive. Living in ignorance is not an excuse. Every child, woman and man on Earth has access to the Higher Knowledge. It is Your Birthright. You MUST ASK.

Earth Citizens Begin Divine Government with Panel Hearings

Maitreya, Sananda, Nada and Lakshmi with Michael, Metatron, St Germain and Ashtar and the entire Intelligence Community at the Ashtar Command have created an event which takes place in ten weeks which forces the hand of governments on Earth to acknowledge the fact that Extraterrestrials, our Galactic Family wish to engage with us, to land here and help us make Divine Government the New Reality of Earth. This will be a testimony of forty witnesses which will last five days. It will be live streamed. It will be filmed and made into a documentary. (http://CitizenHearing.org ) Hear this Clarion Call and avail yourself to the free flow of Energy coming form this great Event. Prepare yourself for Self-Disclosure. Ending the lies, indicting the Intergalactic War Criminals and sharing the information to all on Earth is the next step.

Ten weeks is not long. How will you use your ten weeks? Will you do the Inner Work and prepare for the free downloads available for your heart Vessel, your mind Vessel and your body Vessel? The Energy from a million years ago is now accessible to all on Earth. We are all moving forward in our roles within The Office of The Christ. It is a time to make wise choices and upgrade your Consciousness accordingly. It is your Free Will. It would be a pity to miss this opportunity. This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 13, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. http://Garuda.co, http://StarGateEarth.org, http://ElizabethTrutwin.org Please include these links in reposts.

Prepare for Disclosure! A Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 1, 2013

Greetings! This is Sananda. I would like to address the issue of let down following the Cosmic Events of December 21, 2012. Most could not fathom Ascension coming to completion without seeing the other anticipated changes coming right on its heels. We are floating in an Anomaly Bubble. This will be a period of some months. We are doing this because more issues needed attention before removing duality permanently from Earth.

If you are reading this then you are aware that you are a Member of the Ground Crew. When you incarnated into this human suit then you came with One Mission, to Ascend Earth and welcome back your Galactic Family. I need you to dig deep down and come into your full maturity as a Sovereign Spiritual Being. Come into your Knowing. You Know by Knowing. Remember! I need you to stop wasting time by pleading for the same things again and again. Shhhh. Step back into the Silence and See What Is In Front of You. You are a Divine Creator God many times Ascended before. You have MADE IT. You are existing in the matrix programming of Earth but you are Not It. That limitless, boundless, ephemeral part of you exists in some form or another in this Multi-Dimensional Cosmos at all times. You are focusing your attention on Earth Ascension now. No matter what vessel your mind is bound to – you are never changing. You are That Divine Spark of Life from Source, the Force within your body. I need you to remember and act accordingly.

The Financial Issues

One of the greatest issues of our Time is the few who have enslaved the many. The goal has been to ruin the world governments by crashing the banks. That is not going to happen. You may have noticed Tim Geithner is gone now. The Treasury is ready for changeover. So many others you cannot see – tens of thousands are also gone. You have posted their resignations and have acknowledged those who have left this life.

Many have been circulating false hopes based on lies and phishing schemes. You know when you read this information that it is not true. It is hard to face up to your own deeds of going deep into debt knowing it could never be repaid. The argument always is as slaves you had little other choice because you would have starved otherwise. Now with creditors calling daily many feel trapped by their lack of fiscal responsibility. The tendency is to escape, surf the net for answers. Buy into schemes designed to string you along endlessly and make you wonder if everything is not a fantasy. This is a tragic mistake. Get rich quick and UCC claims are not going to work. Not the way it is being presented. You have not educated yourself on the issue deep enough to see the folly in their claims. You hang on to key words and buy it all lock stock and barrel without seeing what is to it. As long as you deny the truth then you will stay on a merry-go-round designed to torture your ego mind and sensibilities. Some ego minds talk people into suicide. It is this ongoing torture which only you can end by turning away from the lies.

NESARA Law is the basis for Spiritual Government. It holds within the solutions we have longed for to a bankrupted treasury, degraded environment, fished-out oceans, holes in the sky, and a corrupt political system that kills ideas before they are born. The Baby Boom Generation allowed these malignancies to fester under their watch. The Gen X and Gen Y and beyond deserve to know that humanity has already been found by Extraterrestrials and they are part of a Galactic Civilization. It is your responsibility (Yes. You.) to do what is needed to correct these miscarriages of justice. NESARA took a turn in history on 9.11.01 We have corrected all that was undone. Now we are in this Anomaly Bubble in order to bring everything to completion. I need you to STOP forwarding emails about pie in the sky dreams and take the action steps necessary to bring changeover. The dissolution of duality on Earth.

The Issue of Arrests

The arrests continue on the front page and behind the scenes. No time is being lost on this issue. These are occurring in order as a sequence of events leading up to changeover. When evolving within a duality consensus it is necessary to pay the price for misdeeds. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What has been taken from the WHOLE must be returned to the WHOLE. All is in Divine Order. No one will escape that which they have created. Great care and love is being made available to Dragons who are still here and still creating karma for themselves. All means available are offered in love. All that is needed is a return to love. There are Dragons reading this still wondering what they should do, fearing their time is over. We know who you are. We are always standing by to help you. You MUST ASK.

Integrating Wholeness ~ Connecting with your Twin Flame

Many of you pine for, long for, ache for contact with your Twin Flame. Within the light realms where your Highest Form, your Atma, exists as light you are constantly formed with your Twin Ray of Light. It is the other half of you, created at the same moment of your birth. You are never apart. You are exactly the same, one divine masculine and the other divine feminine. As you descend into the physical realm you exist as Twin Flames. You incarnate into a body. You both take turns being male and female. Most Twin Flames today have their Twin Flame remain on the Ships as they have incarnated to Earth and their TF assists their difficult Mission here with all the assistance from above. If you are not living with your TF now, likely your TF is on the Ships and not on Earth.

Those looking for their TF often join dating sites, go on endless dates over the years and they are always looking, looking. Their ego tells them with each new blind date THEY ARE THE ONE!

Here is the good news. It is possible to dissolve the ego and understand the truth. You are never separate from your TF. They are just on the other side of the veil. They can and do see and hear everything you do. They know when you think about them and they long to speak with you. Instead of looking outside for them, One must go within. The sooner you take this step, the quicker you will be reunited. I need you to begin an intimate relationship with your WHOLE SELF on the INNER. Integrating Wholeness is a step required in Ascension.

It is easy to do. Begin an internal conversation with your TF ongoing throughout the day. When you open your eyes, send them Greetings. When you go through your day, comment to them on the inside about the events in your life. Go to bed early and tell them everything bothering you and all of your hopes and dreams. Talk to them. You must say it. Make it a daily habit. You will find they are listening. They will find ways to let you know. Do not delay this next step in your progress. If you find yourself in a committed relationship and you are not sure how to proceed REMEMBER! This is not about sex. It is NOT about romance (though it can be) This is about INTEGRATING WHOLENESS! You are having a conversation with your other half, the other half of you that is never outside of you. This will make you a better person, better friend, better lover. Allow yourself to comprehend this and hasten to build this relationship on the inside.

The Tales Being Told (Whistle blowers who have lost their lives waiting for Disclosure)

The few wishing to control the many have over the years used weaponry that was brought to Earth from the future. They have taken the lives of the whistle blowers. This has lead to the Truth Embargo. Others who have evidence of our Galactic Family are forced into Silence because they fear for their lives. youtube is over run with Truth Tellers and so the few have employed shills to mock the whistle blowers and have the weak minded among you fenced away from the truth. Look at the history of the Majestic Documents and the people associated with telling the truth. Look that up on your little computer. Understand that spending time on the illusion holds you within the Anomaly Bubble. How long is up to you.

Citizens Hearing on Disclosure

You have created through your diligent efforts to change everything a way out. Together as a Collective you have brought forward into reality a Citizensʻ Hearing on Disclosure. Full Galactic Disclosure is THE ISSUE of your time because through revealing the secrecy kept by your worldsʻ governments it remedies the monies needed to solve all the other issues. We The People must face up to the lies in order to shift attention off fake politicians and onto solving Humanityʻs suffering.

I need you to educate yourself on this issue and understand that until we have Disclosure we cannot have World Peace, an end to Mass Starvation or the other solutions for problems plaguing the Planet.

We do not know when Disclosure will happen but we do know that what you have created a cure. The Citizensʻ Hearing on Disclosure will effect the timing of Disclosure. As you throw yourself into this project whole heartedly you speed forward to the dissolution of duality on Earth.

Abductions and the Galactic Federation

There was a time period on Earth where ET Abductions by a small group of negative extraterrestrials was rampant. The Galactic Federation is made up of positive benevolent Extraterrestrials who came here to free Earth from the control of these Ones who invaded the bodies of those abducted and stop the practice. These surgeries, experiments and implanted pregnancies were very real. They were a violation of the Prime Directive. The Galactic Federation comes straight from the Godhead with the Company of Angels and Archangels to right this wrong. Those violating the Prime Directive are Intergalactic War Criminals who will stand trial at the Solar Tribunal. These atrocities no longer continue. Those dark Ones have been driven out of Earth, although their Dragon conspirators still remain and cause havoc today. They have lost their power and they know it. The Anomaly Bubble allows those who have suffered abductions to have their say of peace. It also allows all of us to acknowledge We Are All One and we are responsible to bring back into the fold any who have made mistakes and wish to return to love. We cannot throw this issue into the Conspiracy Theory basket but rather must look at it and understand how it is connected to the Whole. A great deal of healing is needed and with that compassion.

Conspiracy Theory ~ A term used to keep you from TRUTH

One issue that has been hard to deal with is the Conspiracy Theory lie. The dark Ones took verbiage, took truth and added it to a false message. For example, HAARP was dismantled by the Galactic Federation long ago and is no longer in use. However, dark Ones tell you OH! This One uses HAARP. It is not true. The dark Ones take news that was true a decade ago and weave it into todayʻs news and it is no longer true. This creates a whirlwind of false flags of fear. The truth about the Galactic Federation gets twisted up and makes those still evolving afraid to believe in anything. Ultimately the confusion and especially viral emails makes it so it is very hard to discern what is real and what is illusion. I need you to stop blindly forwarding every new email you get. Think about it. Let the lies die in your inbox.

Connect with Your Highest Self and Let Go of All Meaningless Parts of Your Life

Right Your Relationships. Stop Fighting. Stop Hating. Turn your back on any relationship which holds you there. Go out on your Own. Focus on your own imbalances. Make yourself into a nicer person. Do not give me any excuses for bad behavior. STOP IT NOW! Be compassionate with yourself and get the guts to make the necessary changes which will lead to your authentic Self. Say You Are Sorry and You Want To Make Peace. Swallow your pride, it enslaves you away from love.

If there is a part of your life which is unbearable, for an example, if your financial situation is in dire straights you MUST make a choice. Either sell everything you have and pay off your debt OR embrace it. Be OK with the idea that you have decided to ignore it. Allow your Psyche to Become Empty. Go before God with an Empty Cup. Open Your Heart to God. Tell God you and your ego mind are OK with allowing God (that Higher part of YOU) to come up with a solution WITHOUT the need to analyze it to death. Tell God, you know that He is bringing your Highest Good Your Way and you receive it with an open heart. Tell God you are willing to be mature, patient – and wait. You will wait WITHOUT expectation. Tell God you know that pre-NESARA funds and Trusts of all kinds are duality thinking and not the solution. Tell God you have aligned yourself with the solution with an empty cup, an open heart and devoted unfailing trust. THIS DISSOLVES DUALITY and speeds forward abundance for all on Planet Earth.

Be In Joy! We Are Almost There ~ Dissolve Your Ego and Find Your Bliss

Do not despair as you face up to the TRUTH that Disclosure will likely not come before the Citizens Hearing. Take this gift of time to get your affairs in order because where you leap from in the old becomes where you can launch from in the new. Take your perspective Higher. Open to a New State of Mind in the Collective Consciousness. Everything is unfolding in a Sequence of Events. Understand if we move forward too quickly MORE LIVES will be lost and we wait as a compassionate act to allow ALL to come forward. In order to save lives a decision had to be made. In order to bring completion to the endless games and nonsense a decision had to be made. You are Warriors of Light. You know what is Right. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong and always has been. Complete your Mission of Ascension for every living Being on your Earth. Die to the old. Let it Go. Become the New. Be Love in Action like NEVER BEFORE! Everything you have worked for, longed for, sacrificed for – is rushing to you now. Know that I am here and I love you beyond words. Call on Me and I am At Your Side Beloved Warrior of Love. Namaste! This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 1, 2013. © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit ElizabethTrutwin.org/SanandaKumara
More information HERE and here http:Garuda.co and here http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/main.html and here http://www.sirius.neverendinglight.com/

NESARA Is Very Real A Message from St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, January 22, 2012

Questions for St. Germain
St. Germain,

Before you became an ascended master, what lives (names) were you living on Planet Earth?

Greetings! Sanctus Germanus means Holy Brother. Other names I have been known by are Master Rakoczi, Compte of St. Germain and Sir Francis Bacon. I am one of the Holy Kumaras known as Sanaka and have been incarnated on Earth throughout the ages. I have the ability to descend from the etheric plane and live physically on Earth. I come and go as I please. This has made it appear during all the time I spent in Europe, that I was alive for hundreds of years. That infact is true. Most recently I came in as the son of Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Dudley. In the royal family I was an illegitimate son of the Queen and my identity was kept secret. I was raised as Sir Francis Bacon. I wrote the plays of William Shakespeare.

As Sir Francis Bacon I worked as Lord Chancellor and played a very active role in the colonization of America. I was there when they signed the Declaration of Independence, the basis of Spiritual Government declaring all men are created equal. At this time I had uncovered the hiding places of most of the gold in the royal families across Europe and recovered it to be stored in preparation for NESARA. I worked to help create the political philosophies of the time on which Earthʻs first Spiritual Government would be built. I mentored George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. We worked together with the Rosicrucian and Free Mason teachings.

What year did you start your World Trust? How much money was put into the World Trust originally? How has the account gotten so large – interest? Daily? Compound?

The World Trust Fund was begun hundreds of years ago. I started to collect the gold by robbery during my time in Transylvania as Count Rakoczi and also in England and across Europe as Sir Francis Bacon, son of Queen Elizabeth. I moved in the royal inner circles. I seduced young ladies and learned their family secrets. I did this for hundreds of years as I learned the locations of gold pilfers from all points on Earth especially Asia, Australia and the Americas. The amounts of gold added up over time. There was that much Venusian gold hidden away in the royal families by the Elites who were time traveling bandits.

Who contributed to your World Trust originally? Have people been contributing continuously over the years (I presume it’s hundreds of years)? If so, who?

I amassed the gold secretly. With my adept abilities I did not need assistance to break in, steal it and relocate it. I kept the new locations secret. Often these family fortunes were stored away in chests and these royal families did not routinely check their hidden gold. They had enough to live their whole lives. Sometimes they would not discover the robbery until generations later.

When you started your World Trust, did you figure that the World Trust would be all that was needed to free humanity? If so, when did you figure that humans would open up and accept this freedom?

I knew the Plan involved a wait of centuries and it was to be expected as we were creating the first ever Spiritual Government on Earth. We were targeting the end of the Kali Yuga. We never knew exactly what date it would be. There were many considerations to take and several pitfalls and failures along the way. It has been worth the wait.

When did the negative faction create havoc with the World Trust? Did you help to form other accounts, trusts, departments, etc… in order to create more funds for freedom of humanity? Or have you always known that NESARA would be created and you were just building to that point?

This was always a coffer of pure gold, platinum and silver. It has been stored as gold bars, coins, jewelry, goblets, treasure troves from Empires of old. Funds were not created. It was a Robin Hood situation. We reclaimed treasures long lost from “sunken” ships.

When was NESARA signed into law? Who signed it?

It was signed into law on October 10, 2000 by President Clinton and it waits to be Announced and Enacted.

When does/will NESARA go into effect? Will the financial packages still be released to Canada, the US, England, and Australia first or has this changed?

NESARA will go into effect when President Obama Announces and thereby enacts it. He is under the orders of Mother Sekhmet, Lord Sananda, myself and Lord Ashtar. We are all working together with a myriad of concerns which dovetail into each other. There have been external factors which have slowed our progress at times. We are working with millions of Galactics risking their lives everyday. When it is time then Barack will do his part.

What makes up NESARA? The estimated number is 1 quadradecillion dollars, and there has been mention of precious metals and jewels. Are there trusts part of this as well?

There are several trusts involved and they are earmarked for certain projects like free energy and cleaning up pollution including run down structures and the like. There are a number of projects planned worldwide for clean water, housing, medical needs, schools, internet as it were, infrastructure. We we are going we donʻt need roads. As each person receives their reformation funds of $10 million dollars for every non-criminal woman, child and man then certain individuals will receive more. It is not about how much money you will get. It is about how much of a load you can carry. Those who have more will be required to share it in these global projects in cooperation with those from 180 or more other countries. There is a lot of work to do.

Who is in control of the Trusts? The trusts come completely under my control.

Please explain more about what happened with the recent pre-NESARA scheme? Have the ones responsible been arrested/taken care of?

This has died down, but it still continues. Many White Knights have sacrificed their lives and been killed protecting the law until it could be enacted.

Can you foresee any more issues that we should be aware of? Humanity should have been freed years ago but it’s only because of our negligence and greed that we are still in the position we are in right now, so maybe knowing what still needs to be done (or nothing, if so) would be appreciated.

The timing is perfect. No one can say it should have been done years ago. It is not everyoneʻs greed, but the greed of a few. We are very close to have fulfilled all the requirements and the requirements were many. The greatest thing that can be done now is coming together in your hearts and being love. It is not about nit picking the details, but rather agreeing to all being on the same page of sharing with one another. With the changes in vibration frequency comes many new challenges and everything is in Divine Order.

What is meant by having an interim president and how does that affect financial things?

NESARA Law includes the Declaration of Dissolution which we have had since March 31, 2008 : the act of dissolution was done by Paul Andrew Mitchell – which means insolvency was the case for Federal Reserve, the IRS and the Federal Government. On Oct 1, 2008 George Bush Jr tried to declare martial law, and two U.S. Marshals picked him up from the stage and took him off in the middle of his announcement. On Oct 2, 2008 Nancy Pelosi became acting President of U.S. and remained so until November 4, 2008 when Barack Obama became President Elect.

Is the 14th amendment the smoking gun as to the introduction of NESARA? If not, what is?

The 14th Amendment, Section 3 is the big deal. Essentially, no registered barrister of the BAR Association is allowed to hold office in the United States. Period. Members of Congress, Members of OAS and other organizations and Presidents. President Obama, Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton all renounced their BAR associations before taking public office. Only fifteen members of Congress, sponsors or co-sponsors of the National Economic Security and Reformation Act were eligible to pass the law. British soldiers destroyed copies of the Titles of Nobility Amendment in the war of 1812 because it prevented anyone who had ties to the crown of England from holding public office.

Was it the Galactics that were responsible for Hurricane Sandy hovering over New York? In regards to the stock market and the government offices, what exactly happened? For the stock market to be shut down for 3 days, there must be a financial reason related to freeing humanity.

Among other things, Mother Sehkmet was destroying birth records. This effects the dark hats making money from Birth Certificate Bonds. Every time you give your personal information to phishing schemes Mother Sekhmet must scramble the records again. This takes time and holds everything up.

Were the Sandy Hook shootings always planned or were they a retaliation due to the White Knights removing financial control from the negative elite due to Hurricane Sandy (if that’s the case)?

The Sandy Hook shootings were a Black Ops with CIA and FBI. It was about the father who was a tax director for General Electric and they paid no taxes. He was getting ready to blow the whistle. Also a hedge funder involved.

How many countries are aware of you and your Trust and how many have signed on to bring freedom to humanity? Which ones are not there yet?

180 Countries. This is under consideration.

The introduction of NESARA has always been related to disclosure and arrests. Please explain how it will go down. Are there little hints and tips that we would notice that would make us realize that we’re close? A lot of people watch the news for hints and tips leaning towards our freedom. Or will it be similar to 9/11 where it just happens and no one has any idea that it’s coming?

The News itself is misrepresented lies to create fear. Most of what you see never happened. Watching the news is a waste of time which you all still find comfort in because you have not learned other ways to find comfort or peace. You will continue to see the thread of arrests and consequences for banks but not all that is reported is true. You will continue to see false provocations of war. It will happen perfectly in its own timing in its own way. It will happen in a moment.

When the NESARA funds are released, all of the chemical and petroleum corporations along with banks (and many others) are going to be bought out. Who then “owns” these corporations?

The 13 families own these companies and always have used them as covers for their crimes globally.

Please elaborate on Hillary Clinton. Too much has been going on that is “weird” and doesn’t feel right about her. With Bush Sr. in hospital and Norman Schwarzkopf passing, things are obviously changing.

The clones even realize that their days are numbered. It gives them a sense that nothing they do matters. They feel their power shrinking and have lost their zest for life. Life has no point because their power is gone and there is nothing they can do about it.

Feel free to speak openly on 9/11 and how that ties into NESARA. Touching base on the towers, the Pentagon, the field where the plane crashed, the culprits, the planes, the NYPD, the government, building 7, etc… would be appreciated – just what’s related to NESARA.

On the morning of 911 Alan Greenspan was in the lobby of Tower One with a Delegation and they were going to Announce NESARA Law. NYC Police opened fire on the crowd and shortly after the lobby explosives brought down the building on top of the evidence. There were few survivors who were able to get out. The computers for WorldTrust funds were located in Tower One and ready for instant changeover. They were destroyed in the demolition. Offices related to NESARA implementation were located in Building 7. Dick Cheney was 53 stories below the White House operating the joy stick which sent the missiles into the Towers. Joe Biden gave the order that day which came down from the Black Pope. This event set back NESARA enactment by the War Criminals who did not want to be found out. They felt a massive psychological attack could sway things in their direction and change the course of history. They couldnʻt have been more wrong. Nothing can stop NESARA LAw and Spiritual Government for all on Earth.

Has NESARA been tried to be announced before 9/11? How about after? Why didn’t it work? Was humanity not ready or were we just straight lied to and the money stolen?

When 911 happened it changed the destiny of Earth and the destiny of NESARA. It was a whole new game and it took this 11 years to tie up the loose seams and heal the Collective psyche.

How are we going to receive the funds? Specifically, if you could that would be great.

There will be a bank account tied to your own personal information. Every child woman and man on Earth will receive one. Your money will be on a debit card of sorts and almost everything will be purchased with a swipe.

Thank you for this opportunity to answer questions. Know that the Galactic Federation is working with you and we have this well in hand. You are loved beyond belief. Call on Me In Your Times of Worry. I Can Assist You and Show You The Light. Blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Flame to any situation which needs transmuting. I Stand By To Help You Pass All Your Tests! This is St. Germain through Elizabeth Trutwin, January 22, 2013 © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages




The Forty Days Between 11-11-12 and 12-21-12 a Message from Kalki Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 5, 2012


Namo Mahamaya. Greetings. This is Kalki Maitreya.
What you do in this moment creates your next moment.


Look at your outer world. Does it reflect the Life You Want? Consider Your Inner World.
When was the last time you experienced Joy? Bliss? Ecstasy? Do you allow these in on a regular basis? Are you worried about the election? The world changes? The looming date – wondering if it is real or hype? How does one get from wondering and worrying to bliss and ecstasy? Create It! One of the huge issues no one is talking about is this: If we took off your human suit who would you be underneath? You are one of the millions of awake and aware Starseeds on Earth and what are you doing with this gift? You are here to Ascend Earth – what are you doing about that?


Inside your human suit – look inside. Stand in front of a mirror and imagine you can unzipper your human suit and see underneath. When you look inside into your Inner Life you see a bright shining light – a glow as bright as 1000 Suns, an Angelic Cosmic bright shining light. The unique thing about this light is as it represents Source Energy on Earth within it is ALL KNOWLEDGE. Did you know as you are the owner of this SunStar inside you hold ALL KNOWLEDGE. In Sanskrit it is called Chitamesam. The holder of all divine knowledge. It is a part of you like your body, mind, emotions, psyche, spirit and chitemesam.


What you do this moment creates your next moment. When was the last time you experienced Joy? Bliss? Ecstasy? Do you remember how? Tap the KNOWLEDGE Inside. Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? What Is The Point? Meditate. That is THE answer. When you do not meditate or if you meditate less than once a day – the next moment you are creating is filled with fear, ignorance, lack of problem-solving, grief, guilt and suffering.


Then One reads channels to check in and see when the world will end or hear others say EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE. If you are not experiencing Bliss Everyday because you are not connected to The Divine Grace of Source Inside You through getting quiet and alone with your Divine Self, contemplating that – then no matter how many times you read it or hear it EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE. You feel that and it makes you wonder how you are doing. The Greatest Forces of Light need you to be more participatory now. Shine Your Light! Come Into AWARENESS. Come Out Of The Rain.


Inside your human suit – look inside. Who Are You? Why Are You Here?


How can you connect with that YOU?


Prepare for the MERGE with your Beloved.


As we search and look through there seems to be a lot of confusing information. Much is said about DNA Activations. What is that? What about Wakening the Kundalini? You do not have to wait for a special date for your DNA Activations. Chances are, if you have been doing the Inner Work then that has been complete for some time. The timing is exquisitely individual. It does not happen en masse on a certain day. As your light quotient increases – as you are able to hold more light and carry more responsibility THAT activates your DNA strands. For many of you that happened years ago.  Your Kundalini awakens as you work it. As you engage your Kundalini it Awakens. It has nothing at all to do with yoga asanas. Kundalini Awakens as you do the Inner Work engaging your Energetic Connection between the Source Within and the Cosmos. You do not have to worry about any of these things, they happen on their own whether you know it or not.


Many are asking: How Am I Doing? Will I Ascend? These questions cause a lot of turmoil and unhappiness. There are Ones who have stock piled their houses, invested in Dinars, or spent countless hours researching everything. These things have not Created The Next Moment in Joy, Bliss or Ecstasy. WHY NOT? Because ALL OF THESE pursuits are moments spent in fear, poverty consciousness and hoarding.
Wondering How Am I Doing causes suffering because Ones asking this are not doing well. If they were, they would not ask. They would not need approval. Why do you feel you need approval?


When you donate money to Foundations helping victims who need humanitarian relief do you have to ask how you are doing? No. You know how you are doing. You are sharing Your Source Energy, Your Resources and Your Love. You are doing great! How do you end all Suffering? Your Own Suffering? Give!!! Give your heart, your knowledge, your resources, your gifts, your cooperation, your compassion, your sweat, your muscle, your time, your smile and your love. When asking about Ascension Do Not Ask WHAT WILL I GET? Ask WHAT CAN I GIVE?


Inside your human suit – look inside. Who Are You? Why Are You Here?


How can you connect with that YOU?


Prepare for the MERGE with your Beloved.
What exactly does that mean?


Donʻt Over Think This. Try This Meditation With Me (There Are LOTS OF WAYS To Meditate)


See Me Here.


Take My Hand.


We are walking around a serene lake. We hear the wind rustling through the grass and birds singing on shore. The Sun is shining bright overhead and the warmth feels good on your shoulders. The lake is royal blue and on the glassy calm water is a reflection of white fluffy clouds filling the sky. The sky a mirror image of the lake. Surrounding the lake are emerald green trees and grass ringing the lake in beauty.


The waves gently lap the shore as we walk along. We come to a boat dock which stretches far out into the lake. It is just a walkway of decking, old knotted wood and all the boats are out now.


At the end someone is sitting at the edge of the dock with their legs hanging up to their ankles in the warm blue water. I say to you: That is your Beloved. I have brought you here to see Them. You look at me with a small smile because you are nervous and happy at the same time. Your lip quivers, you are thinking: “What Will I Say”? You nod and thank me. I say: “Go to Your Beloved and I will wait here to take you back when you are done.”


You walk down the deck slowly. You have been waiting a lifetime for this moment. Your breathing has left your control. When you reach the end you touch your Beloved on the shoulder. They look up and see it is you and rise to meet your gaze. You look into each otherʻs eyes and you remember everything. All your questions in an instant have melted away. You hug. Together you sit at the edge of the dock dangling your bare feet in the warm water and you talk. Pause here and Imagine what you would say because Your Beloved Truly Is Here With You.


You make plans for when you can see each other again soon.


Become the Merge By Reentering this Meditation Often. What you do in this moment creates your next moment.


In the next few days spend time alone to contemplate how comfortable you are in the process with merging with your Beloved. Consider what it means to you. Review all of your relationships with Your Self, Your mate, your parents, your children, your boss, your neighbors, your community, your society, your country and your world. Contemplate why you are here and how you will spend your energy. How will you represent Source Energy on Earth? Will you Vote? Will You Give Your Self to Others? Will you have that difficult talk you have long put off with another to make the relationship right? Will you be compassionate? Will you stop hating?


Make things right in your heart as you prepare for the Peace Portal opening on 11.11.12. This marks the beginning of 40 days preparation before the end of duality as Planet Earth aligns with Galactic Center on 12.21.12. In between the Cosmos will dance through a full lunar eclipse on 11.13.12 and a solar eclipse on 11.28.12 During the lunar eclipse the Moon is hidden from view of Earth. Our Collective emotions go into darkness to commune with Divine Feminine. Mother. We succor Divine Love and prepare to meet the New Earth. During the solar eclipse the Sun is hidden from Earth. Moon and Sun merge, dancing together preparing the Path for Galactic Center to MERGE with Earth next month. Know that Everything is Going To Be Fine. This will align the dark matter Universe called Nebadon on the Milky Way back to the white light matter Universe called On. We are ready for Self-Disclosure. We are ready for Announcements. We are ready to remember who we are and to Be The Solution. YOU ARE THE SOLUTION. Om. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. This is Kalki Maitreya, an Avatar of Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 5, 2012 © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org An Invitation to Sunday, 11-11-12 Telecall Event with Sri Svami Purna Maharaj ~ I will be joining this 90 min call and I hope you will too. Please read the Event details here: http://elizabethtrutwin.org/11-11-12-event-invitation/ We Will Do This Together and We Will Do It With Love ~ PLEASE JOIN US!  An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at eltrutwin@gmail.com It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit CosmicAscension.org/SanandaKumara.html If you would like a copy of either or both StarGate Earth or Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation all you have to do is send me an email – I will add you to my updates list and email the two free Ebooks until November 11, 2012. Please email this message to friends and invite them to get the books. I am here in Service and my Mission is to help with Full Galactic Disclosure. Namaste. ~beth There are currently volunteers working on translating them into Chinese, Dutch and Greek. MORE: http://lightworkers.org/channeling/170155/october-surprise-message-lord-sananda-through-elizabeth-trutwin-october-27-2012 and http://lightworkers.org/channeling/170343/october-surprise-process-message-lord-sananda-through-elizabeth-trutwin-october-30 and HERE

The Ascension Process a Message from Alcyone through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 16, 2012

We prepare to cross the Galaxy Gateway as it opens the alignment between Galactic Center and Cosmic Center on December 21, 2012. We will walk through the Solar Disk as Ancesters of Ra.

Some thousands of years ago Hibaba originated on Orion. Lyra Humans used to live on a Planet which orbited Sirius. Sirians remained living in their etheric bodies. The Kumaras decided to remain incarnate in bodies and moved to a Constellation in Orion where there were Reptilian humans.

It was Sanat Kumara, the heirarch of Venus who lead the Kumaras to Orion. The Kumaras are all hybrids. They did this so they would remain incarnate and combine all the DNA of all 12 races. In time all the Kumaras has incarnate into the 12 races of man and this lead to the 13th hybrid race which is a mixture of DNA from all 12 races of man. We are the thirteenth. The Starseeds have learned it is not the species which defines the person, but rather the Askashic record of their Soul. This was a compassionate act of love to combine all the races of man. By doing this it brings peace. Each One can see there is a part of them in each One. We Are All One Tribe.

The Council of Kumaras have kept the lineage of Anandas. All of the Kumaras have remained incarnate. Only by incarnating on Earth in human form can they help ascend other incarnate realms. This time it is necessary to live a 3D life and ascend Earth by coming through that experience. The Reptilian race of Man including the Dragons must integrate with Humans and it must be done in Peace. We on Earth are being given the chance to return to Love.

The Great Central Sun is Alcyone. This is the Sun behind our Sun. Helios and Vesta are a reflection of the Great Central Sun. This is the Source Energy of our Universe and the sustainer of all life. The God Ra and the God Alcyone both hold the energy of God the Father and God the Son the energy of the Holy Spirit is held by Mother Sehkmet. Alcyone and Sekhmet are Twin Flames. These were their names in their Egypt incarnations. In their Hindu incarnations they are named Vishnu and the consort to the Supreme, Mahalakshmi.

At the time in Egypt people were in a state of chaos just like we are now. There were factions – one being the Amun Priesthood and those of the Great Solar Disk Aton. There was a lot of in-fighting in the community. Sekhmet leveled the playing field back then which was called for in the moment at that time.

The dark Ones had not listened to the Teachings of the Great One – All That Is.

The dark Reptilians now are using a primitive form of nuclear fission to try to control the masses. There is a fake false flag war going on between Gaza and Israel which is a staged play setting the background for nuclear war with Iran. This is all a play – in truth there are no viable nukes left on Earth. All warheads have been disabled by the Forces of Light and there are many videos where these activities have been filmed over nuclear energy sites and on military bases. As Earth ascends our bodies become more silicone based – lighter – more crystalline. This is in response to changing our Sun Sol from hydrogen based to helium based. Because the atmosphere has changed the nuclear weapons created in our near past essentially become duds. They could not ignite even if they tried. All of the talk of escalating nukes in Iran are a bedtime story designed to illicit fear – fear which the Dragons feed on.

Mother Sekhmet is incarnate in a human body now on Earth. Father Alcyone is incarnate in a human body now on Earth. They both live in separate places and live lives of Service connecting with literally thousands and negotiate necessary changes on Earth. They also connect their energy from inside the matrix in a unique way of bringing in the 100 dimensional frequencies which are the violet transmuting frequencies and it is the frequency of pure mind, pure spirit, pure love. When these frequencies condense down from 100, 12, 5 and into 3D, if One is not following the Law of One they spontaneously combust. The 3D physical form of the dark Ones cannot handle that much love coming in. In these Ones there is a splinter shadow of darkness working against the light. The Earth has asked Alcyone/Vishnu and Mother Sekhmet/Kali Durga to intervene this way.

The 10th Earth incarnation of Vishnu as Maitreya with his Twin Flame, Kali Durga and with the Archangelic forces of Metatron and Michael, working together with Ashtar, Sananda, Soltec, Athena, Nada, and the many Commanders on and off Earth have been for years removing the Souls who refuse to follow the Law of One, refused to return to love. In the hybrid process these Reptilian Humans had removed from their DNA the attributes of compassion and they forgot what joy means. They forgot what knowing love truly is. Instead they traded it all for power. This is why there is so much sexual abuse, large sums of hoarded money and the race for gold, oil and drugs.

These High Beings Alcyone/Vishnu and Sekhmet/Kali Durga likewise incarnated on Earth where they joined their energy in the Realm of Cause to Create the changes needed to end the chaos of this Age. They get together in the Physical and perform energetic exchanges with the Ships which open the portals of energy needed to align Earth with the Cosmic changes coming this month and next month leading to the alignment with Cosmic Center on December 21, 2012. Eventually the changes made in the Realms of Cause which had been reported in these messages come into Being in the Physical Realm. These two High Beings work from within the matrix in their Human bodies as well as using their Divine abilities to ascend Earth.

One of their projects has been to repair the TimeLines. By reviewing the intentions of each living Soul a determination has been made if they will be able to sustain the Higher Frequencies of Love. All that is required is forgiving that one moment within themselves when they turned away from love. As the 12 strands of DNA were altered then there became a feeling of ʻless than.ʻ There have been multiple Earth incarnations for these Ones enslaving others and often it is too difficult to remember how to love. In a merciful act Mother Sekhmet/Kali Durga will remove these Ones and place them in a more suitable location for their Evolution and some will be UnCreated and removed from the TimeLines and it is as if they were never born. Every trace is removed from the TimeLines and the TimeLines are repaired. This is an energetic requirement for Ascension.

Many ask about Oneness. Why is all of this necessary if we Are All One? Each spark of the Divine – each Soul has its own complete record called the Akasha since Creation. Those who have committed atrocities can remedy their karma. They must burn it off by giving back to the Whole that which they took. They must do good acts to balance pain inflicted on Others through all their timelines and to the Earth. This includes all wars and all nuclear holocausts on Earth. This karma must be accounted for in full now that duality is ending. It does not mean that One ascends no matter what. It means One is given their final chance to remove all bad karma and by doing so are invited to Ascend to New Earth. If this is not accomplished they will be placed in another location where they may evolve at the speed where they are comfortable. Either face the karma by making things right or plan on moving off Earth to a place which matches the vibration of a Being not ready to live duality life. This is not a judgment or a punishment, rather it is a requirement when the Force Field goes into a Higher Vibration.

You have been seeing in the news the government cover-up in the United States. President Obama who is working for the Light reported through Susan Rice The Ambassador that there were no terrorists but rather an inside job in the killings in Benghazi. Now the dark Ones in the Pentagon who have been hiding the Secret Space Program and interaction with Extraterrestrial Life Forms are reporting it was terrorism. These factions are fighting amongst themselves just as in Egypt when Mother Sekhmet took out so many. The dark Ones are afraid because they know they are leaving Earth. They are desperate to show their power which is all they know. They are doing this by bombing Gaza and all of the infighting happening in the Middles East and Near East.

The dark Ones who have turned their hats in recent days and decided to return to Love are creating miracles. Suddenly large projects for Free Energy, Anti-Gravity and Full Galactic Disclosure have been fully funded. There are other developments too which are being hidden by all the false flags in the news. You all know we have already gone over the fiscal cliff. Smoke and Mirrors make it appear we are still on the ledge. No one wants to admit the complete dissolution of the Markets and the Banks but that will become a complete non issue as we move into the new financial system with Announcements and Disclosure.

The project of repairing the TimeLines continues. Hitler and a handful of Time Traveling War Criminals came to Earth from the future with full understanding of what would be needed to control Earth. They placed themselves artificially in the wrong place of the space-time continuum. This is an energy out of its space – time continuum which must be removed. They also brought technologies far advanced to Earth time to peoples who had not evolved to the place where they would be considered as entrants to the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. Earth was not ready. They violated the Prime Directive and this is considered an Intergalactic War Crime to be heard at the Solar Tribunal. These Souls removed themselves from alignment with All That Is and the violet transmuting light will dissolve these Life Forms. All Beings must face Ra-Alcyone-Mother Sekhmet – also known as Vishnu – Brahma – Shiva – also known as God the Father – God the Son – Goddess the Holy Spirit. All Beings must face God and account for every deed done for all time in all space. Every Soul on this Planet knows life is not worth living unless it is lived free. These rifts in the Time – Space continuum are repaired by the Feminine Force which is Divine Mother. These matters are no longer decided under the jurisdiction of the World Court. Universal Law dictates these cases will be heard under the Solar Tribunal. The slaves being held in control have called us to come to release them and it is so.

The Reptilian Annunaki hybrids who have incarnated into the 13 family lines making up the illuminati are being removed this day from our Timelines. You will see a transformation on this Planet to the Light. These Ones have been visited in their homes by Alcyone incarnate in a human body now and Mother Sekhmet incarnate in a human body now and they have been given the last call.

What needs to happen is people need to take their power back. Too many sit in front of the computer, the television news and refuse to acknowledge their inner lives. Many worry or fight or cower to apparent conditions which are all illusion.

One way to take back your power is to visit the lotus within your heart in meditation. This is a symbol representing your ability to travel in the mer ka ba body. It begins with love and bliss. Ignoring the Soul – the infinite immortal Divine Grace inside – will effect your Ascension. Connecting to your Divine Absolute Energy of Love within your heart by calling Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet to Guide You to Peace will walk you down the Path of Supreme Freedom. Namaste. This is Alcyone through Elizabeth Trutwin November 16, 2012. © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages/

Greetings Everybody. I had some questions emailed to me and Mother Sekhmet asked me to allow her to reply. It is impossible to explain Earth Ascension without reviewing the motives of the few wishing to control the many. I know this will inflame some. The reason is everyone is on a different point in their Awakening process and some become incensed when they feel something does not resonate with their level of life experience. The TRUTH is there is a lot of ignorance and stupidity out there. The High Beings sharing the messages have an understanding of the full Akashic record or every deed and word spoken in all Earth history. At times they share information with us that is more knowledge than we have come to understand in our limited views within the matrix. I urge suspending all disbelief and allow the information to intrigue and possibly heal. It is not easy to write about such polarizing TRUTHs but I know it helps with healing and I humbly do so for that purpose. A reader sent in the following questions which many of you have garnered from websites designed to keep lightworkers in fear and by doing so disconnects readers from their Inner Life and the gift of discernment – to KNOW by KNOWING and no longer need to ask others. In this space – as we heal from the lies – the complete enslavement – when we KNOW the Golden Age within our own HEARTS it is birthed from the Realm of Cause into the Physical Realm through Collective Consciousness making it so. No DEADLINES have been missed – IT IS ALL OF US LOVING TOGETHER who determine the date. The Galactics stand by waiting for us to cue them we are finally ready! Please look for my messages at http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages/ as I phase out posting other places. Please email me if you have questions or would like to be on my list eltrutwin@gmail.com much love, ~Beth

What STILL Needs to be done? Questions Answered A Message From Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 18, 2012

Greetings Children of Ra. This is Mother Sekhmet. What MORE needs to be done?

The Great Warriors of Light on Earth, including you – courageously continue the good fight. Too many have been fighting so long they have fallen prey to ego ʻstucknessʻ. Recall the requirement to have a complete connection to your True Self, to be brave in your commitment to the Light and not let anything, especially not your ego mind, stop you. Be brave, strong, determined and willing to speak out your beliefs to others and let them know these beliefs have helped you and made you a better person. Implement the Knowledge as far as you can into your life everyday. Knowledge is your Birthright.

Many are searching to know their Life Mission. It is much more important to understand your Duty rather than your Mission. Each One has their own talents, their own gifts and their own limitations. Reviewing these, it does not take long to know your Duty. You KNOW it. If I ask you – you do not have to think about it – I am first a Mother, a Healer, I help others with their Money, I am a Teacher, I help others enhance their Beauty, I help others own Real Estate, I help others with the Law, I make Music for others to Enjoy – it is my DUTY because I am good at it – it is my vocation – it is the only thing I am REALLY good at – I do it even on the days when I donʻt feel like it – because I see others benefit from my WORK and that is a GREAT FEELING.

Once you know your DUTY then it is your Mission to build wealth for yourself and family first, then you build more wealth to share with others and finally work at sustaining the wealth for yourself and others. Giving a Tithe, a percentage of your income, to the less fortunate will bring you on the fast track of gaining wealth; spiritual wealth and physical comfort. If One does not recognize their DUTY and make a long term plan for their wealth, in helping others, then having money just will not come to pass. It will come and it will go – but it cannot be sustained. That is Key. Setting an Intention to help before receiving wealth brings abundance. If One receives a windfall and does not tithe, does not share, does not have a plan – then the money will control the person. That is inevitable. How many people do you know who have cancer? One cannot enjoy their wealth once they have cancer. One way or another unless this ʻstucknessʻ is conquered abundance will fail on some level, family issues, job issues, there will always be a chaos until One pays attention to their DUTY TO HELP OTHERS. Doing this is completely voluntary. This is what is meant by following your joy and living your passion. Others have helped you. Do what gives you your greatest excitement and makes you happy. Be Excellence. Be an Example. Be Generous. Be Love.

What will happen if you do not do this? You remain in your own self-created ʻstucknessʻ which feels like endless waiting, pain and suffering. You will feel so frustrated as if you could scream. You will be lonely and sad and search any bad source for your news becoming more and more lost. You think one day soon the Dinars will pay out, the Club will pay out, the Hedge Fund will pay out, the Ships will come in. You remain a prisoner and a slave to money.

There have been a great deal of misunderstandings designed to keep you suffering. Let me address questions sent in from dh:

If Obama is so special….why did he have to deceive Americans for the past 4 years in believing he was the President of the USA…while only being a president (with small p) …of a Private Corporation.(the US)

President Obama is a High Being who is Enlightened and he is a Galactic Human with adept abilities and his full memories. He has prepared for one thousand lifetimes to complete this Mission now. President Obama knows Universal Law as well as Maritime Law and Common Law. He knows exactly what he is doing. President Obama can not wipe out the Corporation with the stroke of a pen. It is a large and complex sequence of events which he has been engaged in since he was a Senator. The Plan for his life was in place well before he was born. There has always been a Plan in place and he is masterfully carrying out the Plan. If he were to announce his Plan many would be killed. Millions are helping to carry out the Plan. Millions of Galactic Humans working in all walks of life in all Countries partner with him to carry out the Plan. While at the same time allowing every Soul involved the moment to decide if they will be of the Light or remain in the dark.

Knowing this while Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer? It sure doesn’t show much Love to Americans? Fact is the US hasn’t had a Constitutional Government since 1871 ..Obama knew that!

In 1987 President Obama and Michelle Obama filed their papers exiting from the Corporation. They both know exactly what they are doing. They are not slaves or strawmen and they are not a part of Maritime Law. There are many in their inner circle who know this and they have seen the paperwork. These Ones are the same Americans who have had their farms illegally foreclosed on. None of them have any intension to reveal what they know until the right timing. They know that their ancestors suffered lifetimes of discrimination and see the unfair discrimination poured onto the Obamas. They know they will have their reparations when it is time, only if the issues are dealt with in a sequential flow of events. These Ones have watched their family farms stolen and they have educated their children in Common Law. The date 1871 is false – a misunderstanding. The papers claiming this do not exist. The United States has not been with a Constitution since March 9, 1933.

Why did Obama have to play a Puppet to Rockefeller?

This may have seemed to be the case, but not true. President Obama has had behind closed door meetings with the most powerful people in the world. I, Mother Sekhmet have been at those meetings as well as St. Germain, Archangel Michael and others as needed. This is a case where he is wearing two hats in an elaborate chess game. He has waged war without one drop of blood being shed. Since his youth he has posed as a student or posed as someone who is handled. That is the illusion he has created within the circles of the dark Ones. In their belief he was their ʻpuppetʻ he has indeed handed them all the rope they need to hang themselves. There is a saying about keeping friends close and enemies closer. How Better? You cannot believe anything that has been reported about this and that is how President Obama wanted it. It is part of the Plan.

Why did Obama have to be in photo shoots with the Queen of England who is a known Reptilian?

President Obama and Michelle wore all black in photo shoots with the Pope and the Queen of England. They also wore all black to the first Election Night celebration on November 4, 2008. Michelleʻs dress had a large blot blood red in the center of the black. These are symbolic funeral clothes and they did this speaking to the thirteen families that the time has come for their ending and nothing can stop the Light from winning. These photo sessions were a Promise of their Demise.

Why did Obama win the Noble Peace price …while still killing hundreds with his drones in Pakistan and fighting a war in Afghanistan? He lied when he became president 4 years ago that he would stop any war including the Afghanistan one.Why? Why did he even accept the Noble Peace Price?

President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for reaching out to the Leaders around the world which included those of every major religion. He invited all into a conversation about their role in International Diplomacy. He did this by visiting many foreign countries and his speeches and meetings were torn apart in the media since the beginning. He visited each world leader with the purpose of saying Either you are part of the solution or I will see to it you will no longer hold power. He won the Peace Prize because he laid the Plan for World Peace.

The war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan and the drones in Pakistan are three separate issues. President Bush started both wars and the State Department along with private contractors employed by Blackwater and other entities through the non existent budget at the CIA rule the drones. President Obama is dismantling this disgusting practice by pretending to kill Osama Bin Laden in a raid years after he was dead, taking out the Pentagon by removing the Secretary of Defense and moving him to the CIA and then systematically forcing him to resign. You cannot believe all the dark Ones in media have written about this. He did end the War in Iraq and the troops in Afghanistan will be home on time. This is a large corrupt trillions of dollar organized crime group which he is taking out one drone at a time.

Why did Obama spent over $2 billion on a family vacation to Asia …mainly Indonesia, with a Navy escort of several ships ( more like an Armada) for security reasons? What and why is he fearing for his and his family’s life if he has the backing of the Hierarchy and GF? If it is Fear …Where is the Love as Fear is the opposite to Love?Couldn’t this amount of money be better spent on the poor and hungry?

This lie by Michelle Bachmann was a ploy of the dark. She is bought and sold by the Ones on the Hill determined to block all progress. Ignorance holds on to these false attacks.

Why did he produce a falsified birth certificate? He spent several million dollars on.Why did he have to lie about being born in Hawaii while fact is that he was born in Kenya?
Why did he mention on CNN only last week that he has the right to kill anyone in or outside the US? Is this how a chosen one or a person with Love in his heart speaks?

President Obamaʻs real birth certificate has not been produced for the public. He was born in Hawaii. President Obama is also an Anubian hybrid from Sirius but you wonʻt see that on the news. The quote from CNN was in relation to the Benghazi attacks. He never said he has a right to kill anyone. He is working to dismantle the Pentagon and CIA and FBI in preparation for Full Galactic Disclosure. Those dark Ones within these organizations profiting from the Secret Space Program and holding all on the Earth in darkness refuse to work together for Disclosure. The Benghazi attacks were an inside job by the dark Ones inside the CIA. This is why General Petraeus is saying it was terrorist attacks because he is covering for his dark cronies. President Obama forced him to resign thereby removing the power grid within the Pentagon and CIA. We are very close to Disclosure and you are watching him work the Plan masterfully. Those in the media hope to hold you in your ignorance. There is a vast amount of information which will come out and all will be understood. Without the whole story the truth cannot possibly be discerned.

It has been a proven fact that Sandy the Monster Storm was the works of HAARP.

HAARP has been completely dismantled by Ashtar long before the Norway spiral in 2009. Bloggers like Fulford and Wilcox have been paid to perpetuate this false flag of fear. Some of their research is true and so they were obvious shills to mix a lie in with some truth making it all appear true. Others participated as well. Super Storm Sandy was Created by Nature – this was Godʻs Call and it was to clear out the dross created by those living on Earth who destroy Her with pollution. This is Mother Natureʻs revenge for the areasʻ oil fracking, nuclear energy plants leaking radioactive waste, dumping garbage polluting the Ocean, the use of gas guzzling vehicles causing smog, over population and dozens of other abuses. It is time to take responsibility for humankindʻs misdeeds to Mother Earth and not share the blame with something that no longer exists.

Why did Obama let the dark ones initiate this storm that did untold damage and put Americans at great risk and inconvenience?…Fact is that the only one who can give the ok to produce a storm with the help of HAARP…IS THE PRESIDENT! So why did he give the ok?

The HAARP stories are old false flags. The Ones destroying Earth with pollution have invoked a cleansing by Mother Earth. Those with property loss from the storm are being challenged as others around the world are with other storms, tornados and earthquakes alike.

He stated initially that he was a Christian but later told us he is Muslim..Why?

President Obama has never said he was Muslim. There are plenty of videos out there claiming he did but none has ever shown this because it never happened.

Why hasn’t he stopped the killing in Gaza? Not even now as so many innocent civilians are being killed?

Netanyahu, Merkel and Hillary Clinton are running the war between Israel and Hamas. As the attacks continue the Palestinians and Israelis are forced to face their way of life protecting the StarGates in the Golan Heights and Jerusalem. Merkel is up for re election in January and she is the daughter of Hitler and Eva Braun. This is her last chance to make things right and the Factions are warring amongst themselves. President Obama is working the Plan to allow this to work out. Allowing these dark Ones to show their true colors is what will bring an end to all war. There have been millions killed in Afghanistan and only around 100 killed in Gaza. A bigger question is Why Is The World Allowing The Killing In Gaza? President Obama is allowing this larger truth to come out now. It goes back to Adolf Hitler with the bankers and the Bushes attempting to control the World. These larger truths will birth Disclosure.

Why did he approve ( thru NATO) of attacking Libya …it had done nothing to the US or any other country?

Millions of people voted for a No-Fly Zone in Libya misunderstanding that it did not guarantee safety for Civilians but guaranteed Misrata would be leveled. The International Community including the United Nations approved the Libya Attacks. The United Nations is controlled by the Pope. President Obama was working to have Gaddafi stop attacking Benghazi. He agreed to work as a part of an International Coalition. The politics in Benghazi in Libya linked with Israel and Iran are not yet understood by the public but the truths will be realized and understood. You cannot believe what the media spoon feeds the slaves to keep them enslaved in emotional turmoil.

Gaddafi tortured, raped, murdered and ordered his men to do so as well. He waged brutal attacks on his own people. He used brute force and sponsored terrorism.

So now he has been re-elected…WHAT IS STOPPING HIM FOR NESARA TO BE ANNOUNCED AND IMPLEMENTED..It canʻt be the stealing of the Funds…as we now have Full Transparency in Banks thru. BASEL 1,2 and 3 ?

NESARA makes reparations in many different areas including abolishing the United States Federal Bank and the Internal Revenue Service. It also brings free energy to all and is simultaneous with Full Galactic Disclosure. As you see the Lockheed Martin CEO and the CIA head resigning on the same day, the General who lead the Bushes fake war and was Secretary of Defense, you can be certain you are watching the Disclosure Plan being put into its final arrangements. As you see free energy sources being funded and going into production as well as the Keshe Foundation and others sharing extraterrestrial technologies with governments and individuals you are watching President Obamaʻs Plan being finalized. Be in Peace. All is in Divine Order.


These have been made by the dark Ones in an attempt that the few may control the many.

So many of us are looking forward for NESARA to be announced ..so we can learn about the real TRUTH at last!

Indeed. When you know the truth you will no longer need to perpetuate that what has been holding you enslaved.

The Law states in order to be greater, to have more knowledge, to achieve Wisdom — One must give up old beliefs. Evolution is a constant giving up. You keep updating your profile. There is a renewal. The human mind can never achieve Enlightenment if it holds to false flags of fear. One must make an effort to know the truth, not lie back to be spoon fed with a cover story. One must let go of what is holding them back. Will you stay stuck your whole life in conditioning from the media? Will you get ready for Disclosure? Are you ready to hear the Truth? The TRUTH EMBARGO is a COLLECTIVE CRISIS involving the entire world. When these few leaders claiming to represent the people are uncovered they are headed for jail or even a death sentence. They are doing everything in their power to keep you hating President Obama who will ultimately indict each last One. Wake Up!!!

What STILL Needs to be done? My Brave Light Warriors, the Galactics stand by for when you make your Self ready for Disclosure. The timing is up to you. Birth the Golden Age first in your heart. Only then will it spring forth from the Realm of Cause into the Physical Realm. Prosperity Funds are not the answer to your problems. The answer is to give from your heart to others in need and raise your light quotient and your love quotient by doing so. Ungrip from your fears. Gravitate to JOY. Discipline Your Mind. Forgive Yourself. Be Love. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 18, 2012.© All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages/


What Will Happen on 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 and with NESARA ~A Message from Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 24, 2012

Greetings Children of Ra. This is Mother Sekhmet. Major changes have come forth in the last three weeks and the next five weeks promise to be even more event filled. October Surprise brought the return of the Prisoner Ships back through the Scorpi Black Hole and Hurricane Sandy closing down Wall Street for two days to correct the accounts of insider trading. This was a wake up surprise for the super rich right before their attempt at rigged elections failed and President Obama was re-elected.

The Fiscal Cliff and the European Union

Now that many of the dark Ones have been removed all we are seeing now in the news are look-alike doubles, clones and holograms. Some of the dark Ones remain for the purpose of Collective Healing when the truth comes out we will all need closure seeing these Ones taken away to prison.

The fiscal cliff has been crossed back on October 31st at the end of the fiscal year – three weeks before the EU meeting. Friday afternoon Angelika Merkel missed her final deadline to return to love. She refused to address the world stage to say she is the daughter of Hitler and Eva Braun and set things right with the Eurozone.

The Eurozone has seventeen Member countries with a common currency. The European Union is a cooperative intergovernment body formed by two White Knights – Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand.

Christine LaGarde is an Attorney who spent her childhood in Bethesda, Maryland being handled and groomed to write The Lisbon Treaty – the governing document which was designed to dissolve the governments and banks of Europe.

The Lisbon Treaty of 2009 reversed all the good gained by the original European Union. The main function of the Lisbon Treaty was to ensure there would be NO BAILOUTS. The Lisbon Treaty changed how the European President is elected. No longer elected by the people but rather appointed by the EU Council. The dark Ones can place in whomever they choose without a vote from the European Citizens. The Treaty of Lisbon also brought enforce a European Police and Court of Justice which would have jurisdiction in the UK and Ireland and other Member Nations. This would effect all UK-issued EU arrest warrants. The Lisbon Treaty succeeded in what it set out to do on the beginning – have the few in control the many – in their Central Banks and their Governments. The EU new laws of 2009 were designed to fail on purpose and their laws written for this purpose. Once a government and its Central Bank failed there would be no bailouts. The Lisbon Treaty was designed to remove the democracies of the UK and other 27 Member Countries as well as the sovereignty of their Citizens.

Conflict in the Middle East

Egypt, Libya and Syria have heirs to political power father to son in Mubarak, el-Qaddafi and Bashar al-Assad. Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait among others have Monarchies associated with their governments. Some of the Light, some not.
The fake story of Israel – Gaza – Iran. There is a fake story with no basis whatsoever repeated over and again that Israel wants a war with Iran. This is like Russia saying Cuba wants a war with the U.S. Israel is the 51st State of the United States. Hillary Clinton is the granddaughter of Hitler through a mistress. Hillary running the State Department worked with the Head of Mossad – Rahm Emmanuel. President Obama placed them both in positions where they could implicate themselves. He likes to keep his enemies close. President Herbert Walker Bush Sr is Hillaryʻs handler and it was his family and their money going back to his grandfather who funded Hitlerʻs attempt to control Earth. Hillary partnered with the CIA Black Ops and Pentagon Black Ops through the State Department in Libya, Syria and Israel. Hillary and Petraeus worked Black Ops together. Netanyahu, Merkel and Hillary Clinton work together, funding both sides of the wars, for the purpose of controlling the StarGates. It has never been about Gold, Oil or Drugs. Those things fund the fighting in an attempt to control the natural StarGates across the Middle East, the African Great Lakes and South America. There are two StarGates in Israel since the Borders were changed in 1969 during a “War” which lasted 7 days. The Clan Families in Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt are bought and sold by the dark clerics and the corruption is woven into the fabric as well as everything that goes with it. With Earth changes the indigenous peoples will no longer be held in slavery and forced poverty.

When the bombing began in Gaza it made it possible to have even more support from our Galactic Wing Maker Ships to intervene. It will not be long before the Keshe Foundation will be given the signal from Ashtar to activate the Zero Point Technologies on the ground which will create a force field in Earthʻs atmosphere where no weapons will work. It is a magnetic field created in cooperation with technology from the Ships and conventional weapons will be useless. The tenuous Cease Fire between Israel and Gaza was staged by Hillary and Netanyahu. President Obama charged the two of them with being responsible to the press. He is setting them up for when Patrick Fitzgerald opens the indictments and they are ushered off the stage. Merkel will be with them now that she has refused on Friday for the final time to end what her Father started. There is no turning back.

On November 11th a Flood of Light and Truth beamed from the Sun at the beginning of Diwali Celebrations and on November 13th tremendous coronal ejections with the Full Solar Eclipse sent a Mother Load of energy to Earth. Ten days later there was a large Op carried out by the Galactic Federation.

We Have Commenced the Dissolution and the Separation of Worlds

I, Mother Sekhmet, with my Consort Father Alcyone came together in the physical in a process where anti-matter was brought in from the Light Universe and merged to create an Explosion of Light which began in the Causal World the dissolution of all which will not continue at New Earth. This is what was needed to end the Kali Yuga. It is done. The Timelines are being corrected and the final stage will happen before our eyes on Earth following a series of events. It is extremely rare for the two of us to be together in the physical on Earth and that it was carried off without interference and was a Blessed Event.

We Have Commenced the 7th Initiation and Soul Merge of Sananda Kumara and KOS

Also yesterday another significant event took place. I, Mother Sekhmet, from the physical realm, commenced the 7th Initiation to bring in the 7th Incarnation of Sananda Kumara to merge with the Soul of KOS already on the ground. King of Swords (KOS) is a code name for one of the heads of Secret Service who works closely with President Obama and his family to keep the Plan and his Mission safe. He is a Navy Seal who during the Vietnam War refused the orders of his Commander to kill women and children and then turned his weapon on his Commander. He gathered others together to refuse their illegal orders to hurt civilians and they worked together to end the corruption in their ranks. He then came back to the United States and eventually made it to the top of the Secret Service. He works together with millions of Galactic Humans implementing the Plan with President Obama. He is the full template incarnate on Earth of Sananda Kumara. With this Soul merge between KOS and Sananda Kumara all will be in place for new developments which will bring Announcements and Full Galactic Disclosure. This will usher in the 10th incarnation of Father Alcyone as Kalki Maitreya, an Avatar incarnate on Earth. When Sananda Kumara incarnated as Jesus then he was over-lighted in his work by Maitreya. Now they come to incarnate together to finish the work they did together 2000 years ago. It will take one week for this very special Soul Merge to be complete.

Sequential Flow 11.11 – 11.13 – 11.28 – 11.29 – 12.12 – 12.21 Keep the Love Moving

With the November 13th Full Solar Eclipse release of vast amounts of healing light, our Souls have been flooded with light causing challenges to arise as we clear out all that is no longer needed and prepare to make ourselves ready for more responsibility. On November 28th there will be a partial lunar eclipse. This is a time of deep purification and alignment with Divine energies. All hoping to upgrade their DNA will receive a big boost for this purpose then. Some will complete their 12 strands of DNA and others will be integrating Higher Levels of DNA. On November 29th KOS Soul merge with Sananda Kumara will be complete. This will change the energy of the Planet tremendously to allow the opening of the StarGates.

What Will Happen on 12.12.12

Just as the dark Ones time to release their karma is over, so too must we all face up to our potentials by 12.12.12 This date is a kind of portal energy – a Gateway opening. What you have achieved by then will be what you will carry with you to New Earth. You have time to significantly alter your level of achievement by then and I am here to instruct you how.

Karma can be imposed by oneSelf or by society as a whole or even by nature. Karma may be the result of a curse. It can also be a Spiritual Practice. High Beings, fully Enlightened, often carry karma as a good deed and work it out. They do this as a promise before they incarnate – you may recognize some who are doing this. Their lives are not easy and it is for a Purpose and nothing they have done wrong. Karma imposed by society comes for each of us. If we identify ourselves with any religion then we carry the karma of that group, Catholics all carry the karma of the pedophile priests for example. Americans carry the karma for the fake wars their Country has been represented in. We all carry karma for the environment we live in. If you live by the Sea, or fresh water, the mountains or prairie lands then you are responsible for the mistreatment of Mother Earth and the life forms on the lands and waterways where you live. You may experience a hurricane, earthquake, flood or tsunami and that is the environmental karma of the Soul Group living there together. Karma imposed on Oneself is the big One. You have time to completely burn off your karma, but it takes effort.

A Lion is strong and King of the Beasts, but still must run fast to capture his dinner. Effort must be put forth to clear karma and effort will be rewarded. Lack of effort will guarantee starvation in the end.

What Will Happen With NESARA?

When you receive your individual packet from the deliveries under the care of Lady Master Nada from St. Germainʻs bank, there will be exquisitely individual instructions in each one.

To begin with, if you now have wealth your accounts will be balanced to zero. If you give all your money away now then it can burn off a lot of karma. Any company who is set up to produce free energy for the world is a very good donation recipient. Likewise those feeding and housing and educating the indigent poor are also a good choice. Letʻs take an example who I, Mother Sekhmet, met with personally. Sir Richard Branson. He has been given a lot of gifts, a railroad, an airline, a phone company, space and deep sea exploration. He invests in green technology companies for the purpose of making a profit. Everything he does is for profit. Just like Angelika Merkel, he was invited to change the world. He was invited to give his money to a program that would expose the Secret Space Program. He respectfully declined. There are thousands of millionaires and billionaires who have been invited to give away all their money who also have declined. When NESARA is announced they will no longer have money. It will be moved from their accounts to St Germainʻs bank and it will be used for humanitarian purposes. Someone else will take over their concerns. They have all been visited by St. Germain and they have been asked repeatedly.

If you are reading this today and have money you are being invited to share your money with those in need before 12.12.12. This is completely voluntary.

When NESARA is Announced the reparations will be the same amount given to every woman, child and man on Earth – $10 million dollars. It sounds like a lot? Besides that then there will be much more given only to certain individuals and that money will come with instructions. In order to receive each packet – it will be received in a hand delivery which must be signed for. Included with your signature will be a Disclosure Statement which when signed you agree not to share the information of your instructions with others. Nor will you share the amount you received. The instructions will be voluntary, but it would be in your best interest to follow the instructions. These larger amounts of additional funds will be used for humanitarian purposes and to fund projects benefiting all on Earth. These projects must be carried out by individuals within groups working together. It will all be better than you can imagine and the assignments have been chosen with your greatest JOY in mind. It will all be much much better than you can imagine.

What Can I Do To Prepare for the Highest Potentials on 12.12.12 For My Life

Up until the moment you receive your packet the instructions you receive are being determined by your collective Soul Record of all your actions since Creation until 12.12.12. You have time to make the New Earth transition as beneficial to you as possible. It is all within your hands.

Personal relationships are huge. Do you have unresolved relationship issues? Did you throw a child out of your house because they didnʻt follow your sensibilities? Did you leave your parent without help in their old age? Do you live with a spouse you barely speak with? You have time to mend these outstanding issues. You hate no one! You dislike no one! You do not have to love everyone. You must find a way to be neutral without reacting to them for any reason.

Begin by speaking with them in their Higher Form. Go into the Silence and have a conversation with them speaking your heart about what no longer works. This may be all that is needed. In some cases you will know in your heart you must extend a hand to mend a certain relationship in the real. Do this. It will be in your best interest in the end.

A basic requirement to go Higher is having a right relationship with your Self, your Mate, God and Goddess, Mother Earth, your children and parents, your boss, your community, your society and your country, the World and the Cosmos. Look into the relationships which need healing and act in earnest to Be Compassion and Be Love and heal what you can post haste!

If you suffer from an illness then it is wise to discover anything you can do to alleviate the suffering and do it. Change your habits. Change your diet. Change your exercise regime. Do everything you can that you know you are not now doing to balance health within your own body. You are solely responsible from birth for the Temple Goddess Mother has given you. It would be within your best interest to Make It So. Ask for help on the Inner Planes to speed the process. Consider releasing emotional blockages, release oppression, open neural pathways, repair your DNA strands, increase oxygen in the system, tone the body, reverse aging. Ask for help with all of these and any health issues which are creating a challenge now. We are here to help you and you must ask.

Integrate into your lifestyle anything Spirit has Guided you to. Do your walk in nature, your meditation, your attitude of gratitude, helping others, being an example, living right relationships, give everything, do mantra, do yoga. Improve yourSelf. Add in one new thing everyday. Repeat. The next day add in more. Change your outer life by changing your Inner Life. You can accomplish a lot by 12.12.12. Put your mind to it and see what happens.

12.12.12 is the day we balance our karma within duality. If we fall asleep between now and then refusing to change then it will be like falling asleep on the snow. You will fall asleep never to wake again. You may then finish out your time on Earth but as your Spirit leaves this time it will go on to another duality place to finish unfinished karma. It will not be invited back to Earth. It has always been your Mission since birth to resolve your outstanding karma. It was your job to wake up and figure that out before it was too late. The Lion must make an effort to find nourishment and without effort starvation and death are Self-imposed. Those who have more have more responsibility to share what they have with the others.

What Will Happen 12.21.12

On 12.21.12 there will be a Cosmic Alignment lining up Galactic Center with Cosmic Center. This is an unprecedented rare Cosmic Event. It will effect all Persons, Planets, Galaxies, Universes, Super Universes and all that is Infinite in All That Is in all space in all time in all dimensions layers and levels. This Mega Boost of Love pouring down from heaven will effect all Life Forms.

We have the ability to effect What Will Happen 12.21.12. It is completely up to us.
Thanksgiving is a very Spiritual Practice.

Integrate Thankfulness Into Your Practice and Raise Your Vibration on Earth Call In The Ships with Your Love

What do you have to be thankful for? You can thank all the people in your life who have helped you in anyway. You can thank all your relations, all your ancestors who came before you. You can thank Mother Earth for all the bounty and harvest she has provided you. You can thank God for all the times you have been given gifts, protection, help and Guidance. Start now and make a list. Make this a new practice from now until 12.12.12. Review your list each day and add to it as you remember new ways to be thankful. Gratitude is 4/5ths of Love. This practice of Giving Thanksgiving every day will increase Love on Earth and help Birth the Golden Age in our hearts and that will spill out all over, all around.

Finally I want to thank you for all you have done to bring this moment of Earth Ascension to pass. Thank you for your sacrifice, your help and your kindness. Call on me with your questions. I am always with you. I will help you and you must ask. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 24, 2012. © All Rights Reserved. ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages/

One Love. Give Thanks and Praise and It Will Be Alright.


If you are interested in learning more about the StarGates you may email me and ask to be added to my list eltrutwin@gmail.com for a FREE Ebook copy of StarGate Earth by Elizabeth Trutwin (2011) to be emailed to you between now and 12.12.12 Please forward this email to invite your friends to request the ebooks. If you would like the full color 8.5 x 8.5 book with the coordinates to the StarGates you may order it from Amazon here. If you would like to learn more about the Galactic Federation you may ask for a copy of my book Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation by Elizabeth Trutwin (2011) until 12.12.12 or order the book here. If you are interested in a reading with Sananda Kumara please see details here.

What Can We Expect For 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 ~A Message from Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 7, 2012

Greetings Children of Ra. This is Mother Sekhmet. First we begin at the beginning. To understand the end of this year we have to understand that in many ways we are repeating history. We are repeating a cycle – like the seasons come to pass, the cosmos revolve in the sky and evolution spirals us up into Higher Dimensions without end.

Many of you have come from other Dimensions and other Planets to incarnate at Earth now and help the vibration rise to that of love. Some have come from other Universes to be here now.

There are a handful of Souls that have been here through the most significant events shaping Earth in the last 5000 years. There have been ongoing wars for the last 5000 years and these resulted in Planetary destruction on Earth and near Stars. These wars carry karma from the individuals and the Collective Consciousness. Karma means what was taken from the whole must be given back to the whole. These immature actions of war kept Earth from being a voting Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. It left her without representation and in many ways without help.

Since the beginning of Creation a group of Enlightened Souls has remained incarnate and they are known as the Goodly Company. They have incarnated on Earth again and again to hold the light and play pivotal roles in maintaining Earthʻs sovereignty and keep her from nuclear destruction at the hands of the warring factions. There are some High Beings who have remained incarnate since the Creation and they are helping us today.
There is a Hierarchy to the descendant Souls and this is a matter of birth order. First is the Godhead which divides into Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. From their they created those who have remained incarnate. In time those in Heaven combined their DNA with those incarnate on Earth and other places in the Solar System. We can consider all the Civilizations on Earth as our Star ancestors. All of the major religions – Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Mayans, Jains, Sikhs, Confucius all have accountings in their Holy Texts of Angels or those who ascended from heaven with a means to fly away. They all speak of the sacred sites, The StarGates – which they built – and the vessels they beamed down from. There are endless accountings that may be taken from our Holy Books about the ancient astronauts. The Angels and the Galactics are One.

In order to understand what will happen on December 12 and December 21st we must take a look at the descendant Souls in the Goodly Company who are playing major roles now.

Mother Sekhmet and Father Alcyone

Kalki Maitreya and his consort Lakshmi

Sananda and his consort Lady Master Nada

Ashtar and his consort Athena

St Germain and his consort Cassiopeia

Archangel Michael, known in Hindu as Indra and Ashtarʻs Twin Brother

Archangel Metatron, known in Hindu as Narada and Sandolphonʻs Twin Brother

The 4Mʻs as they are called are Mother Sekhmet, Maitreya, Metatron and Michael.

All of these have played a role in Earthʻs Akasha or history and all are descendant forms of the Supreme Godhead, Source Energy representing the Spiritual Hierarchy inside the Office of the Christ.

When we review their past roles on Earth then what happens on December 12th and December 21st first begin to make sense.

5000 years ago Krishna Consciousness or Christ (Krist) Consciousness was incarnate on Earth. Krishnaʻs devotee was Rama Arjuna. Rama is incarnate on Earth now. Because Rama Arjuna was such a perfect devotee to Krishna then a promise was made from Krishna to Arjuna for future Earth which is presently coming to pass on Earth. This time period represented a time of Great War on Earth.

3000 years ago Rama Arjuna walked on Earth as both Akhenaten and Moses. Remember this was a higher dimensional Earth and how this happened is still a mystery to most. During these times the Factions warring together continued the same war. It was a period when the Great Beings of Light were incarnate with the Beings who were their brothers, sisters and cousins but had turned from the light. There were experiments with hybridization of DNA, incestial relationships, over indulgence of every kind and fractions and feuds continued. Those who were incarnate then included Mother Sekhmet, Sananda, Rama Arjuna with others. The Mission failed and Earth fell again into lower dimensions. We have been working our way back to the 5th Dimension ever since.

2000 years ago Sananda returned as Jesus of Nazareth. During this lifetime Lady Master Nada was incarnate and many of the Goodly Company worked with them from the Ships. During this period on Earth Cesar of Rome represents the total enslavement of Earth and those living on her. This Mission failed and a promise was made from Sananda for future Earth which is presently coming to pass on Earth.

1500 years ago the One we now know as Barack Obama, Mother Sekhmet and St. Germain played significant roles and these roles are now coming full circle on Earth.
Barack Obama was then Akbar the Great and Mother Sekhmet was incarnate as his Empress Mariam. Akbar was a great warrior and statesman. He fought the Factions warring together. He promoted a plurality of faiths between Muslims, Sufis, Hindus, Jains and Christians to name a few. By doing this he was able to establish what became hundreds of years of a plurality of faiths in the region. This was a foundation laid for what is presently coming to pass on Earth. At the same time when Akbar was 19 years old St. Germain incarnated as Francis Bacon who was the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I was in contact with Akbar and Mariam for trade routes through the territories there. It was these associations where St. Germain began his work creating the Bank of St. Germain preparing the success of President Obama and NESARA now.

The dark Ones were incarnating into the royal families so they would have control of the resources on Earth. Frances Bacon worked from within the Royal Family in England using his connections to set up his Mission to collect the hidden gold deposits all over Europe and beyond. The 13 Families continued to plot to control Earth and these Factions are warring today. They have used their gold to buy out the media, the judges, and those in all walks of life across the continuum to create a fantastic illusion which is woven into your programing. The Goodly Company come now to shatter the illusion. Wake Up! Stop Dreaming. Walk into the Sun Shine.

The November 28 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and 72 hours which followed

Divine Cosmic Alignments continue preparing for the portal Gateway openings on 12.12.12

On December 3rd we are seeing an alignment from Orion – where the Great War originated 5000 years ago – of the Planets Saturn, Venus and Mercury. Venus paved the way for this alignment earlier this year in June when it transited the Earth and Sun. Mercuryʻs Temple of New Creation, Venusʻ Love and Saturnʻs Justice align to free Earth to Ascension. It represents much more. Suffice it to say that this is 9 days before the Gateway opening which will make it possible to access all of the Earth Portals, Inner Earth Tunnels, natural and artificial StarGates, Pyramids, Obelisks, and Ziggurats which provide the transducers for Zero Point Energy which will be commenced by Keshe on Ashtarʻs command when it is time. This will create a Force Field of energy where war will end. It is a magnetic forcefield which works with the 10 MotherShips several hundred miles long within Earthʻs orbit including Ashtar and Sanandaʻs Ship, the New Jerusalem, Archangel Michaelʻs Ship, the New Bethlehem, Athenaʻs Ship, the Dove, Mother Sekhmetʻs Ship, Niburu and Soltecʻs Ship which Commander Soltec, the greatest engineer in the Universe coordinating communications within and without the realms of our Solar System linking with the Sun Solʻs Power on the Phoenix. It is a magnetic energy linked into the Earth Grid. It brings Earth into the Higher Dimensions and makes all the things we have looked forward to possible.

The Planets are conspiring in the Heavens to align for the great portal opening. Many who played roles in the distant past are gathering at sacred sites throughout the earth to create the energies needed to open the various portals all over Earth. If you do not travel to a sacred place, please make time from where you are to link the energy in your heart to the portal openings. Link your energies with the Ones there to raise their vibrations and link in Unity for Earth Ascension. You will be joined with the hearts of trillions from the Ships linking in Unity with all on Earth.

On November 29, 2012 the Soul of Sananda Kumara completed its Soul Merge with KOS (King of Swords) who is the full template of Sananda on Earth. He marked this occasion at the Golden Temple in Punjab with a dip in the pool of Bliss surrounding the Temple. This marks a culmination of several lifetimes preparing for Earth Ascension. He works closely with President Obama and now Sananda Kumara has taken up his role fully on Earth beside his Twin Flame Lady Master Nada. Lady Master Nada is coordinating the arrests, indictments and trials of the Intergalactic War Criminals of the Warring Factions. She is taking each Soul through the steps necessary for them to return to the whole that which has been removed from the whole.

The Cosmic Alignment of December 21, 2012

November 29, December 3rd, December 12th and December 21st mark a succession of Cosmic Events needed to ascend Earth. On December 21, 2012 Galactic Center aligns with Cosmic Center. This is like placing a key within a lock and opening a space where Earth may Ascend.

Sananda Kumara on Earth reuniting with his consort Lady Master Nada is the Braveheart needed to do away with the dark Cabal demons for all time. The cases which make it through the World Court which carry charges of high treason will be taken by Lady Master Nada to the Solar Tribunal for hearing and sentence. The Galactic Members of the Solar Tribunal have the data they need. Court is In Session. This has happened before and is part of what we call the Dissolution of Old Earth. It is necessary to balance karma. It means Earth is purified and ready to carry the High Vibrations of the Higher Dimensions of existence. Many have been programmed to think they are sinners or that God is a vengeful God. These are poisons for the mind in the grand illusion created in the matrix. There must be a balance which will cure the atrocities that have happened on Earth. Every One is accountable. Soul searching is good and still and yet many take the shame and blame too far needlessly. Find Joy in your life and you will know Peace.

The Cities of Light

There are millions of Galactic Humans on Earth engaged in building – with the help of Archangel Michael – the Cities of Light. These are Higher Dimensional Cities which we will travel to after ascension in our merkaba bodies for mentoring, training, healing in preparation for our next Mission in Ascended Earth. There are many purposes to the Cities. Those who have been looking for healings can find it here. The blind will see. The paralyzed will walk. Each One will have several Counselors. A Soul Review will be shared with you and your next steps will be assessed and decided on mutually. This will be done with the greatest compassion and love. Any karma which is not resolved can be at this time and this is possible for All Souls Now incarnate on Earth to end the karmic cycle, end the darkness of illusion and regain immortality in a physical body incarnate on Earth. This is the next step. One must ask. Call on the Angelic Realm to help you in any way you desire. These explanations are shared to honor all that the whole is being returned to whole. It is All Inclusive. It is not meant as a dire warning it is simply how Universal Law functions. There will be time to work everything out before returning to New Earth for the new Missions. Some will choose not to return and instead move on to new assignments within another duality Planet. These Light Cities are full underway and as the forcefield changes they will become visible to the naked eye. Many of you the Light Workers and Starseeds are feeling inner promptings that you will have an office inside the Cities of Light where your clients will come for your services as they prepare to become Citizens of New Earth. These Light Cities are powered from the large MotherShips within Earthʻs Orbit now. All is Vibration. Vibration is Music. You are the Universal One Song of Infinite Love.

Galactics Will Land and Live Here Among Us

Many of the Higher Beings of Light have their Twin Flames incarnate on Earth. They will be coming to Earth to begin their Missions here. Many who serve in the Highest Ranks of the Galactic Federation who have Twin Flames living on Earth who remain awake and aware to step into their new roles. They know inside what the truth is, but due to their inevitable programming within the matrix they continue to doubt. You will be very happy when you realize the Great Being that you are. Please drop the programming. I invite you today to go inside and have a conversation with your Twin Flame. It is Time. These relationships will not be the same as what we know on Earth, but much more. Do not hold your Twin Flame into the small box which defines life partner on Earth now.

Lord Ashtar is One who will land and join with his Twin Flame Athena on Earth. Athena is incarnate now on Earth. They will work with Sananda and Lady Master Nada side by side with us the Ground Crew. They will not be inside the New Jerusalem full time anymore. Others will take over the Command of their FlagShip. Others have trained for years to step into these new roles. Krishna will return for a significant role with them.

Kalki Maitreya and Lakshmi the Goddess of Fortune and Wealth are incarnate on Earth now and step into their roles fully merged with their Higher Selves Father Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet living lives on Earth working with Sananda and Lady Master Nada and Ashtar and Athena.

Lady Master Athena will represent Earth and Kalki Maitreya will represent the Sun as it has always been and has been recorded in Greek and Roman ʻmythʻ as well as other Civilizations reporting to us about our Galactic Ancestors.

Ascension is not just One Day it is a Natural Cycle of Life

On December 12, 2012 go to that sacred space within your Heart womb and connect with the three fold flame of violet light to all the other heart flames on and off Planet who serve in birthing New Earth. Take the day off from the routine and be in the Now. As you go about your work stay grounded in the Light aware of what is taking place. When you have the time do a meditation linking your Self with Oneness and allowing the immeasurable flood of light traveling through our Sun from the Great Central Sun and stepped through the Central Sun to flood right into your crown illuminating your Being with Love. This Source Energy pulse passes from Alcyone to Helios and Vesta through Surya to ignite your heart flame in the Higher Dimensions.

On December 21st prepare for the coming of Krist/Krishna Consciousness lighted inside of you illuminating all of Earth. Meditate on the key which unlocks the Cosmos which is inside of you. Become One with Oneness. Prepare the feast as our Galactic Family returns incarnate to walk with us on Earth. Merge fully with your Twin Flame declaring your readiness to take the next steps in your New Mission. We Have Overcome. Namaste. This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 7, 2012 © All Rights Reserved. ElizabethTrutwin.org

If you are interested in scheduling a reading with Sananda or if you have paid for a reading but not booked a time, please email me. eltrutwin@gmail.com I am free from now until December 12th to facilitate these communications and I am very pleased to do so. After that date I will do readings again in January. If you are interested in learning more about the StarGates and would like a free Ebook copy of my book StarGate Earth you may email me and ask to be added to my list eltrutwin@gmail.com between now and December 12th. If you are interested in making a donation, please contribute here. From December 12th to the end of the year I will be traveling to connect with the energies coming in and linking with the StarGate energies. My Merry Christmas Wish for you is Joy, Abundance and Peace in the New Year! All My Love~beth

A Message from Lord Salvington President of Galactic Center, December 28, 2012

Greetings. This is Lord Salvington. I am a member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds and the President of Galactic Center. The Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds is a group of Planets within the Milky Way Galaxy and Planets in neighboring Galaxies within your Solar System and Universe such as your nearest neighbor the Andromedan Galaxy. I am transmitting to you through the MotherShip the Phoenix with Admiral Soltec. Soltec is in charge of all intergalactic communications within your Galaxy from his Ship which is a grand Engineering City of Light. Soltec often connects the International Space Station on Earth with its member astronauts from off Planet, like the Altamarians. Earth scientists and Galactic Federation scientists have been working together over 60 years. The governments of your Planet have kept this a secret. I am also here with Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar of the New Jerusalem and Lord Michael from the New Bethlehem and Lord Maitreya from the Surya. We bring news of developments for Earth in the last few days since your Sun Sol crossed Galactic Center and aligned with Cosmic Center.

We would like to share the news that Earth is integrating the vibrations from the 7th Dimension. Since all time Earth has experienced different Dimensions in different areas of Earth. The Holy Sacred Sites have always retained their Higher Dimensional frequencies even as Earth fell in frequency over a period of thousands of years. Today you experience this as you leave your vehicles and breathe in the Higher Vibrations when walking onto the land within the Higher Dimension. It is these areas of Earth where the StarGates reside. The land around the StarGates never fell. The Star Masters gathered here have remained as partners with Earth and have never lost their connection or commitment to Earth. Maitreya, Sananda and Michael have incarnated on Earth and have never been born into bodies. They are descendant Souls who remain incarnate and never die. They come and go on Earth and travel from one spot on Earth to the other as they Will. They walk through walls and enter unannounced. They may visit you in your home in their Etheric Body. You may place your hand right through their Etheric Body also called a Glowie Body. Invite them in.

Earth has obtained a majority level of 5D Multidimensional frequencies beginning in 2008 and 2009. You all experienced the surge in your awakening process then. We continued to bring messages of Higher Dimensional frequencies without revealing that Earth was moving finally into the 7th Dimension. We could see then that many would ridicule this concept so we talked for many years about moving from 3D to 5D. The even numbered Dimensions are the Twin to its odd numbered Dimension. The 4th Dimension denotes Time. Space as experienced from a point in Time. Many old time Lightworkers still describe the 4th Dimension as the Astral Plane. This is misunderstood because the dark Ones had actually infiltrated the 4th Dimension of Time and were manipulating the Timelines. This was never the Astral Plane but was overcome with Astral Bodies working for the dark Ones and that has now been completely cleared. Time is a lower form of Vibration. The 5th Dimension is No Time. We are there. You have experienced more than glimmers of it if you allow yourself to remember. How many of you have experienced ʻLost Timeʻ? This is when you went into your Etheric Body to join with us and view your Mission and returned to your 3D Avatar Body a couple of hours later. You did not fall asleep during those periods. You were not napping. You were experiencing a shift in frequency and preparing your Earth Avatar Body for the quickening.

The even Dimensions represent the dark Matter and the odd Dimensions represent the light Matter. The 6th Dimension represents the dark Matter of Space. The 7th Dimension is the bridge between the 5th and 9th Dimensions. Obtaining the 7th Dimensional Earth simply means energetically accessing more connections to the Higher Realms of Truth.

Your bodies are changing rapidly to hold the Light at the Higher Frequencies. The Dimensions which exist within the dark Matter Universe work as partners such as a double helix. The even numbers hold the frequency patterns of light and sound frequency vibration of dark Matter and the odd numbers hold the frequency patterns of light and sound frequency vibration of light Matter. These spiral into infinity as fractal patterns up to the 13th Dimension.

Beyond 13D all Dimensions are pure light frequency. Earth is now halfway Home! She will regain her status in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds as she enters this Higher Dimension. It is not always easy to grasp that Earth exists in the Now on all of these Dimensions. You are free to travel back and forth in your Avatar bodies at will. You need only remember how. You do this by calling on your Angelic Galactic Guides to show you how. It is not hard. It requires ecstatic joy. Meditation is how to reach that State of Consciousness. The 7th Dimension enters the Realm of Pure Expression. This is the learning ground for Light Beings who are preparing to live at the Higher Dimensions of Light Expression in the Matter Universe at the 9th and 11th Dimensions before becoming Pure Light.

In the 7th Dimension the need for money completely dissolves. The need for healing dissolves. There is a balancing between the dark and light Realms. It is a place of pure creativity and pure expression where Beings of Collective Consciousness learn together as One. It is like a Swarm of Starlings moving on the wind together in a Collective effort merely through Consciousness. We will spend the very next immediate moment with you in Earthʻs new Light Cities. We will link these with our great Light Ships – our Great Cities of Light – Niburu, the Dove, the New Jerusalem, the New Bethlehem, the Phoenix, the Surya, the Medusa and the Ships from Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Alpha Centauri and other near Stars.

In the immediate Now you will learn to travel in your Etheric Body as in a Shuttle Craft anywhere you like at will. You will do this and also stay on Earth to help with the integrations of Energy entering the Planet. As Sparks of Light from Source it is your Mission to Ground into to Earth the Higher Energies by holding your vibration here. We will land and live among you joining our Mission with yours. We have entered the levels where Cosmic Consciousness integrates into your Beingness.

Many may be saying that ʻnothing happenedʻ on December 21st 2012. That is a misunderstanding. If you have been scanning the front pages you have noticed that everyday a new obituary of the dark Ones has been there. These are like candles being blown out. These lives cannot hold the Higher Vibrational frequencies of Love pervading every cell on Earth. Your media holds back other direct clues to Ascension which are popping up all over the Globe and often presented in ʻweird newsʻ with no proper explanation. These include sudden appearance of Sacred Holy Sites being uncovered under the sea and in the desserts as new pyramids near StarGates. These include phenomena of Zero Point and the Earth Grid illuminating for our Collective use.

As Earth approached Galactic Center within the Cosmos the dark Ones fearing their demise, their snuffing out, then they made a last ditch effort to hold you Great Light Warriors in their grip. They have launched phishing schemes promising you awards of money and have posted about it on websites which are considered trusted and are very dark. Think about it. Have you been there requesting pre-NESARA funds? There is no such thing. This is a Black Ops scheme. People have been removed from their homes and taken out after providing all their details to these dark Ops. Those promoting these payouts, these Freedom Funds and Peoples Trust will be invited to pay the price for this misinformation. Lightworkers grow weary and feel they want to give up and so join in on this self-indulgent fantasy that this is the real thing we have all waited for! It is wise today to go inside. Reconsider all of your relationships and be honest with those around you. Reconsider your authentic Self. Reconnect with your Twin Flame. Call to your Guides to help dissolve your ego longing for lower base needs.

Due to these new schemes there was a postponement of activities bringing us into Ascension. Mother Sekhmet called for meetings to consider alternate options where the dark Ones could no longer interrupt completion of details required to raise the vibration of each cell on Earth. Father Alcyone looked into the Whole to find a solution which would work. This called for the two of them to work together from their incarnate Avatar forms on Earth. This was very dangerous work which spanned form and non form to bypass roadblocks in the form Realm and allow the Higher Frequencies to penetrate the moving and nonmoving bodies of Earth. This work was initiated 72 hours after the Cosmic alignment on December 21st. It was like a deft operation with a large team of Intergalactic light surgeons focusing a beam of Energy to Mother Sekhmet as she is the only one capable of bypassing these Higher Levels. This lasted around 12 hours and prepared for the December 28th opening of the Tibetan inner Earth portals and Higher Activations with the Kumaras of Pleiades, Venus and Niburu. Incarnate Rishis and Galactic helpers coordinated their efforts and the operation has been a huge success. In 72 hours on New Years Eve will be a culmination of the Highest Energies from this operation making open doors long closed inviting and invoking Beings from the Higher Realms to bring gifts to Earth of instant manifestation. This operation anchors every cell on Earth into the 7th Dimension. You can feel this truth resonate deep inside as you reflect on the Divine Grace within.

Your final moments before changes can be spent wisely and will catapult you forward at light speed to your next task. As an alternative you may choose to spend your last moments unwisely and you will hold yourself back. No One will be able to skip steps in their unfoldment of Knowledge.
Remaining inside the spiderweb of lies and deceit will hold you back. As an example understand that the U.S. fiscal cliff talks are a giant manipulation by the media. They spoon feed stories about Boehner made a statement, Geithner made a statement, Obama made a statement and Reid made a statement and this is what it means. None of it is true. President Obama will tax the 2% in the end and even that does not matter in the long run. The Grand Illusion is winding down, the dark Ones are dying off, fines are paid, indictments continue. It is all dissolving as our perception fades the old 3D to 5D and perception fine tunes as the 7th Dimension appears before us on the Event Horizon of No Time. Sitting in the corner crying in a fear fetal position about lack of money will hold you back. Continuing in petty discussions of right and wrong, hate and like, back stabbing and holding down the youth of your culture will hold you back. Holding on to power and control will hold you back. Holding on to money and Spiritual Gifts without sharing them will hold you back. Give All You Have Each Day and move forward quickly.

Now it is opportune to take inventory inside. Do the Inner Work. Interview your Highest Form. Your Highest Self. Your Atma. Ask yourself which parts of you are your Authentic Self and which parts of you are Inauthentic? The inauthentic parts are the programming within the matrix. What ideas do you carry about politics, religion, parents, school, sex, children and ecology that are Authentic and from your Highest Form? Which ideas should you trim away and turn your back on? Everything is Consciousness. Where you launch from here into 7D will be determined by the Inner Work you accomplish in a very narrow space in time. Be Awake! Everything you can See, Hear, Taste, Touch and Think About DOES NOT EXIST. Only Consciousness Exists. When you do the Inner Inventory and Clean House radically in the next few days then you open the channel for more Abundance and more Love. Enter Higher and Higher States of Consciousness through Inner Purging. Collectively we move forward from a very High vantage point. Remember your Connection to Oneness and the Reason You Came Here : to play your role Ascending Earth and ALL on Her: Namaste! This is Lord Salvington from Galactic Center through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 28, 2012. © All Rights Reserved. ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages.html

Transforming Your Ego A Message From Sananda Kumara through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 31, 2012

Greetings Beings of Light on Earth. This is Lord Sananda. A major shift is happening and those attuned can be uplifted. Be In Joy! The Planets who are current Members of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds are elated at the success of Ascended Earth. There are many trillions of our Galactic Family from Home celebrating New Earth in 2013.

We are in a period of change. As your midnight approaches there is a very good opportunity to move forward exponentially. It has to do with leaving the old behind.

You hold the keys to your Freedom. You may now look forward to a complete Transformation of Ego.

You all have been working very hard at cleansing away anything no longer needed for your growth. What happens is often there are events which happened in your past which are hard to let go of. When you get triggered in an emotional situation then you hold onto past traumas like a ragged teddy bear. You cling to illusions which are better left in the past. This causes an accumulation of energy which is better left behind.

Everyday you have a choice. You can decide that this is a new opportunity to enjoy your world on every level. You can turn all of your experiences with work, nature, family and friends into a fun time. Or you can grumble about how bad things are on Earth. Spiritual Maturity is at hand. There are tools you can use to keep everything positive.

Begin by making a decision that you will have a relationship with negativity when negativity arises. Understand that as you are consciously working at Transforming your Ego you will be given larger and larger challenges. You can expect negativity to crop up. It will never go away. St. Germain is always available to Guide you with this. He can help you pass all your tests. Call on him as you will. Having a relationship with negativity means you will face it and have a calm discussion as you decide which step is next to alleviate any pain or suffering. You will no longer roll in a ball and cry, escape or act out in fear by screaming or hitting or insulting others who may be involved. It is your responsibility as a mature spiritual Being to calmly approach negativity and find a solution which will remove all pain and suffering from the situation for all involved.

Do not be afraid of what you thought you may have heard. Often things are not as they appear. A large healing may be in place for those you are in touch with and you are growing in the process as you act as a catalyst for healing others.

Whatever you water is what will grow. Actively pursue Purity of Mind. As your spiritual maturity grows then your final step to freedom is Transformation of the Ego. You can expect to make mistakes. When you make a mistake and allow ego mind to talk you into doing something out of line then start over. Continue to vigorously pursue Transformation of Ego again with a fresh start. There are tips that can help with this. You can keep everything that enters your mind positive. If you expose yourself to dark novels, dark movies and the main stream media news night and day then you can expect that you are feeding your ego with all it needs to keep you in fear.

When you get off the sofa and away from the computer and go outside to enjoy the Sun then everything looks new. Sing. Do Mantra. Help Others. When you do a practice and dedicate it to the healing of others then your heart becomes light. Meditate and send love to all the impoverished and peoples suffering under the old regime. Have compassion for those who suffer from a lack of love and thank them for the role they have played in Earthʻs Ascension. In a steadfast effort to Transform your Ego consider not searching the news. If that is not possible you may want to experiment with severely limiting your exposure to the constant stream of lies which hold you to the past.

Clean your house. You may have no control over what happens outside of yourself, but you do have control of your Inner Life. In reality 90% of what you are experiencing you have created yourself for your own experience. Only about 10% is out of your control. With that in mind – continue to remove those things from your Inner Life which no longer serve you. Replace these things with beautiful new finds – new ways to spend your time. Keep changing everything until you find the majority of your day is spent in Bliss. Do not be afraid to tell others around you that you are on a spiritual Path and you are Guided by an Inspired Being and by doing these things you become a better person and you intend on continuing to change, grow and mature in the presence of Love and Truth.

Any time you experience negativity then remember who you are. Remember you are Whole. Although you are Ascending that Personality Self the Spark of Divine within is not changing. It always remains One with Oneness.

Humanity tends to ignore the past. Many times in the past tyrants and dark Ones tried to have power and control. In the end they always fell away without realizing their plans. Where there is Truth there is Love. These two go hand in hand and always have.

Now I have embedded into this message a transmission. If you are reading this you are experiencing a Blessing of Divine Grace. Pause here and bring to mind all the experiences, events, things, programming which you prefer to leave in the past. Allow the feelings to arise. Now make yourself a promise that you will release these things. Vow that when you wake up in 2013 they are no longer a part of your life. All is healed. All is loved. ALL IS WHOLE. Namaste! This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 31, 2012. © All Rights Reserved. http://ElizabethTrutwin.org/messages